Mini Letters Monday

It's been a while since I did some mini letters.  I think it's time. 

Dear Raelene (my exercise teacher & friend),
You are a fierce trainer.  Your class is tough and I love it!   You still have me in awe over your perfect form on everything.  Will I ever get there?  Maybe.  I'm sad that we only have three more weeks of your course.  I want more! 

Dear Cricut,
Thanks for working overtime for me this week.  It's always good!

Dear Summer,
I'm glad to see that you have finally arrived.  I love that my kids are happily playing outside in the water not freezing to death.  I don't, however, love all those weeds in my yard. 

Dear Motiviation,
It's hard for me to find motiviation when I am not a competitive person.  You see, I feel off the band wagon this weekend and I've just hopped back on.  I like it better on the wagon instead of off, but how to keep myself there?  That is my question. 

Dear 4th of July,
Really?  Is it time for you already?  Wow.  Time is sure flying fast. And speaking of the 4th, I must apologize to Erin for not getting her tassel to her.  I saw Teryn THREE times last week and never thought of it.  So sorry.

Dear Crafting Self,
I'm feeling a project coming on and I'm excited to do it.  Now, if the house work would just get out of the way! 

Dear Me,
You know that you have to get weeding in your yard sometime soon.  I know you are still patting yourself on the back for the little bit of work you did last week, but you still have the whole side yard to do.  You know, the worst of the yard.  Don't forget, it's only three weeks until you host a bridal shower in that side yard.  THREE WEEKS !


An apron makeover

My work is doing a little contest.  We were all given an inexpensive apron to embellish to wear at work.   Of course, I called Jackie, master of all things fabric and as usual, she helped me out.  She's great!  Our conversation went something like this. 
Me:  "Jackie dearest, I have to embellish an apron to wear for work.  I was thinking black and white houndstooth.  What do you think, oh master fabric fanicifier?"
Jackie-dearest:  "Yes, love houndstooth!  And you should get this great bright green and pink floral fabric from Hobby Lobby.  And I will serge you ruffles and cut waistbands and make you extra long ties."
The fabric was fantastic, because she is so very clever.  And she very generously serged ruffles and made ties with no effort at all. 

I have no before pictures of the apron of course.  Just imagine a very cheaply made, oddly narrow on top and too long full apron made of polyester goodness.  We cut the apron in half, sewed a waistband with extra long ties that can tie in front or back, added the houndstooth and pink ruffle.  Today I made a pocket and sewed it together.  I think it's cute!    

I had a mini photoshoot with my favorite 10 year old photographer because that's what us dorkey bloggers do.  He kept telling me "Work it! Work it! Yess! That's great! Show off that apron!  Woo-ooo!!" (He says, YOUR WELCOME MOM!)   Here I show off the back tie option and how to akwardly use a pocket.

And the front tie version.  (Maybe I should of changed out my favorite baggy lounge pants?  Nah, too comfy!)

Yes, that pocket really needs something.  A blingy button?  Ruffles?  Flowers?  Any ideas? 

All in all,  this little cheap apron is 100% better!!  Thank you Jackie!  Do you think it could win?  I hope so!


Cupcake Tassel

Mmmm, mmmm delicious!  My cupcake tassel is included in this Etsy Treasury.  Go check 'er out!


A Cute House

Thanks to the goodness of Facebook, I was recently admiring my friend Lindsay's cute family portraits.  I haven't seen her cute self in ages so pictures are always fun to see.  In these pictures, there were snippets of her old house that I wanted to see more of.  Her house is great and it's no surprise because this girl has always had great style.  Look at her cute family!

First off, love this cabinet.  Look at all that cute styling on the shelves.  The cabinet is apparently a family hand-me-down that she was so lucky to get.  And the cute white shelf to the right was handmade by her handy husband.

Check out her oldest daughter adorable room!  I'm in love with the bold harlequin pattern on the walls, vintage bed and antique door.  And the bedding, banner and well, everything in this room.

And what's a babies nursery without cute tissue paper pom poms.  I don't think that I will ever get sick of these.  You can make your own with these instructions or buy a DIY kit from many Etsy sellers such as this one and this one.

Lindsay and her family recently bought a handyman special in a great location.  I can't wait to see what they do with it!  Thanks Lindsay for letting me post some pictures of your cute home!


Happy Father's Day!

Dear Dad,

Love your wild and crazy kidlets!
(They just weren't getting the idea that
 I wanted to see their cute faces.)


Giddy that my flag tassel made it into the FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE Etsy treasury. 

Click here to see the treasury.


Wellness Challenge

A bunch of us are on a quest to create more healthy habits.  For more info, come here and join the wellness challenge.  The more, the merrier!

What do I like about this challenge?  Well, besides Jackie (the one in charge), I like that you get points for reading uplifting text and setting personal goals.  And these girls are funny and really, you want to join the fun!   It starts Monday, June 21st so come on over and get in on the fun!


4th of July Tassels

I made this sweet firecracker tassel as a birthday gift for my sister.  It was belated of course, because that is how I roll.  :)

I loved the design so much, I made two others to match it. 

A flag...

and an American Eagle that I can't get a picture of since my Mom is seeming to claim just about every tassel I make these days.  I am happy to oblige.

 Flag is for sale in my Etsy shop.


Thrifted Flower Afghan

I recently thrifted a sweet little flower afghan.  When I saw it, I instantly fell in love with it.  I knew that not only would it be bright and happy living in my front room but a certain cute little pixie would look adorable getting her picture taken with it.  I happily tossed it into my basket and when I met up with my husband later, I told him all about my big plans for it.  He gently reminded me that she's not my baby.  Ah, right - but that doesn't mean that I don't love her to bits and pieces! 

Her Mama recently took her blessing pictures on that sweet flower afghan and yep, it was pretty much perfect for her cute little self.  All this happiness for just $2 + one adorable baby. 

See more of sweet Evie-licious here


Anthropologie Loves

I was on the Anthropologie site the other night looking at rugs and I found the rug that I have been looking for.  Isn't it great?  Now, if I just had a spare $900 laying around. 

And this cute wallpaper which is very close to my fabric wall in my bedroom.

And I think this rug is fantastic and wish it came in a bigger size. 


Etsy Treasury

I'm super flattered to have my butterfly chandelier mobile featured on an Etsy Treasury! 




Wondering what this is?  I'm guest posting on Oopsey-Daisy today.  Come on over and find out how to make this butterfly chandelier!

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