It's scientific!

I found this article pretty awesome today!  A scientific explanation for my perpetually messy house. 
Ever notice how when you do a project, something has to give?  For example, a few years ago, I painted my front room.  Seems like an easy enough task right?  Well, look what happened....

Let's play Where's Waldo.  Can you find the baby?
There he is!
  My favorite quote of the article:
Go ahead: clean and scrub, sort and organize, produce spectacular order in one area of your home; just understand and accept the fact that there will certainly be order decreasing, every bit as spectacularly, somewhere else in your home — especially if you have children or pets, or maybe even a husband (bless his heart).
Any house project, craft project, anything really seems to destroy the house! It's so frustrating! But thanks to this article, maybe I can relax a little about it?  Probably not but the theory still made me laugh today.



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