Mini Love Letters Monday

Dear Fabric Wall,
How I love thee.  All I need to do is get something to block out the light better because my window light is shining through (see the left side of the picture ).  As soon as that is figured out and accomplished, I'll be that much closer to finishing the room! 

Dear Jo-Ann's,
Thanks for having 50% off your Calico wall with an additional 20% off on top of that.  I scored some major cute fabric and have already finished one little dress for Miss Sassy-pants.  I can't wait to finish these projects!

Dear Little Miss Sassy Pants,
I love that you are so in love with the dress I made you.  However, I hope you take it off soon so I can wash it!

Dear Spare Room,
How come you are still messy?  Get yourself together!

Dear New Bag of Mine,
Yep, I'm pretty much in love with you.  You are just about the perfect size for my church gear.  It was a bit tricky getting to the finished stage, but now that we are here, I'm thrilled!

Holidays with Matthew Mead

I like Matthew Mead and his style and  I can't wait to read his new Holiday magazine that is coming out this October and I would love it even more if I was included in the magazine.  Check out this announcement and giveaway!

Head over to Holiday with Matthew Mead to find out how you can win the opportunity to have your blog or online shop mentioned in the magazine. Holiday with Matthew Mead is a "book-azine" celebrating and offering inspiration for the Christmas holiday season. To be released in October 2010, Holiday is offered via online orders only - in limited quantities - and will not be sold on newsstands. But, by simply following the BUY HOLIDAY MAGAZINE link below their banner, you can reserve your own copy of this beautiful magazine, with guaranteed delivery of the magazine straight to your mailbox! Holiday with Matthew Mead is 144 pages of holiday inspiration with well-known and admired designers, bloggers and top-notch features, printed on beautiful paper and not drowning in ads!

Now, head on over for your chance to win!


Sneak Peak

I've been on a bit of a sewing kick lately.   Here's a sneaky peaky:

Project one and two are done.   Adorable!
Project three and four finished (hopefully) soon. 


Ahhh! Freak Out! Le Freak, C'est Chic

How to scare your husband in three easy steps.

  1. Cover a perfectly good window with foam board and duck tape.  Be sure to run out of duck tape before it's actually done.
  2. Decide that yes, the window sill really is in the way and you can't stand it anymore.  Break out the old tiles in the window sill.
  3. Begin to starch fabric to wall but be sure to leave it out and half done because you started this project just two hours before you were supposed to go to work.

Works like a charm!  Here's to me crossing my fingers that I can get this project to work!  Eek!


Mini Love Letters Monday - Friends & Family Edition

Dear darling people who entered the giveaway,
Thanks for entering our little drawing.  It's very fun to see where everyone is coming from.  I do hope you come back again soon.  More giveaways in the works!

Dear Jodi,
Your generosity is awe-inspiring.  Thanks for all the goodies you gave me.  My kids can't wait to paint the Easter eggs you sent home with us. 

Dear Nicole,
Fabric flowers are the bestest!  You can never go wrong with your fabric.

Dear Jackie,
You never cease to amaze me with your talent.  You make everything look easy and effortless.  I'll be sure to be in class when you make this delicious meal!  Yummers!

Dear Kem,
I'm in love with your little Evie Rose.  Her dark eyes and hair make me swoon and I really want to smoother her sweetness in kisses and hope for baby kisses back.  And don't think that she has taken Milo's place.  I can't wait to see his latest dancing tricks!

Dear Sharmalicious,
Only 32 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seems so long, but will be here before we know it! 
Kisses, hugs and all that good stuff,

Dear Kaylie-bug,
Yes Kaylin, I do realize that you are now a grown woman with beautiful children and a handsome husband and this old nickname has long been outgrown.   But deary, old habits die hard.  I can still your sweet little baby-ness in my mind in your fancy bassinet and your Mom letting me sleep over and doing my hair in a stylish side ponytail in the morning.  It was the best!  Speaking of hair...I'll be calling you soon for a cut and color.  Can't quit you babe!

Dear Becca,
Thanks for posting my hedgehog and ruffle bumsies in your Readers Rock section. Made my day!

Dear Breezy-babe,
Brianne, same as Kaylin, you have long outgrown this nickname, but girl, you really need to blog!  I need to see you and your cute little family!

Dear Erin,
I sure wish that I had your gift for seasonal decorating.  I put up my Easter stuff tonight and thought blah.  All I can do is wait out for the holiday and then put it away as soon as it is over.  How can I get some of your talent?  Please come to my house and help.  I'll give you tassels!  :)

Giveaway winner!

Thank you so much for all who entered our drawing.  And the winner of the Spring letters giveaway is....

Congratulations!  Email me with your info and we will get it sent out to you!  


Liberty of London

Dear Liberty of London for Target,
How do I love thee

Love this wallet so much it came home with me.
I loved the tea pot, but it was gone. 

These plates were adorable too. 
Love this dress!
And of course the bikes

But dear L. of. L,  feeling proud that I resisted all of that lovely goodness, I rounded the corner to run smack dab into the girls clothing.  Ack!   So many things jumped into my cart.  How to choose?  I ended up with this dress and this swimsuit and wanted this, this and this and oh yes, this.  Just to name a few.

Dear L. of L., I think that you and I are going to have a nice time together.



Shop Feature and Giveaway

Hey ya'll.  I super excited to be featured over at Audrey's Give Away Blog.  I'm sure you guess it, she's hosting a giveaway.  I'll be giving away your choice of Easter tassel from my shop.   What's your choice??

Whatcha waiting for?? 

PS:  Don't forget to enter the giveaway for the cute Spring letters.  


Hedgehogs, Burp Cloths and Ruffle Bumsies

With a rush of babies being born,  I needed to come up with a few baby gifts, especially for this baby girl.  With the help of Ms. Mama Monster mad serging skillz and fabric combining, we made several different embellished onsies.

First, this little hedgehog could of not been any easier.  Especially since Jackie already had it cut out and then ironed it on for me.  Two quick french knots and he was done.   Look how cute they are on a wrap shirt.  Don't worry, she promises that she will do the tutorial.

Then for the baby girls (three of them mind you!), a little ruffled bumsie from this tutorial.  BTW, I think calling it a ruffle bumsie is much cuter than ruffle butt onsie.  You can call me crazy, but try saying "bumsie".   Fun, isn't it?

Since the front was looking a little plain, a simple flower corsage was done ala Mama Monster style.

While making these onsies, I may have been known to spontaniously shout out how darling they were.   One last look.  Yep, still darling!

Burp cloths were up next on the list.  Simple, yet useful, I love the way they turned out.  Thanks to the Mama Monsters mad fabric hording skillz, I scored the use of some super cute flannel.   Owls for the boy and the apples for the girls.  Hmm....I could of ironed them.

So there you have it.  Sweet little baby gifts that just require a little time and a little fabric and you'll have a one of a kind gift for that special little baby. 

*Be sure to enter my giveaway for the wood Spring letters!   Contest ends March 21st.

I've linked up with the fabulous linky parties:


Dusty Daisy Designs Giveaway!

Thanks for entering!

I am thrilled to announce another giveaway here on Megity's Handmade!  Jodi from Dusty Daisy Designs can do it all!  She's a mother to three young and darling girls, wife to fun loving husband and crafter extraodinaire.  While she dabbles in all crafts, her specialty is wood working.  All of her creations are hand cut, stained, painted, papered and glittered by her.  This girl is amazing! 

Jodi has graciously offered up for grabs one of her "Spring" wood letter sets at a value of $25.   Look at all that detail in the lettering!  Remember, she cuts these herself.  No short cuts for Ms. Jodi.  

Each letter goes through a multi-step process in which Jodi stains, paints and glitters each piece.  A darling little wooden flower stands in for the letter "i".   She really pays attention to all the little details. 

Be sure to check out the rest of Jodi's shop Dusty Daisy Designs.  She has custom made magnet boards, cute Easter decor and my favorite little funky chick. 

Here's how to enter to win! 
  • Leave a comment on this post.  That's it!  You are entered! 
*For additional entries, do any of the following to increase your chances of winning.  Be sure to leave on comment for each one you do.

  • Visit Dusty Daisy Designs and come back here and tell me what you love the most out of her shop.  There are so many darling creations, it will be hard to choose! 

  • Become a follower of Megity's Handmade or tell me you already are.

  • Spread the word about the giveaway by blogging, tweeting or Facebooking.  Be sure to come back and put another comment in for each venue you choose for another three chances to win! 
Giveaway ends Sunday, March 21st at midnight.  Winner will be announced on Monday morning.  Winner must be within the US. 



Easter Tassels

Quick shop update tonight with a few of my tried and true Easter tassels. 

Creamy Easter bunny with my favorite combination of colors.  Crisp black, springy green and of course pink!

Yummy chocolate Easter egg in my signature pom-pom style. 

Happy wooden Easter bunny in layers of pink.  Look at that crazy layer on the top.  It's so fun!  (Pink flower is not as bright as pictured.)

And of course, my favorite Spring chick.  This is my Papa's favorite little chick  and of course, he has one of his own.

Coming up next week:
  •  the sweetest little onsies made thanks to this girl.  She's got a talent for mixing fabrics!  I love EVERYTHING she does.  She should offer her mad skillz up for rent. 
  • a few more new Easter tassels.
  • Maybe, just maybe, the elusive St. Patty's Banner.
  • and a GIVEAWAY from Dusty Daisy Designs!


Bargain Alert!

Hey Chickies!  I was alerted by my cute friend that Martha Stewart's glitter is on clearance in Michaels for only $1.99 a bottle!  The first store I went to had nothing left but I scored at the 2nd store getting all the good basics with an option to get nearly all of the colors in the collection.  I still want to get the 24 color essentials kit, but it's good to have the bigger sizes in the colors in the colors I use often. 

I love me some good glitter and was thankful that I just got paid for flute lessons.  Phew!  Can you imagine glittering some Easter eggs and Easter bunnies?  Glittering flowers for your Easter baskets?  Glittering everything? Hurry and run to get yours.  At these prices, it won't last long.


A Mini Letter or Few

Dear Cordless Phone,
I know that you may feel used and abused, but really, you are loved and needed.  Please come home.  It's been 9 days and I'm really starting to think that you have left home for good. 
With all my heart,

Dear Cutie-Patootie Friends of Mine,
I can't WAIT for girls night tonight!

Dear Craft Room,
Would it be too much to ask you to clean yourself?  I just cleaned you up not that long ago and now you are bursting from the seams again.  I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with me and my crazy crafting ways.

Dear Paint,
We have a hot date today.  I'm excited to get it done!

Dear Mother-in-law,
Thanks for watching the little garbage man today so I can have a hot date with my paint. 
Many hugs, 

Dear Sharmyn,
Thanks for the love packages.  I can't wait to come and see you!!
Loves, hugs, and kisses!

Dear Home Depot,
Thanks for carrying the Martha Stewart line of paint.  I was having issues when they took it out of Lowes but thanks to you, dear HD, I now have nearly every single paint swatch of your lovely hues.  I especially like your blues and grays.  Lovely!

Dear Teryn,
Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!!  Haaaaapppy Biiirrrrrthday dear Teeeeerrrryyyynn!!  Haaaaappppy Birthday tooooooo you!
*Mini letters idea found at Vintage Fern.


The Lavender Road

Mmmmm.  My house smells so good right now.  I was so lucky to be a winner from Kim's first "I Made it!" linky blog party.  Lucky me got to pick $30 worth of product from her shop, The Lavender Road.   I wasted no time picking out my sachets.  I chose the Sassy Spring Trio because of the cute honeycomb bee fabric and this trio because of the fresh colors.

When my package came, the aroma was incredible and the sachets even better than pictured.  The fabric is dreamy and the linen is thick and yummy.  These sachets would make a great gift. 

Thanks Kim for the gift.  It was the perfect pick-me-up during this dreary winter weather.  And be sure to join in on her linky party Thursdays at Everything Etsy.

Speaking of giveaways, I've got another one in the works.  Look for it coming soon.


St. Patrick's Day Tassel

Just shipped out a custom order today and wanted to share with you how fun it turned out. 

A sparkly pot o' gold with a mixture of  gold fringes.  My favorite wide checked ribbon and a vintage button to finish. 

Custom orders are always welcomed!


Etsy Shop Update

Buy Handmade
I've reopened my shop and I am working on listing new items in it today. Go have a looksy and if there is anything you would like, please put the code "BLOG SPRING SALE" in the message to the seller for 10% off your entire purchase!

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