Pretty Print Caught My Eye

Still Life with Flowers and Moth by Bella Foster
Pretty colors pop on the moody background.  I wouldn't mind owning this print for myself.  Limited number available here.


Somerset Holidays & Celebrations Volume 5

Hey ya'll!!  I've been out for longer then I intended.  Last week, I had what was supposed to be a simple out-patient surgery that I didn't recover so well from.  Apparently, I'm good at causing a little drama.  :)  I'm in the midst of a million tests but I'm starting to feel much, much better and am working on getting on top of things again.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my friends and family and especially to my wonderful husband, for all your love and support.  Ooo and the treats you've showered us with.  Mmmm, love me some confectionery goodness!

Moving along, I'm very excited to finally tell you that my Spring wood letters have been featured in Somerset Holidays & Celebrations Volume 5

Somerset Holidays & Celebrations Vol 5
 I am flattered and floored to be a part of such a great publication!  This magazine can be found at Barnes & Nobles, magazine stands or ordered online. 

Lookie!  I'm in chapter 4!

A limited number of "Spring" wood letters are available in my Etsy shop if you are interested.   These will be the letters only.  The paint, paper and embellishments are not available at this time. 

There are so many great projects in this magazine!  I can't wait to devour it's contents.  It's been fabulous to be involved in the project.  Thank you so much!


Craftin' to Celebrate at Ribbon Scissor's Studio

Come join me at Ribbon Scissor's Studio to see why I'm celebratin' today.  

Have a happy weekend!  We are starting off with a bang.  Headed out to go and pick up something exciting (see Ribbon's) and go out to L.A.Goon with the kidlets.

The Bombora is my boys' new favorite ride.  My daughter, um, not so much.  She screamed her head off and ended with tears.  Thrill seeker she is not.  You see, the Bombora is a kiddie roller coaster.  Wow.  She takes after her Dad.


Caught My Eye

Just a few more things that caught my eye...
So many inspirations!  I'm thinking I spent too much time on the internet today.  Hah!


Ribbon Scissor's Studio Honor Roll

Today, I've decided to share a few things that have caught my eye this week.  Come on over to Ribbon Scissor's Studio and have a look! 

Have a great weekend!


Sneak Peaks - White Butterfly Chandelier Kits and New Curtains

This week, I've been busy, busy, busy!  Sewing, crafting and painting.  It feels great and I love getting things done that I've been wanting to do for so long. 

Here's a little sneak peak of two of things that I've done this week. 

The original butterfly chandelier that I had listed in my Etsy shop is no longer available, but I get e-mails on it often.  I decided to make a white version to list in the shop

Annnnd, I made curtains for my daughter's room that make us happy!  Her room is my favorite in the house.  Seriously.  I find myself sitting in her cheery room quite often.  Currently deciding on what trim I would like on it.  Large pom-poms, medium poms or chenille pom-poms with pretty fauceted beads?  Lace trims and ribbons?  Pretty fringes?  So many possibilities!

Oh, and one more thing that I finally did.  I made a new header after I had forgotten that I left the blank one up there so long ago.  It's nothing special, but will due for now.
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