Hallows' Eve

"Behold Him" kits available for pre-order.  Paypal button located on the left side of blog <--------- Please note that kits will start shipping Nov. 1st as I am on maternity leave.  Update Nov. 2nd - orders are being processed now.  If you order between Oct.1st - Nov. 1st your orders have been shipped. 

While I was waiting for little sweetness to be born, I decided to make some new Halloween blocks. I needed a distraction as the days ticked past her "due" date.  Plus, I'm embarrasingly fickle and seem to change my decor every year. 

I really like the fresh and graphic look this one has. There were some really great papers out this year.  A friend and I sat in the middle of the scrapbook isle deciding on papers.  It was quite a site with my huge 9 month pregnant belly!  I'm not quite sold on that ribbon over there.  I think I'll do some tweaking today. 

This spider is kindof creepy.  And glittery. 

And I had a lot of fun adding jewels to everything.  See the black jewels on the buttons and the little jewels on the shoes?  I tried to give the kitty a little something too, but she wasn't liking it. 

See last years blocks here


Paypal Link For "Behold Him" Kits

**Limited number of the original paper kits are available as of August 2013.  More info on this post here or use the Paypal link located  on the left side of blog to order your kit.**  

Hello folks!  Response to the "Behold Him" kits have been wonderful!  I'm so flattered and happy to get you a kit so you can have this in your home. Your words have been so kind to me!  After taking the Paypal button off of my website to go on maternity leave, I've since realized that it would be best to leave it up.   Kits are off the site right now.  Email me if you would like more info at megitys@gmail.com.  I'm so flattered and happy to get you a kit so you can have this in your home.  Your words have been so kind to me! 

You will find the Paypal buttons on the left side of my blog.  <-------------------------- 

There is a Paypal link for the paper only kits and the full wood kits.  Please note that I will not be ordering wood or shipping kits until November 1st.  Next wood order date Nov. 21st.  Pre-ordering now will guarantee your a kit of your choice.  I'm always happy to combine shipping costs whenever possible!  Email me at megitys@gmail.com for a customized invoice or send me a note on your order and I will adjust it for you. 

Here is a refresher of what is available in your kits: 

Option 1: A Complete Kit
This kit comes with wood, pre-cut paper, letters and embellishments. All you need to finish the kit is craft paint, Mod Podge, sponge brushes, dry adhesive (Glue Dots and/or hot glue works great!) and brown distress ink. Kits must be pre-payed and are $28 + $10.95 shipping through USPS flat rate shipping. If more then one kit is needed, shipping will be consolidated for the best price I can find for you.
Option 2: A Paper Kit

Have the ability to cut your own wood? I contract my wood out so I'll be happy to pass along the savings to you. This kit will include pre-cut papers, letters and embellishments. The wood block dimensions will be included with your order. What you need to finish the kit is craft paint, Mod Podge, sponge brushes, dry adhesive (Glue Dots and/or hot glue works great!) and brown distress ink. Kits must be pre-payed and are $15 plus shipping and handling of $3.50. If more then one kit is needed, I will be happy to combine shipping charges to find the best rate for you.

Payment options:
Kits available for purchase with the Paypal button located on the left hand side of blog. Need more than one kit, I'm always happy to combine shipping. Either contact me or leave me a message with your purchase and I will adjust the difference.
Other details:
  • The set measures roughly 17 1/2 W x 8 3/4 H.
  • Due to the handmade nature of the product, please note that some substitutions may apply. 
  • Ribbon rings are sold out. Not able to find anymore but a simple knot of the ribbons will give you a similar look.
  • Pine cone embellishment shown with picture has been sold out. Substitute jingle bell embellishment will be included in your kit.  Pinecones were sold at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas craft section.  They came in either gold or snow flocked and were $3.99. 

poinsettia with jingle bell embellishment

Again, thank you for all of your support! It's been such a blessing in our lives. 



Welcome Baby!

We welcomed our daughter into our family Sunday, October 7th at 1:05am shocking us all with her speedy entrance into the world!  7 pounds 13 ounces, 20 1/2 inches long with blond hair, fat cheeks and a set of lungs that let you know of her disapproval.  We are all in love! 

I've received many emails regarding "Behold Him" kits.  Please understand I'm learning all about babys' needs and working on several events for October.  I will be offering the kits again after November 1st.  Thank you for all your support and understanding!


Self Binding Minky Baby Blanket

*UPDATE:  Limited number of Behold Him full wood kits available in my Etsy shop.  Going on maternity leave soon.  Sold out!  That was fast.  Thank you for your support!

I can officially check off making a blanket for the baby!  I actually added this project. I was going to make a carseat canopy but found the perfect corally pink minky that was begging to be a soft blanket. I thought I'd try my hand at self binding. It took me a while, but I do like how it turned out.

instagram photo

I learned that this is a pretty fun technique for a cute result. It's not very hard to put together but I think that this technique would be much easier on flannel.

A few things that I learned along the way....

  • I did customize the size since I wanted it to last longer. I made a rectangle, but feel it would be better both visually and when sewing, as a square.
  • I found this tutorial helpful for measurements, watched this video  that was the best for me and this video to get an idea on how to sew it with minky.
  • Since I didn't have the ruler to measure the angle of the corners, I folded them over to make the angle using these instructions. But be sure to check that it's the right way before you cut! I folded two right and two wrong. Nothing a little un-picking will fix if you haven't cut off the extra fabric.
  • You can never pin enough with Minky.  I placed pins no more than an inch apart.  Pin, pin, pin away! 
  • I bought too much minky.  Minky is usually 56"-60" wide.  I bought 1 1/4 yards to fit my 1 yard of fabric.    I easily fit the yard onto the blanket with the extra ten inches needed for the self binding leaving 1/2 yard of minky left over looking to be another project.  Minky is expensive!  I bought it on the spur of the moment because I fell in love with it.  My cost was roughly $14ish using a coupon. 
  • And finally, don't start your project just before dinner.  If you're like me, you will become obsessed with finishing it making your family wait for a quick dinner of boxed mac n' cheese a couple of hours after dinnertime.  Good thing they are forgiving! 

My Baby Bucket List is looking better already.  Good thing, since I'm now 39 weeks! 
 Baby Bucket List
Home Organization: 
  • find an arrangement for the girls room/nursery to accommodate the crib and extra baby things Done!
  • decorate the girls room on a budget of "making what I have work for us"- making good progress!
  • wash, sort and figure out storage for baby clothing   Done!
  • paint girls closet
  • organize girls closet - Done but would like to eventually add a closet organizer to closet
  • re-arrange our bedroom to accommodate co-sleeper  Sort of done.  It's good enough for now.
  • pack hospital bag
  • clean house from head to toe (never endingly tricky to do)
  • purge like I've never purged before!  I have been doing this like crazy.   It will never stop so I'm checking it off the list for now and keeping up the purging habit.
  • sew a car seat canopy (where did I put that fabric?)
  • sew a baby blanket
  • sew burp cloths
  • nursing necessities - Done!
  • postpartum necessities - Done!
  • fresh, white onsies - Done!
  • baby wash cloths - Done!
  • stock up on diapers and wipes
  • stock the freezer and pantry
  • a coming home outfit for baby
To Primp:
  • haircuts for the boys - Done!
  • get a haircut myself
  • treat myself to a pedicure - Done!
  • wash all my comfy clothes to wear postpartum - Done!  It was easy since I've been wearing them all pregnancy anyway.  :)
To Do:
  • send thank you notes
  • finish kits for October - Done!
  • list kits on Etsy - Done! Limited number of kits now available on Etsy!
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