The shortest day

Today welcomed the first day of Winter otherwise known as the shortest day of the year, or Winter Solstice.  I didn't notice it much because I spent most of my day in bed like I have for a nearly a week now.  My poor children are wild with bordom.  But, come to think of it, they would be wild with anything no matter what. 

So I have lost a week of time during the busiest holiday season.  I didn't get time to make a shirt for my little ones birthday.  I bearly made the cake.  I haven't finished Christmas shopping and no neighbor gifts have been made and handed out.  And I didn't find out if the library had this book so we could have a little honoring of Winter Solstice to help the children with their overexcitement as Christmas approaches.  I've been doing nothing but being sick. 

Stupid, stupid, stupid.  I haven't been this knocked out sick for years.  Thank you friends and family for your support.  For bring me dinner and vacuuming my kitchen.  For talking the kids into jammies and encouraging them to clean their rooms.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I have decided that tommorrow, I will not be sick.  Nope, not at all.  100% healed!  A Christmas miracle if you will.  I have lots to do and make up because  I'm pretty sure Santa is not going to accept my wish that Christmas will come a week late. 

I am, however, thrilled that tonight will be the longest night of the year.  Ahhh.....more time to sleep. 


Thanks for the shout out Kristine! You were very kind.


Christmas Wishes

Every year, it seems to come quicker.  It's here before I know it.  It's all of the sudden nearly mid-December.  Christmas is coming quick this year!  When I (reluctantly) put my tree up this year, I left it bare for a while trying to decide how I wanted it to be decorated this year.  And while it was bare and the pretty white lights twinkled and I really thought I would leave it that way, my eyes turned to the tree skirt.  It needs a pretty little, simple tree skirt made of linen or perhaps burlap.  Then what did my wandering eyes appear, but a simple tutorial for a pretty little ruffled skirt found here.   I think that this would be just right. 

photo from Shanty to Chic

Drop cloths make great curtains according to Layla of The Lettered Cottage.  And cheap too.  After seeing her last bedroom re-do, I'd have to agree.

photo from Lettered Cottage

 I want this room!  I wonder if this room would translate to my tiny little "master" bedroom.  I look at those bookcases and see not only storage, but pretty places to display.  I miss not having room to have any displays.

And since I am yearing for a natural Christmas this year, I saw this banner on Etsy that I thought was beautiful. 
Clever, clever talented people!


Shop Update and a SALE!

Tonight, I did a quick shop undate! Now that my holiday shows are over, I have lots of very cute Christmas tassels on SALE! All Christmas tassels are now $20 each. I ship quick! Priority mail for orders within the US and shipped within one business day of receiving cleared payment. I also combine shipping charges for mulitple items order.

*Thanks to Kem Thomspon's Photography for photographing all my tassels! She rocks!

A Holiday Show for a Good Cause

Recently, I was told about a family who is wanting to adopt a little boy from Ethopia.  In effort to raise the money they need, they decided to have an Holiday open house to raise some money.  If you live near the Davis County area, the Isom's would really love your support.  All the goods were donated to the family including a few of my tassels and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the adoption fund. 
  • Holiday Open House will be December 11th and 12th from 10am-4pm
  • At the Isom's home:  414 South 1125 West in Layton, Utah
Read more about their story here.  Good luck Isom family!  We are all cheering for a successful open house for you!


Happy Birthday!

My littlest one is about to turn three.  And as part of the celebration, I thought that we needed to finally get a "Happy Birthday" banner for our home.   I knew I wanted something happy and bright and gender neutral.  When I found the orange, blue and green bias-striped fabric, I knew it was just right for us!    Added in some polka dots, a dash of orange and of course, some cute buttons and a cute banner was born. 

I wanted the "Happy" and "Birthday" to be seperated so I would have the option to hang it like shown above or tie them together. And silly as it might be, the "Happy" by itself can be a cute little reminder to be happy!

I think that you can never have enough polka dots and I love the raggedy, unfinished edges of the letters.

And the cute buttons make everything better!  There's that cute striped fabric again.  Working with high-quality fabric realy makes a difference.  I love how all the fabrics coordinate but don't match.

This birthday banner is ready to party!  Alongside a cupcake tassel and some cute "WISH" letters, we now have some re-usable decorations to use for everyone.  A new tradition for our family that I know can last through the years.

When I was making this banner, I was under a strict deadline so a special thank you to Jodi for handcutting all the letters out for me while I cut out and sewed the fabric squares. We make quite the team Jodi!

*Did you notice that I had this banner on my table at my last show??  I have a few that I'm thinking about what to do with.  Maybe a giveaway??  Anyone interested?

*Edited Jan.19th - I've linked to "Get Your Craft On" linky party!


Mindy Mae's

How does one take a picture of your booth while sun is shining directly on it and your camera batteries are dying??   Well, you get something that looks like this:

Lovely.  My booth at Mindy Mae's Market (going on now!) looks a lot better than this photo depicts.   No two tassels are exactly the same.  New banners available including the cutest "Happy Birthday" banner that I love!  Aaannnnddd, I am having an exclusive Mindy May's Market special promotion going on making it easier to deck your halls and gift your family/in-laws/friends/co-workers/neighbors/mailman! 


Mindy Mae's Market

I am so excited and flattered that I get to be a part of the Mindy Mae's Market this weekend.  The show runs from December 4th from 6-8pm through December 5th 10am-6pm.  This show features so many fantastic vendors that they had to get a second house for the show.  Think of all the Christmas shopping you can get done!  Feel confident that your gifts will be wonderfully unique and you will be supporting local artists at the same time.  While my computer has been out (and still is out!) Mindy Mae's did a little shout out about me.  Check out my little shout out here.  I'm so flattered over it!

Mindy Mae's is being featured today on Giveaway Today.  They are giving away a $100 gift certificate to use at their show!  Wouldn't that be the best prize to win??  All you have to do is go to GiveAway Today and enter to win.  You can enter up to three times to win.  Click here to enter!  Aaaaannnndd....if you don't win, you are still in luck.  Simply mention to the cashier that you are a reader of Giveaway Today and you will get 15% off one item! 

I hope all that live in the area can come to Mindy Mae's Market this weekend.  If you head in, be sure to tell them that I sent you.  I hope to see you there! 


How fun!

Soooooo....my poor computer got a nasty, nasty virus and has been out of commission for the past week.  My neighbor was so kind to let me use their computer and I found that I won two giveaways!  What a fun suprise! 

First, I won the custom stamper from Letter Cottage.  I love this blog!  She is so talented and everything that her and husband do to their house is beautiful.   They are inspiring DIY'ers.  Check out her blog at The Lettered Cottage and the post she did about my blog here.  She is such a geniune sweetheart.

And then my cutie friend Jackie made a cutie headband and I was so, so lucky to win it!  So exicited!  Thanks Jackie!!  She blogs at Made By The Mama Monster and has so many cute tutorials! 

Soon, I'll have my computer back and soon, I'll be able to post again. 


Snowflake Banner

While making the other Christmas banner, I also made this banner.  I loved the combination of red corduroy, natural colored heavy linen and the red print tied together with the brown. 

A festive, sparkly snowflake adorns each red corduroy pennant. 

This banner looks good in so many places, I just can't decide where I want mine.  Also available in my shop.


Christmas Banner

As promised, here are some detailed pictures of my Christmas banner that was featured on KSL's Studio 5 segment with Mindy Mae's Market. 

I wanted a non-traditional, fun take on Christmas banner this year.  I lucked out finding this great vintage inspired Christmas fabric.  I especially love the Santa.

 I really wanted the banner to have a fun feel to it so I finally cut into my beloved stash of Heather Bailey's Pop Garden, zig-zag striped fabric.  Oh how I love this fabric!   (The ladies at the fabric store were laughing at me when I bought this fabric.  I was petting it, hugging it and loving it.  They asked me what I was going to do with it and I responded that I just wanted to hoard it.  I would of bought the whole bolt if I could of.)  The banner is sewn onto a yummy red satin ribbon and then the decorating began!

Mini red pom-poms and brown brush fringe, green taffeta bows and sparkly silver snowflakes adorn this banner. 

This banner turned out pretty great!  Custom orders available and also available in my Etsy shop. 



Thanks to Grace at Ruby Moon Designs for nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award!   My very first blogging award here on Megity's Handmade. 

Following the rules, seven random facts about me.
  1. I have a nephew that is one month older than me.   There are nearly 20 years between my oldest sister and I. 
  2. I've played the flute since I was in 7th grade to this day.  I teach flute lessons and play with a local professional flute choir, Flautisimo and am lucky when I get the occasional call to play with the local symphony.  I dream of a permanent spot with the symphony!
  3. Speaking of flute, I am a band geek!  Complete with marching band experience.  In my defense, I grew up in Salt Lake City and I moved right before High School started to a small town.  At the new school, marching band was huge and you had to do it to be in band.  I made some great friends!
  4. I only like cucumbers with vinager.
  5. I was named "Melissa" for the first few weeks of my life which was then changed to Megan.
  6. And I am the only daughter in my family without a "y" in her name.
  7. And finally, my husband and his family only call me Lincoln or Linc for short.
So interesting I am sure. 

I nominate these cute gals:
Steph and Angie

Thanks again!


Shop Update

I've been updating my shop with new Christmas tassels.  The following tassels are one of a kind. 

Happy Sledding Snowman

Santa and a Rusty Star Tassel

My favorite vintage Santa tassel

And the ever popular, Chocolate Santa.  Yum!

All available in my shop!



Flora - a fresh flower service is owned by an amazing florist. Her arrangements are extraordinarily beautiful and unique. Sharmyn has been arranging flowers for years. She's done countless weddings (including my own) arrangements of the month, Valentine's Day, funerals, everyday or any reason you can think of arrangements. Her customized orders will be better than you ever thought possible. Her attention to detail is impeccable! Here are some examples:

Flora is a North Carolina exclusive shop. But just in time for Thanksgiving, Flora - a fresh flower service, is coming to Salt Lake City for limited time, exclusive engagement! Orders will be accepted November 21st-Novemeber 30th. Mention that you saw it on this blog and receive 10% off your order.

Imagine how beautiful your table would look with a professional fresh floral arrangement like this.

Call or email today to set up your order and don't forget to mention this post for 10% off your order.

Sharmyn Mitchell
Floral Architect
(980) 622-5998


Sweet Tweets Going on Now!

If you live in the area, Sweet Tweets is going on now!  It's a good thing that I don't live so close to this boutique because that means less shopping and less calories.  Somebody made homemade caramels in different flavors like orange, licorice, cinnamon and such.  Mmmmmmm!   (And for us northern folks, make a day of shopping because it's located near IKEA.)  So head on over to Sweet Tweets and pick yourself up a sweet tassel, limited edition banner and some caramels.


Studio 5

Here's the video from today's show.  I thought Nikki did great!  She's an amazing person.  Even more than the video shows.

As soon as I get my banners back, I'll take photos to share.  They really turned out great!  I have to specially thank all that helped me make all these deadlines the last few weeks.  Thank you Jodi, Kem, Sharmyn, Mom & Dad, Sharon, Jackie, Heather, Raylene, Teryn and Jessica.  I sure have wonderful friends and family and I hope you know that!  Doesn't it sound like I am accepting some sort of award??

Mindy Mae's Market

I'm super excited to check out Studio 5 tomorrow because Mindy Mae's Market, the show I'm doing on December 4th & 5th, is going to be featuring some of her vendors and I'm on the list!   I'm very flattered to be listed among all that talent. 

Check out what Mindy Mae's has to say about it here.

So, if you are in Utah, watch Studio 5 at 11am and watch for that cute Nikki.  She's the kindof girl that feels like she's been your BFF since you were born.  Yes, I'm cheesy like that.

Remember, STUDIO 5 - (KSL - Channel 5) WEDNESDAY NOVEMEBER 11TH @ 11AM.   Be sure to tune in!!


Giveaway Ends November 10th.

Just a few more short days until my giveaway closes.  Up for grabs is this cute little Santa with his snowman sidekick.  It comes gift wrapped and tagged perfect for gift giving, even if it's for you.  Quick!  Go and enter here! 

And just because, please read Heather's funny post about my giveaway.  She makes my day with her witty ways. 


Happy Santa and His Snowman Tassel Give Away

So here he is in all of his happy self.  My giveaway at Blue Cricket.  A cute, little happy Santa and his cheering snowman.  This little duo just makes me smile. 

For Blue Cricket's give away that I am sponsering, I am giving away one of these Santa's wrapped in a clear bag with ribbon and a handmade tag and card.  Perfect for gift giving to your favorite someone or yourself.  That's Santa has authentic vintage green trim on him.  I've been hoarding it for a while to do something special with it and he was the one.  

This Santa is just as cute from behind.  I say if you've got it, flaunt it.  Check out his little round rump. 

Everyone of my tassels are handmade and designed by me.  Each one has a lot of time and effort put into designing them.  I love each one and would put each and everyone up in my house if I had the space.  But then I would be known as the crazy tassel lady that puts a tassel on everything and anything.  I'm afraid that I already have a bit of that reputation already. 

What is a tassel anyway?  Well, it's a little decorative touch that makes a big punch in your decor.  I love to hang tassels from obvious places like my armoire, doorknobs and banisters.  But they also look great decorating your candlesticks, vases and pictures.  Try on the back of your barstools and little curio cabinets.  Love them hanging from a single hook.  You are going to love it! 

Head on over to Blue Cricket to enter for your chance to win and if you are in Utah, come on over and pick up some holiday tassels this weekend at Piper & Chloe.  It's a win, win situation!


Giveaway tommorrow

Tommorrow, my giveaway will be featured on Blue Cricket.  Come on over and enter.  Invite your friends, invite your family, invite your neighbors too.  It will be fun!! 

Here's a happy little sneak peak......

In other news, the shop is temporarily closed for the weekend show that I am in.  If your local, come on over to Piper & Chloe.  It's a pretty classy little show if I say so myself. 


Holiday Shows

With October already over, it's officially time for the holiday shows to start.  I don't know where the time has gone, but I'm super excited about my first two shows of the season, Piper & Chloe and Sweet Tweets Boutique.   Soooo........

*Don't forget Piper & Chloe this weekend!  November 6th-7th in Farmington.  Mark your calendars, set your alarms, update your Blackberry.  You won't want to miss this!  

*Next week, Sweet Tweets Boutique.  This is a new show for me.  I'm excited to go and rub shoulders with all those crafty ladies.  I fixed the link so the correct information will come up when you click on the button over there on your left.  And if that is not enough for you, don't worry.  There will be more.  Just working out the details right now.


Also, don't forget about Blue Cricket's week long giveaway extravaganza!  Starts today and runs through Friday.  Look for my giveaway on Nov. 5th.  It's pretty darn cute! 


Happy Halloween!

Have an extra spooky, extra sweet fright night!


Favorite Halloween Movies

Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions on new Halloween books. I can't wait to add to our collection!

During the month of October, we can't help but induldge ourselves in some good Halloween movies. Our favorites are:

What will you be watching come All Hallow's Eve??


Halloween Book Basket

I love to have a seasonal book basket for my kids.  We really enjoy it, and even though there are a lot of board books, Jake still likes to read them with us too.  Nothing is better than a snugly soft blanket and a basket full of books to read on a cool Autumn day especially today when it's dark and SNOWING!

Some of our favorites:

 I would love to add to our collection. Do you have a favorite book to share with us??


Giveaway Extravaganza

You are cordially invited to Blue Cricket's week long giveaway extravaganza!  It's going to be fun, especially Thursday's, giveaway (November 5th).  Why's that?  Oh, maybe because it's a little something from moi.  It's going to be extra fun and festive to boot.  Mark your calendars!  Next week is going to be so much fun! 


Project overload

This sign would be perfect in my home.

(Picture found at My Sweet Savannah)

Do you know how many projects my silly brain is trying to figure out? 
Procrastination overload.
  Why the overload?  Oh, because it's only 12 days until I set up for this cute showcase kicking off the Holiday season.  Day after day passes with little progress. 

Be there or be square. 

Quick and Easy Spider Earrings

While shopping at Pier One, I saw the cutest pair of spider earrings.  They were jeweled and sparkly and spooky cool.  They had the whole nine yards going for them but, at $9 a pair,  I just didn't want to spend that.  So I made my own.  A pair of Bo Bunny spider brads with the backs snipped off then glued to a earring post and voila!  Quick and easy spider earrings sure to bring spooky delight on Halloween night. 

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