Baby Bucket List

Yikes!  Where has September gone?  What used to feel like an eternity is quickly coming up!  I've officially have 10 DAYS until my "due" date and of course, I feel like I have a list that is 17 miles long.  It might be a good thing that my babies tend to come a bit after the "due" date.  (Can you tell that I don't like the term "due" date?  It's hard to wait when baby comes after the self imposed deadline.)

Of course, my husband thinks that I'm crazy and that there is really nothing more that I need to have done before our baby girl gets here.  "Diapers, car seat, clothing, done!" he says.   Silly boy.  I've been mentally keeping a list of things that I want to do, but finally sat down and let it all dump out on paper.  When finished, I laughed at my crazy self and edited that list to the things that are really the most important to me to come up with my Baby Bucket list.  Here is what I have left to do: 

Baby Bucket List

Home Organization:  
  • find an arrangement for the girls room/nursery to accommodate the crib and extra baby things
  • decorate the girls room on a budget of "making what I have work for us"
  • wash, sort and figure out storage for baby clothing
  • paint girls closet
  • organize girls closet
  • re-arrange our bedroom to accommodate co-sleeper
  • pack hospital bag
  • clean house from head to toe (never endingly tricky to do)
  • purge like I've never purged before!
  • sew a car seat canopy
  • sew a baby blanket
  • sew burp cloths
  • nursing necessities
  • postpartum necessities
  • fresh, white onsies
  • baby wash cloths
  • stock up on diapers and wipes
  • stock the freezer and pantry
  • purchase a coming home outfit for baby
To Primp:
  • haircuts for the boys
  • get a haircut myself
  • treat myself to a pedicure
  • wash all my comfy clothes to wear postpartum
To Do:
  • send thank you notes
  • finish kits for October - Done!
  • list kits on Etsy - Done! Limited number of kits now available on Etsy!
I'm sure that I'm forgetting something majorly important!  Hopefully, this list being done will help me concentrate on the most important tasks after birth - nursing, recovering, sleeping, and family!   Do you have any tips and tricks for me?  Having been so long since I've had a baby, I feel a little bit like a first time mom all over again! 


First Day of School

The first day of school came late this year.  I thought it would be great to have the extra summertime, but unfortunately, my internal school clock kicked in right when school should of started so the last ten days of Summer seems to drag a bit.  The kids felt it too!  They were very excited to go and meet their new teachers, see old friends, make new friends and enjoy themselves.   And it was a success!  They all LOVE their new teachers and classes.  Such a wonderful relief of the anticipation that is felt leading up to it. 

First out the door was this guy.  He's getting too old for my likings!  Can't believe he's already in 7th grade.  He was so excited to start Jr. High that he left before I could snap a picture.  We got him back, but not for long.

Soon, it was time for the elementary kids to head out.  This cutie is headed to 4th grade.

And this excited little friend is heading to Kindergarten!

They were so excited to meet their teachers!  My daughter was so excited to take her brother to Kindergarten this year.  She's pretty good to him.  I loved listening to her tell him all about his Kindergarten teacher and how she is the best Kindergarten teacher there is. 

We had some extra time since everyone jumped out of bed so early so I got to indulge her with some poses that she had in mind.  Her outfits crack me up.  She's such a fashionista!  We had a great time picking out her school clothes and came out with some great pieces that she loves to mix and match. 

All in all, it was a success!  Kids LOVED everything about school and are still going strong with the excitement!  I'm thankful that I have a wonderful husband who gave a great lesson and father's blessing to each child the night before.  You could feel the warmth and spirit in our home which I always appreciate.  I always loved going back to school so I'm glad that the kids are following in my footsteps.
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