CSN Stores and a recipe

As I mentioned before, I am thrilled to do a review for CSN stores.   The item that I wanted was on backorder, so it's still a little bit of a wait until I can do the full review, but I wanted to quickly pop on and tell you about my experience so far.   CSN.com has everything that you could possibly imagine!   I feel that I am only scratching the surface of this fantastic site.  I found wallpaper and found wallpaper that I want so badly I can taste it.  I found rugs that were fab!  So many that I wanted.  I found pretty dinnerware, mixing bowls in all shapes and sizes and even dutch ovens.

Speaking of dutch ovens, my husband recently made us some dutch oven peach cobbler that was delicious and super easy to make.  Simply layer one can of sliced peaches with juice (bottled peaches are even better!), 1 yellow cake mix, 1 stick butter cut in chunks and sprinkle with cinnamon.  Cook on your campfire or in your oven at 350 degrees for an hour.  Mmm! 

Look for my review coming soon!


Boys Bedroom Inspiration

Ever since I painted the walls of the boys bedroom right before we moved into our home, I've been thinking of how I really want to decorate the boys room.   How does one go about decorating a room for both a 10 year old and a 3 year old?  To cater to their likes and dislikes.  One likes green, the other likes red  (hello Christmas!) but I want orange and aqua.  Remember this room that I love so very much??

Then there is the space layout issues.  Now that the baby is no longer a baby and he really is getting too big for a toddler bed, I would like to put up a bunk bed.  Although I would love to have two twin beds in the room it just won't be the best fit.  (I wonder why these rooms of 1950's homes are always just a bit too small?   And I also wonder how the sweet old woman that lived here before fit nine children in here!?! NINE!) 

I've been searching for bunks and like this one from IKEA for the price and the fact that I know I would paint it. 
Here it is painted and looking fab in aqua. 

I also like this one for a few reasons.  1) I have considered painting the bunk black and adding bright bedding and this one is already black; 2) can divide into two single beds and 3) seems a bit more sturdy. 

This one from DSKids looks nice.   I like the paneling and the drawers would great fun to fill with all their junk treasures.

So fine and dandy, we want a bunk bed.  Blah, blah, blah....what's the big deal now? Well, the big deal is that the bunk bed will cover up part of a window no matter how I place them in there. Thinking all is lost and it will just have to be that way or the highway, I was looking through my folder of inspiration pictures and found my solution!

It's so simple! Add a full length curtain to the wall and window. Why didn't I think about that? Tee-hee! Tah-hah!! I had completely forgot that I had already figured this out before!

Not only does this solve my window problem, let's look at how fabulous this room is! I love how everything goes together without going together. The colors are all pulled out of the one pillow on the bottom bunk. I adore the orange bunk. I love the pattern of the rug, the fact that the curtains are green, the fanstic art on the wall, the bedding and the great polka dot sheets. I like how there is a band of charcoal colored paint along the top of the wall. I even think that that chair is wonderful but know that would not work for us. Be still my heart, it's wonderful.

I see a little green and red in this room. Think I can convince my boys to go for something like this?? *sigh*


Making Home Lunch Simply Better

It's hard to believe that it is really back to school time already!  Somewhere along the way, I lost our summer.  I blame June for being rainy and cold but really, I 'm sure that I had something to do with it. 

This year, my daughter is wanting more home lunches and I am encouraging it as much as possible.  I appreciate that this is a much healthier option for her and hope to get her brother on board too.  Soooooo with that said, it's still me that has to pack the lunches.  And I am boooooring.  Hoping to help the humdrums, I searched for a couple of lunch ideas online.   I am loving these bento lunch box ideas!  This is what I found/love/want for myself/thrilled for the kids ideas.

Another Lunch makes all her lunches beautiful!  I will not kid myself to think that my children will have something so pretty, but her ideas are great.  My problem is that the sandwiches go un-eaten and the fruit looks less then appetizing by the time she gets to it.  Call me silly, but it's revoluntionary for me to see her box ideas!  Pretzels, cut up fruit, cubed cheese and a roll of turkey never looked so great! 

Pickles, berries and pizza pockets.  Yum!!

photo from another lunch
I know she will like this, this and this and that's just a start at looking at her inspirational site.  I promise that I am not kidding myself that they will be this pretty, but doesn't look tasty?  I really think that I can get my oldest to get on board with this too!

I also like these easy lunch boxes and this website for Laptop Lunches.  And they will all look adorable going into her brand new, handmade just for her by her sweetest Auntie Dee!Dee!, lunch bag.  I hope that Auntie Dee!Dee!* knows how much I love and appreciate her handmade gifts.  She's the best! 

quick picture I made her take even though she couldn't wait to get outside and go swimming
Hopefully, I can declare our household free of the "yep, mom packed another sandwich" humdrums!

*Just a tidbit of info for you.  Auntie Dee!Dee! is my SIL nickname.  Dee!Dee! and I have the exact same name so we both go by our nicknames to help the confunsion.  Dee!Dee! came from my daughter when she was little and couldn't pronounce what I think was Meggie.  FYI, I'm Link.  :)


Bridal Shower - The Advice Book

This is the last installment about the bridal shower.  Not wanting to do bridal shower games but needing something for the guests to do, I made an advice book for the Mrs. to be.  Mini books are really quick and easy to put together, yet bring lots of compliments. 

Based off a previous design, I put together this book using Teresa Collin's wedding paper.  The black, white and creamy tan paired beautifully with pops of lavender.  

The guests left their comments for the bride and then I filled in the rest of the blank pages with wallet sized photos from the shower. 

 I was really pleased with how it turned out.   This flower page was one of my favorites.  

Recognize the butterflies?  Same as the one from my chandelier, obviously  made in lavender.  These butterflies work beautifully in your everyday crafting.  I especially love them with the little gems. 


Bridal Shower - The Food

Since the bridal shower was in the end of July, I wanted the food to be fresh, easy to make and delicious.  Check, check and check!  We enjoyed a simple dark green salad that was dressed up with shredded rotisserie chicken, cashews and a yummy balsamic vinagrette.   Mom's cheese dip from her vintage family recipes with crackers;  fresh pineapple and local cherries;  sliced strawberries and fresh cream to make your own strawberry shortcake; and the best punch ever. 

Everything was so delicious but the punch. by far, was the best!  Found from this recipe here given to me by Jackie, this punch was by far the highlight of the evening (at least it was for me!).  

It was pretty and refreshing and tasty!  I can't wait to have an excuse to make it again.   It makes a lot, and even though we all refilled our glasses a million times, we still had yummy leftovers.  And if you make this punch, which you really, really should, be sure to add plenty of pebble ice and please don't forget to add the ice after you add the soda.   It makes a frothy mess that doesn't go away.   The punch starts out this yellow color and ends up turning a pretty pink as the raspberries start to mix in.   Mmm! 

Matthew Mead

I broke.  I finally gave in and pre-ordered the new Matthew Mead Holidays.  I'm betting that it's going to be great! 

I've been reading the blog and watching the sneak peaks that look fab!  Be sure to check out the blog too.  They keep having giveaways.  Check out this post and enter to win a $100 gift certificate to Rouche. 


Bridal Shower Decorations

Not having a lot of money to throw an amazing bash, I hoped to make it up by taking the time in the details.  Of course, with a lot of help, I think it went well. 

We have this quiant, vintage rock patio on the side of our house.  I had already declared this year the year of the yard and since I was hosting a bridal shower, it was the perfect motivator to get 'er done.  I have been fighting this spot every year since we have moved in and yet to win.  Determined now, I set in to clean it out and free it from the weedy grass that dominated it.  It's amazing what a little lot of elbow grease and fresh mulch will do in a garden.  Next year, I hope to add some new plants.

Now that the patio was free, I shopped the house (and friends houses too!) for chairs, benches and tables setting the patio like it was an outdoor room.  Vintage floral sheets were tablecloths and fresh garden flowers were casually arranged.  I brought out a vintage tool caddy to hold the plates, napkins and silverware.  I would of loved some pretty mismatched china, but I just don't have that on hand.  I used tiered plate holders to display the food.  Mmm...the food, it was delicious! 

Of course, white pompoms were hung in the trees.  This was one of my favorite parts and was sad that we didn't get to keep it up longer.  The weather went crazy on us and there was a quick, yet strong downpour just after we ate.  I called that the wet t-shirt portion of the party. 

Another favorite was the "Mr. & Mrs." banner that made and hung above the gift table.  I sent the banner home with the bride with hopes that she would be able to use it one more time before the big day. 

I found these small white tin pails at the dollar store and filled them with delicious dark chocolate almonds.  Yummy! 

For little money and just a little time and effort taken to decorate made the shower feel that much more special. 


Bridal Shower Invite

This year seems to be the year of weddings in my family.  Four of my nephews all announced their engagement within weeks of each other.  Imagine four of everything.  To top it off, three of the weddings were in July.  Every week, we were headed off to celebrate!  It's crazy how fast the time flew by and now it is all done.  Over the next few days, I wanted to share some of the details of the shower. 

I had the privilege of being able to host one of the bridal showers at my house.  The bride to be loved things simple and classy.  Her wedding colors were lavender and white so I made the invites to match.  I chose to theme the shower "Mr. & Mrs." and came up with this simple invite.  She loved them and said they were perfectly her. 

Inside, lavender paper was layered with a pretty silver shimmer paper with the details of the shower.  In classic Megan style, I was hurrying to make these invites and didn't take a picture.  This was the only invite that I had left over and it was because the stamping was a bit crooked.  Regardless, these are simple to make.  All you need do is cut a 12x12 paper into thirds and fold.  Tie a ribbon, add the sentiment and glue the info on the inside.  Quick, easy and simple! 


How Does She? Feature

I'm super excited to be featured today on "How Does She?"!!  Come on over and see how I made this adorable boy chandelier.

You can have one too!  Limited number of kits  are available in my Etsy shop.   Or you can choose to order just the paper to make your own.    Also, due to popular demand, just butterflies are now available.  Please feel free to convo, email or leave a comment if you have a question. 

Thank you! 


Etsy Favorites

I was just looking at my Etsy favorites and I had to laugh at myself.   You can really see my thoughts and my favorite colors. 

Can you see it??   What are my favorite colors?  What projects am I working on?



Last week, I had a custom order for my Halloween banner and skellie tassel.  Words cannot express how much I love these Halloween decorations. 

Makes me excited for crisp cool air, crunchy colorful leaves and pumpkin picking.  Costume making, Trick or Treating and candy eating. 
skeleton tassel

So why not make a few more tassels and banners?  Skellie tassel is up for sale here.  Banners to come soon.  Happy Halloween!
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