Lovin' This Room

This boys room that Nicole did on Making It Lovely makes me giddy!  I've have always wanted to decorate the boys room with robots, pale aqua and orange.  I'll take it all thank you very much!

photo curtesy of Making it Lovely
However, I can't get my boys on board with the whole robot thing.  Well boy actually, my oldest thinks it's a little boys room - maybe because it says "little boys room" on the layout and he wants nothing but red.  And the room is for a three year old and a ten year old.  How can I make it work for both of us?  I can't stop thinking about this room! 

Have you ever been to Making it Lovely??  I love it!  It's my must have daily stop to see what she's been doing.  This room above is a part of series called Making it Yours where she takes a great piece of furniture and puts into a ficitional life showing how that piece of furniture can evolve with you.  This boys room is the 5th room.  Other favorites of this series is the bedroom and hallway edition. 


CSN Stores

CSN stores website has become my go to site!  With their 200+ stores, it's easy to find anything from Le Creuset to rugs and even flooring.  (Oh sweet flooring website, how would I love to finally get a new kitchen floor.)  I can find just about anything that I can think of.   They have products that are within all different price ranges meaning that there really is something for everyone.

A while back, I hosted a giveaway from All Modern, one of CSN stores,  where I gave away this great pillow.  Still love me some chevron! 
Well, the folks from CSN Stores are back and have offered up a product for review.  I've seen these reviews throughout the blogosphere and people always seem to be very happy with their products.  I will soon be reviewing one of their great products, but in the meantime be sure to check out their site. I promise you will be surprised with all that they offer!


Thank You!!

Hot diggity dog!  My apron WON the contest thanks to kind friends and family. 

Thank you for taking the time to vote for me!!


A Birthday Hat for Isabella

My beautiful and sweet friend Oscarina has a beautiful, sweet little baby girl Isabella Sophia.   Isabella turned one and had a big birthday celebration.  Of course,  she needed a party hat for the occasion.   Her mother requested pink, purple and girly please.

We all loved the party hat, but Baby Bella did not.  Look at that funny sweet little face!  Her mama would put it on then she would take it off.  On. Off. On. Quick! Take a picture.  Off. 

photo curtesy of Oscarina
Happy Birthday Isabella!  We all love you!


Vote For Me Pretty, Pretty Please

*****I previously put the wrong number.  I'm #13!  I promise, it's a cute apron just a bad photo!*****
As I mentioned before, I made an apron for work and we are having a friendly little competition. 

Sadly for me, the picture is the worst in the bunch!  But, really, it's super cute in person and very much me.  Will you do me a favor and vote for me anyway?  I'm number 15   DUH!  I'M NUMBER 13!  Re-vote if you will.    I thank you kindly! 


A Summer Wreath

With the help of my 10 year old son and supplies on hand, I can gladly check off my list of making a summer wreath.  Don't you love it when you can check something off your self imposed list?  I do! 

Please tell me that I'm not the only one that gets crazy and insists on doing something right then and only right then because no other time is better than right that minute!  It didn't matter that it was nearly 10pm.  That no child was snug in their bed.  That the laundry wasn't folded and the dishes still sat in the sink.  Nope.  It was wreath making time!

Here's where I think that I'm accidentally very clever.  I wanted to sew the flower layers together with some embroidery floss to add a little depth and cuteness but I didn't have any thread in the colors I wanted.   Not wanting to mess up the flowers that I had arranged, I stuck straigh pins in them to keep them straight.  To my surprise, the pins looked cute!   The pins made it easy to re-arrange and the little dot of yellow, white and red are perfect in the flowers. 

I'm still working on the frame on my wreath holder.  It supposed to hold pictures of the seasons in it, but the boutique I bought it from only had the fall and winter pictures with it.   I temporarily put a piece of scrap paper and another flower on it for now.   I'm thinking of putting "Welcome" or "No Soliciting".  Maybe our last name or house number?  I may get to it someday.

Awww!  Don't ya love it when something just comes together and is happy cute too?  Happy, happy Summer! 

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Thankfully, all went well with Papa's surgery.  My sisters and I went to see him right after he got out from his 8+ hour surgery and he looked surprisingly well.  So much better than seeing him the first time around.  He's working on recovering now and of course, is miserably sore.  The nurses tease that he is a cheap date because the medication he takes can put him to sleep for a good bit.  Poor guy is all discombobulated because of the medicine.  He's been telling stories about waking up in China and being able to speak Chinese fluently or worrying about why the nurses had camped in a tent in the ICU.  It's silly and heart wrenching at the same time.  Thanks for all of your well wishes!  I've felt the prayers so strongly and it has resulted in such a feeling of peace. 

With much gratitude,

Rocket Chandelier Tutorial

A while back, I made a pretty butterfly chandelier.  I still love it but thought that boys needed something too.  Finally, after months of letting it sit on the back burner, a rocket chandelier came to life.  My boys are so happy with it, they can't stop talking about it!

So let's learn how to make one! 

Here are the supplies that you will need:

  • 3 - 12" long square wood craft sticks

  • one eye hook

  • 6 striped rockets - makes three front and back

  • 6 green dot rockets - makes three front and back

  • 20 yellow stars

  • 30 blue stars

  • 13 red circles

  • windshield and flame paper details for rockets

  • 5-6 yards red and white bakers twine

  • 18 assorted buttons

  • glue dots

  • paper glue

  • super glue or clear craft glue

  • hot glue gun and glue stick

  • monofilament (optional)

  • 1 1/2 yards ribbon

Step 1:  Gather all of your supplies.  Assemble your rockets gluing on the windshield and fire with a good paper adhesive and use glue dots to glue on two buttons for the windows. 
(rocket details)
Step 2:  You will need three 12" long square craft wood sticks to make the top of your chandelier.  I purchased one yard long light weight craft wood stick from Michaels and cut it into three even pieces.  Take two sticks and make an "x" then criss-cross your final stick on top of that making this star shape.  Hot glue your sticks together. 

(looks like it's time for a new coat of paint on my craft table!)
For added support, wrap the center of the wood with monofilament.  I used monofilament because I didn't want it to show, but I think it would also look cute wrapped with the bakers' twine, yarn or ribbon for added color. 

Step 3:  Center an eyehook through the top of the wood.  This wood is soft and light weight so this is a simple task.  Re-enforce eyehook with super glue.

Step 3: Time for the fun part!  Anchor your mobile to hang from a table or in this case, an ironing board.  Working from the inside first, tie on your bakers twine about 1/3 out from the center of the length.  Do not clip the length of the twine yet.   The center lengths alternate the red circles, yellow and blue stars only.  Using glue dots, glue on your stars and circles alternating your pattern as you would like.  I used six pieces on each length of twine.  I like to press on one side of the shape and continue down the length of the twine then go back and add another glue dot to the other side of the shape to cover the twine.  Press firmly onto the twine. 

Clip the twine with enough leftover to thread a button on the bottom. Double knot the twine and secure with a small dab of super glue.
Step 4:  Continue around the inside making four lengths on the "x" pieces only. 

Step 5:  Working your way around the outside of the chandelier, alternate your circles, stars and now rockets as you would like. 

You can decide how you like your pattern and which way you want your rockets to fly.  I alternated my rockets facing right and left respectively.  Add buttons to the bottom of the twine as stated above.  Glue on back of rockets with paper adhesive.  Continue till you fill the chandelier up. 

Step 6:  Bend out the edges of all of the stars for dimension.  Use a small dab of super glue on each tie of twine on the top of the chandelier to secure. 

Step 7:  Install a hook into the ceiling where you want to mount it.  Thread your ribbon through the eyehook and tie your ribbon to the length that you want.   Hang and enjoy!   

My boys have been thrilled with this and I think that you would be too!  Want one exactly like this?  I have a limited number of kits available in my Etsy shop.  Be sure to share if you make one!  I can't wait to see the different variations on this.  

Butterfly Chandelier Mobile

*Please note, that the pink chandelier kit is no longer available and because of that, the butterflies are now solid cut. White butterflies kits are available for purchase in my Etsy shop.   If you don't see a listing for it, please convo me and I'll set you one up. Custom orders are welcomed! Want a different color and/or size? Feel free to convo me or email me at megitys@gmail.com.


  • butterflies ( please note that only solid butterflies are now available in your kits)
  • fishing line
  • a 12" hoop (wood hoop shown, metal hoop provided in your kit)
  • craft wire
  • 15+ yards of ribbon and tulle
  • small eye hook
  • 1 package of Mini Glue Dots ( Not included in kit - found at local craft stores)
Let the fun begin!!

Step 1: Take your hoop and make a criss-cross shape with your wire. Make sure it's secure and centered evenly. Mine doesn't appear to be centered, but believe me, it is!

Step 2:  Beginning with the center of the chandelier, tie one end of your fishing line to it. Do not clip the length yet, just leave it attached to your spool. Use one glue dot on the center of a butterfly, center it over your fishing line and press the other butterfly on top.  Notice that your kit includes two different types of cut out butterflies.  The solid butterfly attaches to the back with the detailed butterfly on top.  Continue down until you are satisfied with the length. Mine alternated from lengths of four and five butterflies. Once satisfied with the length, clip the fishing line.   I found it easiest to attach the butterflies while the hoop is hanging. I secured mine to dangle off the side of the table with a very official crafting tool, a Tonka crane toy. This Tonka toy is not necessary, you may use anything you want to secure it. :)

Step 3: Continue attaching butterflies using the above technique working your way from the inside out. The order used was the center of the cross wires, then each corner where the wire was attached to the hoop and finally one or two strands in between each corner. Fill in your chandelier as much or as little as you want.

Step 4: Tie tulle to the top of your hoop on each corner where the wire is. Be generous in your length so that you can make a full bow. Knot the tulle together and then make two large bows with the excess.

Step 5: Fill in the rest of the hoop by tying the ribbons into simple knots. This looks best with several different styles of ribbons and the knots going in different directions. I used a satin, tulle, sheer and grosgrain in soft creams and perfect creamy pink.

Step 6: Voila! The most adorable butterfly chandelier!   Hang and enjoy!*  Now go forth and create for those you procreated!

Any questions? 
Please feel free to email me at megitys@juno.com

*If hanging the chandelier over a crib, be sure to hang out of reach of baby. This chandelier is over an infants crib and although it may not appear to be, it is still high enough that the baby will not be able to reach when able to stand.
Safety first!



This week, my fab-o button that Jenna made me is being featured on Twelve Crafts Until Christmas.  Isn't that fun??  Still love the button she made.  Twelve Weeks is a new blog for me.  It's a great concept getting ready for a handmade Christmas all year.  I have good intentions with poor follow through.  I loved her mail carrier set that she made. 

Today, my sweet Dad is going in for another quadrouple by-pass surgery.  It's so stressful for us to see him go through it all again.  Nearly 2 1/2 years ago, he starting feeling tightness in his chest.  Heart problems didn't plague him like they do for my mom, but he thought he should have it checked out.  It was a good thing because he had major blockage and was scheduled for by-pass surgery.  No one knows why, but the surgery didn't take.  The whole bottom of his heart was not getting much oxygen.  They did stints, changed medications and everything that they do for these problems.  Nothing worked.  He started having major heart pain again and the doctor suggested another surgery.  Stints were more risky and most likely would not work.  It's been a waiting game.  The surgery was supposed to be last Thursday, got pushed to today at 7am, then just pushed back again and won't be until 2pm.  I can't imagine how my sweet Papa must feel having to wait and wait. 

Because of Papa's surgery 2 1/2 years ago, I started to make tassels.  I made them for my house, then family and friends, then neighbors and so forth.  Nervous energy needed to be channeled and before I knew it, I was making them by the dozens.  I don't make them as much anymore, but it's feeling like I need to do something to keep my mind and hands busy while I wait.

Speaking of crafting, I have a friend in the neighborhood that just was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is young and has two young daughters, just 4 and 2 years old.  She starts chemo on Thursday and desperately wants to make a wig out of her own hair.  A bunch of us in the neighborhood are going to have a fund raiser for her.  Donations are being accepted in any amount.  There will be haircuts, photography and crafty goods.  I want to make something for my Etsy shop that I can donate the proceeds to her.  If anyone is interested in helping the cause, please let me know.  Until then, it's time to worry some more.  Argh.  This is not fun.


Sewing Inspiriations

I'm having the strong urge to sew again.  Sew Mama Sew is having a Make It and Wear It thingy and I was looking through the photos loving what I saw. 

Like this sweet tunic.  Love it with jeans and would look cute with leggings.  I can't wear leggings, but I really want to.  I just get to be jealous of all the cuties who can. 
Love this tunic.  Clever, clever girls.

And this dress.  I love the chevron look to it.  How could I make it more modest on top?  I'm so tired of layering a tee under everything. 

And I think that this dress is beautiful and I want it.  Of course, I would need to layer.    However, the fabric is sold out of the color I want.   Only yellow left.  As much as I love yellow, it does not look good on me.  So sad for me!

Last night, I had to make a bright and fun 4th of July banner.  Of course, the fabric I had was not right so at  8:30pm, I packed the kids and I in the car and raced to JoAnn's.  They were closed due to a power outage.  Boo!  So I raced to Hancock Fabric.  They closed early.  Double Boo!  Only choice left, Wally World.  The fabric I got rocks my daughter's peace loving world.  Quickest banner that I have ever made.  Pictures to come soon!
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