Pumpkins Carved!

 It isn't Halloween until you've carved pumpkins.  

We are officially ready now! 


Dress Rehearsal

Last night, we had our family Halloween party and it was the perfect trial run for Halloween night.  Now I know how long it takes to get into full gear.  Priceless time management for my little monsters that want to trick-or-treat for as long as possible.  I got few pictures of the little goblins in which they were way more co-operative they would have been Halloween night.

Pizza guy is here!  My oldest is into low-key, not too fancy costumes.  I had him stencil his shirt and he really enjoyed himself.  He also made a name tag, cut out and glued the pizza onto his hat and customized his pizza box.  We've been laughing at all the comments that his Dad has been coming up with for trick-or-treating. It might be his last year, so he's really going live it up!  Here's their idea for his candy collecting:

This cutie is a glammed up mummy!  We found the costume and she instantly fell in love with it.  I made her the headband and some spider earrings.  She requested the scar thingy on her cheek and shimmery makeup.  This costume is very much her!

I love how her headband turned out.  We had a great time brainstorming the little details together.  She wears it everywhere and I love that she loves it so much!

And finally, our little guy.  Yes, this was his choice.  No, his insistence!  Our neighbor friend was showing our oldest boy Twisted Sisters "I Wanna Rock" when he walked by and was smitten with the idea of being this 80's rocker.  He even insisted on the wig and the make-up!  I was dying while I was making him up because he did the outline of the cheeks and did pretty good.  I guess it's hard to mess up smeared on, garish Twisted Sister makeup.  Seriously a funny little guy!

oh dear...
He also has his heart set on a monkey costume too.  He loves monkeys, especially Curious George so it may be that he will be a monkey for trick-or-treating.   Twisted Sister or a monkey.  Hmm...interesting right?  Hope you have had as fun as we have finding and putting together our costumes!  Happy Halloween!


Halloween Bunting

Whoa!  Has it really been that long since I blogged?  Didn't seem that long ago.  So sorry to leave you with the fry bread for so long.  I finally took some pictures off of my camera of the Halloween bunting I made for my house this year.  I haven't gotten back my other Halloween bunting yet from Simply Handmade and I just couldn't let my window go bare!  Well, that and I had access to a whole lot of cute fabric. 

My first banner was fun with bright green, purple, black and white with spooky skeletons hanging by a noose.  I still love this banner but not as much as I love those little girlies holding.  Be still my heart!  They have grown sooo much!

This years banner is black, white and orange with silver glittered skellies.

No cute little models to hold up this banner.  I did, however, make my suspicious neighbor nervous taking pictures on this fence.  He kept peaking over the window at me.  I just waved and said hello like the crazy lady I am. 

One of my favorite fabrics -the vintage kids.  Also love the glittered skeletons!

I handmade the bias tape and added the pom-poms because everything needs pom-poms.  Even my brother-in-law mentioned that he would like some pom-poms for his truck.  I've got a sneaking suspicion that he was making fun of my little addiction.

We will be carving our pumpkins soon and then our porch will officially be ready for those trick-or-treaters!   Better get our costumes finished!


Halloween on Pinterest

I've been looking for some Halloween decorating inspiration on Pinterest and I came across a few fabulous things. 

via betzwhite

I could get lost on Pinterest for hours.  Oh wait....I think that I already have.  So much great inspiration!  Any favorite Halloween projects of yours?


My Review :: Portuguese Fry Bread

A few weeks back, we needed a quick and easy meal for dinner.  Fortunately, my neighbor was making Navajo Tacos with Portuguese fry bread for the base.  Of course, we copied and made a dinner that was a hit with the kids.  This bread is quick and easy!

Kem's Portuguese Fry Bread
2 cups flour
3 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
2 T. sugar
3/4 milk
vegetable oil

Heat oil in skillet.  Mix together all ingredients well.   Divide dough into balls.  Pat out on a flat, floured surface to 1/2 inch thick.  Fry in 1/2 inch hot oil, browning on each side.  Drain on paper towels.  Serve immediately.

We top it with vegetarian chili, greek yogurt, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.  My tiny daugther who eats like a bird inhaled four of them.  My picky son preferred them with honey and butter.  All in all, it was a win-win.


Sweet Giveaway

I just came across this giveaway and I thought that I would share.  I'm loving these dresses and might be able to pull off this one.  Wouldn't this be so fun to win.  Head on over for your chance too!



I'm kind of diggin' this ladylike coat from Anthropologie.

My mother had a red coat in a shape similar to this.   She's had it for years and last year, she ruined it sitting too close the fire.  Sad, sad day since it still looked amazing.

Such a pretty color and shape!  Every lady should have a pretty coat in her wardrobe.
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