Hey look! I've got a new button!

Sweet Jenna made me a new button for my blog.  I'm super happy with it and hoping to get a new header from her too. 

She is great to work with and very determined to get it just right.  You want to work with her too.  Her prices are great!  It will make you want to change your blog all the time.  Thanks Jenna!



Oh Target.  Why do you do this to me??  First you had no Global Bazaar this year.  Did you not know the big plans I had for you this year?  The high expectations?  Instead, you brought in your "Save Big Event".  Bah.  Who wants to buy bulk toilet paper and sweatshirts.  I can do that at Costco anytime. 

Then again you struck me today.  Just minutes after I purchased my fabric for my bedroom, your shelves were stocked with this coverlet.  It's even better in person.

Yellow, white and gray.  Why yes!  I do love you!  But wait.  I can't have you because I just went a different direction with yards and yards of non-returnable fabric.  Bah.

Nor did you have this pillow in stock

The pillow that I have been stalking ever since I saw you on the cover of Country Living. Maybe I should just give up and make it. Bah.

Nor this pillow that Caitlin pointed out for the cute chevron back. 

Oh Target, what am I to do with you?? 


If I could only have both.

I picked up a sample of this fabric today for my bedroom wall.  I like the greeny-gold of the background and the large floral blooms.  I think it will look lovely with crisp white, charcoal and yellows. 

Heather Bailey - Nicey Jane Hello Roses in Gold

Just working to commit to the fabric because it isn't cheap considering that I'm going to need 10 yards of it.  I was going to do the Dolce Marilyn in Grey but they don't have enough of it in stock online for the price that I want to pay. 

What's it going to be?  It's always a surprise with me!


It's me!

Look!  Now you can find me in the directory at http://www.simplyut.com/, a one stop shop website where you can find all sorts of handmade goodness!


A little sunshine

Erin, the winner of the darling zig-zag pillow, emailed me tonight to tell me she blogged about her new pillow. Of course I popped over to see it and not only is her pillow adorable but, she made a cute yellow pillow to go with it. With freezer paper and spray paint!

I'm in love! A little ray of sunshine on these dreary Winter days.  No surprise considering the yellow kick that I have been on.   Thanks for sharing with us Erin.  Now hop on over there and find out more about her craftiness!


DIY Dish

Good thing that my friends watch TV for me or I would of never heard of this new blog called The DIY Dish. It's a blog that will be having a whole series of web shows. I can't wait to see what they dish up.

They have a tutorial up for these cute pillows. I think that I have a new project in my near future.

Annnnnd, right now they are giving away two sewing machines! Go enter but don't win both because I'm going to win one, mmmmkay.


Paper Hearts Tutorial

Have an adorable, yet very bored kindergartener at your house*?  Here's a super cute, quick and easy Valentine's project that you can do together.
*The adorable, yet bored kindergartener is optional and not neccessary for this project.
Regular children, happy children or even no children at all yields similar results. :)
1.  Gather your supplies.  Paper cutter, old double-sided scrapbook paper in Kindergarteners choice, ribbon and a good stapler. 

2.  Cut paper into 1" strips.  Quite possibly the favorite part of the activity.

3.  Then cut those strips to two of each size - 12", 11", 10", 9" and 8".  

4.  Starting with your 12" strip, lay your 11" strip on top of it and so forth until you have stacked five strips.  Repeat so you have two stacks of five.  I alternated the pattern since we only used one style of paper.  These are especially cute in multi-colors.

5.  The stack the strips that your longest strip is back to back.  This the top of your heart.  It's important that you have the same pattern facing each other.  Staple about one inch up on the stack that are all the same length.  (I have also attached the hearts together with a hole punch and a brad with a piece of ribbon sandwiched in between to hang it from.  This method works best for attaching the ribbon.  Otherwise, you can glue a ribbon in-between the layers or thread it through after like I have done in this tutorial.)

6.  Bend down the strips so that it forms the heart shape.  You will want to make sure that all the layers match up flush to the base of your heart.  This makes the cute fan out layered heart.

7.  Do to both sides and staple or punch brad in it to hold.  Voila!  Super cute heart!

I threaded ribbon through the hearts to hang them.  This one was my little helpers favorite.  "Ooo!  It's SOOOOOOO bootiful!"  she exclaimed.

You can make them any size as long as you follow the basic directions.  The little one in the picture below was made with the scraps.   

I would love to see your hearts if you make them too.  Please send them my way!


And the winner is.....

Thanks to all who entered the drawing from All Modern.  I would love to give away something to each and everyone of you.  Giveaways are so much fun!  I'm excited to announce the winner of her choice of pillow is: 

Erin from Sutton Grace! Erin said...

i am IN LOVE with that zig-zag pillow!!

February 2, 2010 9:40 AM

Good choice Erin! 
And Erin has a some very cute Valentine's decor going on.  Look how cute her pillow and mantel are.  But most of all, I'm lovin' the oversized envelope for love notes. 

Erin, please contact me with your info and I'll get you touch with the giveaway folks from All Modern. 



Sooooooo, I had the priviledge of having the talented Ms. Caitlin of Caitlin Creers Interiors over for a consult of my master small bedroom.  She had so many great ideas, I can't wait to get started on them! 

Ms. Cutie Caitlin suggested fabric for my walls and I have been on the search ever since.  I immediately thought of a large floral pattern.  My problem, choosing one. 

Woodland Delight Gray Bloom

Too many choices.  Which brings me to the question:

What's your favorite go-to fabric store? 

***Don't forget to enter my giveaway from All Modern!*** 


Give-away from All Modern!

Giveaway ended 2/7/2010 Congrats Erin!
Yes folks, it's give-away day!! One cute reader is going to be the lucky winner of a new pillow from allmodern.com! All Modern is a great site for pillows, bedding and great linens and dishes. I have been looking for new pillows for my sofa and bedroom and loved all the options they had. All Modern is going to give away your choice of pillow! A $50 value! What would you choose?

The chic and oh-so-fun zig-zag pillow that I covet??

Or the bright and fresh burst of energy zinnia pillow?

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post letting me know what you would choose if you win. That's it! You are entered.

If you would like an additional entry, do one or more of the following to help get the word out about the give away. Then leave a new comment for each one you did.
  • Blog about this giveaway on your blog. Link back so I can share the love.
  • Facebook about the giveaway.
  • Twitter about the giveaway.
Giveaway open until Sunday, February 7th midnight, mountain standard time. Winner must live in the US.
Good luck!
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