Wide Striped Drapes

I've been kindof obsessed with big, bold wide striped curtains since I first saw it on Little Green Notebook
via LGN

And then the Nester did her version of it and I liked it too.

Well looky-loo what I found today!  Big, bold striped curtains no-sew DIY style!  Check out how simple it would be.

via Yellow Cape Cod
Problem is, I can't figure out how to get them into my house.  My front room is not right with the sofa right against both windows.  Wrong for the boys room.  Too bold for my small, overly stuffed bedroom.  But, never fear!  I've decided to live vicariously through my niece Kaylin's home because these curtains would be so over the top fabulous in her house!  Whadoyasay Kay-bug?  Let's make an afternoon of it! 


Bookcase Backing

Remember a while back that I painted the bookcase chartreuse green?  And how it was kindly referred to as neon pickle at night time.  Well, I was determined to make it work.  Fortunately for me, my favorite fabric (that was on the walls in my bedroom) was just about the perfect match for the paint.  So using some thumb tacks, liquid starch and little patience, I lined the back of the bookcase with fabric.  Now, I like it much better!

Since the front door enters right into the front room, I don't have an entry way or mudroom that I can work with.  This bookcase is working overtime housing baskets for mittens and gloves, umbrellas and an outgoing basket.  The outgoing basket is where I put things that need to be returned like library books or store purchases. 

Funtionable and pretty.  I'm happy with it and hope to improve on it more in the future.

Pretty Party

My sister sent me a link to a beautiful little girls tea party.  


I wish that I could talk my daughter into something like this for her birthday.  Right now, she's got the idea that she wants to do Laser Tag.  Don't get me wrong, it's good times, but man oh man, this party would be too lovely, magical and sweet. 


Goals Completed

Last week, I made myself a few goals to do over the weekend.  I'm so happy to say that I did get my goals completed!  I still have a looooooong ways to go in my craft room.  One day, I will get the gumption that I need to paint it. 

Wood paneling + 80's era wallpaper = unmotivated me.

Bonus for cleaning, a Valentine's project completed.  Head on over to Ribbon Scissors Studio to check 'er out!


Winter Bird Tassel

My sister Teryn, bless her, she's very supportive of my tassel making habit.  In return, she gets a lot of one of kind pretties that you don't ever get to see.  This is my most recent for her.  A winter bird. 

Pretty, pretty.  I love the texture and the layers of cream.  I love that ribbon and the snowy evergreens.  I love it layered on my cream armoire with cream knobs.  Must make one for myself.


Paper Hanging Hearts Tutorial

This is an oldie, but a goodie tutorial that I did last year for Valentine's.  Super simple and pleasing to make.  I want to make a garland out of them this year. 

Click here for the full tutorial

In other news, I'm joining this challenge. 


Bit O' Luck Blocks

I can't believe I forgot to post pictures of my other class!   We like to decorate for Holidays and my kids won't let me forget about St. Patrick's Day!   The excitement of being able to pinch someone who is not wearing green and getting away is just too wonderful to let go.  But, have you ever noticed that there is not any good St. Patrick's home decor?  I decided to make some blocks with some pretty, sophisticated patterns and voila!  St. Patrick's decor that is not plastic, shiney and awful!
Sign ups available here.  Kits can also be mailed to you if you would like.  Contact me and we can figure it out! 


Making Goals for the Weekend

Hey cuties!  Come join me over at Ribbon Scissors today.   Remember my New Year's resolution to have something to look forward too?  I've got an update for that and made some new goals.  One fun and one not so fun but has a nice side effect.   If all goes well, I should have something fun to share next week.  Crossing my fingers!

So, are you making any goals for the weekend?   Come see what my goals are.


Faux Mirrored Side Tables

On Tuesday, the last day of a particularly long school break for the kids, we made the trip to my favorite hairdressin' niece for a much needed hair cut.  I love going to see Kaylin because not only am I obsessed with her hairdressing skillz, but love to talk about her house with her.  You see, she has bought her first house and is in the process of decorating it.   You should see her kids rooms.  Oy!  Adorable! 

Anyway, we were talking about her bedroom and going over the look that she wanted in there.  She bought a bedroom set years ago from Pier 1 for steal, but has since tired of the yellow color of the wood.  That and the fact that her son drew treasure maps on the armoire and side table with magic marker.   She's been toying with ideas about refinishing the furniture when she mentioned that she would love to have mirrored side tables but didn't want the fuss.  That reminded me of this post from Jenny of Little Green Notebook.  I love just about everything that she does and thought that this silver leaf dresser was a great idea.

via LGN

So pretty right? 

Not only that, Jenny recently used the same technique to mirror the glass on this cabinet.  I can't wait to see the finished results. 

via LGN

It's got me thinking, thinking and thinking some more about how much I like it.  How would I use it in my home? Side table, dresser, mirror, lamp, linen cabinet, bathroom cabinet??  How would  you use it in yours?

So thank you darling Kaylin for making my locks lovely and taking away my grumpiness and giving the kids a big unfinished basement to run amuck in. 


Black Nail Polish...Goth or Posh?

via google images
Yes, these are the things that I'm pondering today. (Obviously, my motivation is long gone.)  Today, instead of doing mounds of laundry or cleaning something (anything!),  I'm painting my nails glossy black.  Which brings me back to my question.  Is black nail polish goth or posh?  I think it goes either way.  Goth, yes.  Posh, yes.  I think it looks best on a nice, clean shorter nail.  Either way, I'm going to enjoy my new look for the next two days because eventually, I'm going to have to clean something and no amount of top coat can help my manicure stay fresh.


Be Mine

LOVE it when one of my items is featured in an Etsy Treasury.  Be sure to go and check the treasury out here.  These blocks are offered as a class found here or can be purchased through my Etsy shop

be mine blocks
Also featured in this super cute DIY treasury.  Thank you!  Makes my day!


Just a reminder...

Just a reminder...

Open house tonight at South Jordan Robert's from 6-8pm.  I would love for you to come and see my classes in person.  Make n' takes!  Grand prize drawing! Fun! Fun!  FUN!


Loving your resolutions!

I'm over at Ribbon Scissors Studio today discussing New Year's Resolutions.  Do you do them?   Avoid them?  Do you think it's already too late in the year to make them? 

Come and visit me and share your thoughts. 


World Map

via Urban Outfitters
I'm totally digging this wall mural and reeaallly think it would look smashing in the boys room!


Ribbon Scissors Studio

I briefly mentioned before that the store that I work at is closing it's doors.  It's been a sad, sad thing to lose this store.  I've met so many lovely customers that have become my friends that I will miss.  I'm not sure if I'll ever get over not having the latest and greatest scrapbook goodies at my fingertips.  I love me some pretty papers and embellies!

But fear not!  The teachers have gotten together and we have formed our own studio.  Welcome to Ribbon Scissors Studio!  I'm very flattered to be a part of this lovely and talented group of ladies. 

We are having an open house next week.  Come!  I would love to meet you! 

My first class this year will be these vintage inspired "Be Mine" blocks.  See what fun I have had with them here

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