Paint Chip Art

I was reading my weekly email from Houzz and this paint chip art article caught my eye.

I've had the this fishscale art pinned on my Pinterest board for a while now.  I love the gold glammer awesomeness of it. 

via Two Thirty-Five Desgins
Look how fantastic it is in color! The bright pop of red makes a fun background.  

I think that this is a great way to bring some color to my lifeless Wintery world.  Circle punch, paint chips and a board.  Simple execution with a big impact. 


Winter Pillow

My friend recently started making these fun patched pillows.  I love her design style so when she offered up a trade, I accepted.

I like the details like the embroidery and the little winter scene patch.  My favorite is the spray of buttons.  The buttons and the embroidery take the ordinary pillow up a billion notches.

She makes new pillows every month.  Every!  Month!  And she makes at least 5 pillows and all of them are different.  I'm feeling lucky to be in on the mix.  Thank you girly!  Embarrassingly, I've had my pillow for a good time now and I haven't even started her winter tassel.  Shame on me.  Maybe I should get a move on that? It is January twenty-something after all.  She won't hardly get to use it before the Valentine's decor goes up.

Speaking of winter tassels, I saw this winter bird that I did last year hanging at my sisters house.

It just re-affirmed my love of mixed metals and cozy neutrals for Winter.  Cream, champagne and a little sparkle.  Perfection I say!


For Sale - Valentine's Decor

Since I've decided to switch it up a little this year, I'm selling my Valentine's banner and Valentine's heart tassel that I've made and used last year.  It was a hard decision because I still really like them.  Both are in great condition and ready for a new home!

Banner found here and tassel found here in my Etsy shop.  

Thank you for your interest! 


Vintage Amour

I"ve been trying to figure out how I want to decorate this year for Valentine's.  So, I decided to browse Etsy and see if I could find a theme. I think I found it.

 Vintage Amour.  
A little bit vintage.  A little bit french.

Also made a treasury list of my favorite finds found here.  Enjoy!


Winter Wreath and Winter Fabric Bunting Banner

A couple of days ago, I finished my winter wreath and bunting.   Just in time for the first real snow of the season. 

I'm loving all of the texture on this wreath.  I made the fur wreath a few years ago but it was never quite right and never really found a home.  It was however, the perfect base to a snowy inspired winter wreath.

My banner is just right too. Mixture of gray patterns, snowflakes and that perfect blue floral. I can't tell you how much I love that blue floral.  I'm seriously considering buying the rest of it to embellish some curtains.

My window is just like a mirror when I try to take pictures.  Let's just say that it adds to the artistic winter feeling I was going for.  There is not much snow, but I had to hurry and snap a few pictures quickly because it was freezing cold out there!  When you go from an abnormally warm and dry, nearly 50 degrees days to 20ish degrees days, it's a bit of a shock to the system.  You'd think I'd be use to Utah's seasons by now.  Haha! 

It's been fun changing my outdoor decor monthly.  See what I've done for August, September, October, November and December.  Already looking forward to February and March!
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