Happy Halloween!

First of, I am so super-de-dooper excited that I just won a consultation from the lovely Reachel of Cardigan Empire.  It includes a 30 minute consultation at Anthropology, 3 fashion cheat sheets, photo shoot and a sample of Crest 3D white strips this week!  Happy, happy day!!  I'm super thrilled, but oh-mylanta-me, I'm not photogenic.  How do I fix that?

Happy (official) Halloween!  We celebrated on Saturday in the pouring rain.  The kids were so excited that they didn't even care. I win worst parent award for only taking two pictures of the kids in their costumes.  I snapped a quick picture of my two little ones, but I wasn't quick enough to catch a picture of my eldest son before he dashed off to trick-or-treat with his friends.  I think that I just might convince them dress up again just for a photoshoot.  

Here, for my dear sister that lives too far away from me, are a few photos of some of our favorite Halloween decorations this year.  The kids and I had quite a fun time decorating outside, upstairs and even downstairs. 

entry dresser table

favorite little ghosts

shelf in the kitchen - that pumpkin man makes me laugh!

the witches boots and pumpkins

had that witch for years and she still makes me laugh
Hope you had a wonderful Halloween yourself!


It's all about....the shoes!

This  year, I thought it would be fun to get my sisters and mother together for a crafting day.  I set about to find a project that we could make together.  I enlisted the talented Ms. Jodi to cut some wood for us and voila! cute witches boots for all.

We quickly paused for a delicious fall lunch of homemade butternut squash soup with freshly baked garlic breadsticks.    Mmmm!  Delicious! 

We were having such a great time that my sisters wanted more, so I taught them all how to make their own bat chandeliers.  Glitter was flying, tulle was tying and laughing and talking all around.  I highly recommend having a crafting day with your best family and friends. 

My boots ended up on top of my armoire with a little grouping of pumpkins with fancy witches hats and handmade mask. 

A fun day indeed! 


Come Fly With Me...

I always admire the treasuries that people put together on Etsy and I am always flattered when something of mine is included in it.  I really like this last treasury, "Come Fly With Me" because of the colors and different styles of everything included.  Thank you for including me!

Custom and reserved listings are always welcomed.  Just email, comment or convo me on Etsy for more information.  And for my tassel lovin' folks, new Christmas with a touch of Fall and Thanksgiving coming soon! 


Thumbs Up for CSN!

After much deliberation, I recently got this new wool rug thanks to the kind folks from CSN Stores

Ordering from CSN was a snap and the service was great.  I was thrilled when the order came quickly, several days sooner then I expected.  It was packaged securely and the rug, of course, is perfect!  I love the quality of it.  The rug is thick wool and double sided for extra wear.  Just right for little rough n' tumble boys.  It even came with a free rug pad and free shipping to boot.  Gold star for CSN!!

My littlest son was so excited about the shipment.  He eagerly helped me unpack it  and happily unrolled into his room in which he danced a happy dance upon it. 

CSN Stores has been a new go-to site for me.  I am amazed at all of the products that they carry.   Besides this darling rug, I have found some great wallpaper for my kitchen and remember the cute throw pillow that I gave away a while ago??  Who doesn't love chevron?

**Just noticed that they are having a rug event where you can 20% off your purchase.  Just enter code FALL20 when checking out. **


Well, well, well...

Well, well, well...it seems that I have taken an unintentional blogging break.  The great thing about having your own blog is that it will always be there for you when you get back.  I've have been busy, busy, busy even it was not busy blogging. 

  • First, I was cleaning out the dungeon (aka: storage room) to have myself a little yard sale.  All that was accomplished was several sale dates failed with a big mess to clean up.  Gladly, I donated the majority of it and have been slowly working on cleaning and organizing the dungeon with a new goal of a spring yard sale and/or selling on Craigslist/KSL and donating.  We'll see how the tides roll.
  • Found out that my butterfly chandelier tutorial was sent to the drafts where it's been sitting for who knows how long.  Sorry if you were trying to find it.  It's back! 
  • Slowly been chipping away at finishing the boys room.  I recently scored a sweet, yellow vintage chair for just $10.  It is in really great condition.  I swapped out the boys desk and it added instant warmth and comfort but a new challenge.  It introduced a new color to the room.  With the help of my sister, we've come up with a (virtual) decorating plan to finish off the details.  We are excited about it!   She's been so wonderful to me!  I am so sad that she lives so, so far away in her cozy, beautiful home in North Carolina.   Everyday we cry that we aren't neighbors.  *sniff, sniff*
  • The house is decked out for Fall and Halloween.  Of course, I have my favorite Halloween banner, tassels and my Halloween star.  Still love them!  
  •  Speaking of Fall decorating, I had to laugh at myself because I decorated my coffee table like an old lady.  Maybe I'll prove it to you, maybe I won't.  'Nuff said. 
Posts are boring without pictures.  Maybe next time?  Awww, such a nice bloggy-blog.   Thanks for being here for me. 

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