How fantastic is this

I use my stairs to "organize" too.  I have a step for each one of my kids crap treasures that need to be put away.  Of course, it would never look like this in my house.  Nor would it fit in my house, but still, it's fantastic!


New Class - Dates Announced - Vintage Inspired 4th of July Blocks

Nice thing about having your own blog is that it's still there when you want.  I've been busy, busy, busy!  Finished many projects including one of my new classes that I'm super excited about.  If you follow Ribbon Scissor's, you'll see that I announced it last Friday.  But now I have my dates!

Three cheers for the red, white and blue!  Vintage inspired 4th of July blocks.  

What is more American then sparklers, pinwheels and Uncle Sam?  

With Robert's closing in Centerville, I've been floating around looking for the best place for me to teach.  I'm super excited to be teaching at the Layton Hobby Lobby!  It's location is ideal being right off the freeway, about 10 minutes from the old Centerville Robert's.  I will continue to teach at the South Jordan Robert's and kits are always available for those who cannot make the class times.

:*:Class dates:*:

*Layton Hobby Lobby (1080 North Main Street) on June 24th from 5:30-7:30pm.  (Please note the ol' Hob Lob closes at 8pm.)
*South Jordan Robert's (10551 S Redwood Road) on June 14th from 6-8pm.

Please visit my page on Ribbon Scissor's to sign up!
Thank you!!


I've Been In A Rut

Yes, I admit.  I've been a rut for quite a while.  I'm finally ready to shake myself out of this dirty ol' rut and get out there and find some inspirations!  Join me over at Ribbon Scissors Studio for my latest finds. 

Oh the joys. I can't wait to play!


Hero In You Dance

 My daughter and her team had their last dance competition of the season.  They did so well all season long!  They won many 1st places and 1st overall in both dances.  I, of course, am so proud of her!   I'm kicking myself for not bringing the camera in to video their lyrical dance.  It was spot on and I've never seen her or her team do that beautifully!  Just wanted to share their Jazz dance with loved ones.  (She's the long legged one in the back row, right side. )   I get the proud mama tears everytime I see her dance.  I'm silly, but I know how hard they work and well, I'm just proud of them!


I have a feeling that my favorite-little- plastic-gun-toting-fanatics would get a BIG kick out this:

Want some ketchup?  Mustard?  Pew! Pew! Pew!!
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