Unexpected places

Only 301 more days until Christmas!!
I'm Kidding.

Yesterdays post on the big pom-poms reminded me of my favorite unexpected place that I decorated with pom-poms.

I had been so busy with the holiday season last year that I realized one day that I hadn't made myself any. So I put a few together and happily went along decorating my home. My brother-in-law gave me these sparkly beaded Christmas trees last year early so I could decorate my shelf with them. (Smart boy, or should I really say, Smart Auntie Megan? {aka Dee!Dee!}) These pom-poms looked perfect on my tree. One of those ah-ha moments that you are so proud of yourself for. Unfortunately for me, they didn't last long since I sold the rest of the tassels to friends and neighbors when they saw them in my house. My goal for next year: keep some for myself!


Big Pom-Poms

Here's a custom order that I did a while ago and completely forgot about. How could I forget about these big double pom-poms on a rope?? They are fabulous! I love the bigger size from my original red and green pom-poms. I think that they are my new favorite size and will use this size forever more. This client wanted something for this substantial picture in her office. The warm colors in the trim were perfect for her home. Simple satin black ribbon tied in a knot added just enough polished detail to the textured pom-poms.

Pom-poms are my favorite versitle decoration. I have used them in my own home in many different places. Loved them on my armoire, my lamps, doorknobs, and the back of barstools just to name a few.

You can find this pom-pom in my Etsy shop or contact me for your own custom order.


Here comes Peter Cottontail

Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hopping down the bunny trail,
Hippity, hoppity Easters on it's way!

Oh, don't you just love him?? He's all ready for an Easter party decked out in his little green jacket. Fresh checked tan, apple green polka dots and of daisies top off his festive Springy look.


Been working....

New tassels
coming soon!
I've got St. Patrick's Day, Easter and a few springs ones up my sleeve. Check back soon. Meanwhile, go give me your opinion on my newest shelf arrangement.


Last days for the gift special.

Don't forget to order your "Key to My Heart" tassels for Valentine's gifts. This offer expires this Thursday, February 12th.
Here is one of my custom ordered Key to My Heart tassel. I love how it turned out! Yummy chenille dark red chenille base with the loopy black on top. A touch of black and white plaid and signature red top it all off. So very cute!! I was in such a hurry to get this done for her order, that I forgot to take a picture of it! Thankfully, she sent me some up in her house. It's so very cute hanging from a curvy, metal candlestick holder on her mantel.


What to do with your tassel?

While visiting cute Erin house last week to custom make her tassel just right for her house, I was greeted with the cutest winter display in her entry way. I loved the way that she had the snowflake tassel (that she got over the holidays) displayed on her basket. A new idea I had never thought of and I of course love it!!
Sure the basket looks great just by itself, but the little added touch of this festive tassel really transformed the look.

She recently changed her Winter decor for Valentines and sent me a quick picture to show how fun her heart tassel looks on the vase.

This is such a great idea that you can do in your own home too. Tassels just add that little punch to your decor.


***Don't forget my limited time gift special going on now!***


Replacement heart

I sold out of the confetti hearts quickly but fortunately, I found a replacement heart if you would like a chocolate and red heart of your own. This heart was custom made with extra brown fluff around the top and it turned out just as if not more, fun then the original. Look how cute the beading is!
Limited supply available.


Custom Made Rustic Heart

Erin wanted the rustic heart done up in her kitchen colors. This one came together beautifully and I hope she likes it just as much as I do. Look how great it looks even before we fixed the hanging ribbon!

Playing in my ribbons, we came up with the sheer rust as the base. Then I added in a sheer olive and a sheer brown that had a sewn detail on them to make them more interesting. Layered in some narrow grosgrain brown to help fill in the middles and voila! A perfect custom, year-round decoration for Erin kitchen.
Oh this heart is turning out to be so versatile! Remember it done up with sassy pinks and stripes for Valentine's? Natural, neutral and beautiful as is and now custom made for a Mediterranean kitchen. Oh the possibilities!
***Don't forget my gift special going on for a limited time only.***


Gift Special!!

I've had a lot of requests for something small to give as a gift for family, neighbors, visiting teaching gifts and friends. For a limited time, I am marking down the Key to My Heart tassel from $12 to $8. That's over 33% mark down! These cute tassels have been very popular so I have a limited amount of these left to make. These will be custom made for you so if you would rather it be red, I can do that. Want to see tan and pinks? No problem. Just let me know and we can work it out.

Can't think of a gift for your family/friend/neighbor/mother/yourself?? Love and rustic metal hearts can be custom made for your favorite Valentine. One more cute Valentine's bow is available for your favorite girl too.

**Edit: Also available in custom red and black combination.***

Rustic Metal Heart goes Natural

The rustic metal heart goes back to it's roots supporting an organic, natural look that is beautiful on it's own making it easy to add to your year-round decor.


Custom Made Hugs

Here's is a custom made "Kisses" done in red.
Again, my favorite tan checked ribbon layered with the best red polka dot ribbon and woven hearts ribbon that was the icing on the cake.

I adore the red polka dot ribbon. It makes me happy! I love all polka dots, but especially this red. And I have the same ribbon in apple green and it is adorable too. Polka dots! Polka dots! Polka dots!! Yes, I am officially polka dots crazy (or just plain crazy?) but it makes me happy and that my friends is important to me.

These custom orders are getting harder and harder to let go. My list to make for myself is getting too long!
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