Making a Grand Entrance

The little chair that inspired me to get off my undecided hiney got a little makeover. It went from country blue to semi-gloss black.

And paint that safe but dull navy blue door........

changes to a stand out red.

I used Bijou Red from the Behr Paint + Primer and it rocked. Covered right over the navy in two coats. However, unfortunately for me, I put up three because just an hour after the second coat was applied, it started to pour rain right under the eaves onto the door. The dull silver light got a coat of Oil Rubbed Broze and made all the difference to me.
This was a quick and simple project that made a huge impact on my home. What once was dull is now bright and inviting. I looked up to see what "bijou" meant and this quote came up:
"A beautiful red bijou that symbolizes the firey blaze. In the East, people
believe that this bijou can help wishes come true."
Now, as my friend Kem put it, I have a wishing door. ♥ love ♥
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FYI - Scrapbook Warehouse Sales

For anyone who lives in Utah and likes/wants/collects scrapbooking stuff, Making Memories warehouse sell started today and runs through Tuesday, September 28th (closed Sunday) from 10-6pm.

Location: 1168 West 500 North Centerville, Utah 84014 (Centerville Exit, West of I-15)
WeR Memory Keepers warehouse sale is coming up on November 5th and 6th from 9 am to 7 pm. November 7th from 9 am to 1 pm. 631 North 400 West SLC, Utah.
Warehouse sales have some great prices!
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Blog Swappin' and a GIVEAWAY!

Hey Megan Fan's! I'm stopping by for a little blog swap! I hope you don't mind! It's been great getting to know Megan and seeing all of her amazing projects! I am in love with her Halloween Star!

I'm Becca from Blue Cricket Design!

I'm a mother of 3, wife of 1 and a creator of many! I am always looking for new ways to express myself! I love crafting, sewing, baking, cooking, photography and reality TV!!! Yes! I'm a Reality TV nut! Don't judge! I also can't get enough of Mint Oreo's and my sister! Everyone needs a best friend and a treat right!

I'd love for you guys to come check out my blog and see what I've been up to! It's my fun collection of tutorials , ideas, giveaways and more!

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Here's a few of my projects I'm excited to share...

Halloween Witch's Lunch

My Adult Skirt Revamp!

Dresser Drawer Ribbon Organizers

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Four Dollar Inspiration.

I found this little ladder back chair this weekend at my local thrift store. It was only $4! I knew it would be fun to use by my front door. Even it in all it's painted country blue goodness.

And this little chair inspired me to finally get off my undecided hiney and paint my front door something way more exciting then the navy blue I did last year. And I love it! Can you guess what color it is?? (Kem, Jackie, Jodi - no cheating!)


We have a winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered my give-away at Our Cozy Nest. Congratulations to Shannon at Bless Our Nest for winning! Looks like she's been on a bit of a winning streak lately according to her blog.

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Halloween Star

I finished my Halloween decoration that I mentioned from this list. It was a fun transformation from this:

To this:
Much better me thinks.

The spooky, yet classic new My Minds Eye line was just itching to make this star a show stopper. I even got to use glitter modge podge for the first time and I must say, I enjoyed it. It added just a subtle sparkle that I totally dig.


Now, if I could just have this perfect door on my house Fall, that would be great.


My good friend was recently over at my house for a minute and when she left, she couldn't help but laugh at me. I was spray painting outside, tasseling downstairs, cutting fabric in the front room and sewing in the kitchen. She can relate. She's always doing something. What about you? Do you project hop or are we the only ones suffering from project attention disorder?
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Halloween Projects

I like Halloween. It's all the fun of decorating like Christmas without the pressure on the present front. And even better, decorating on the dime. So when I found these projects on Wise Craft this morning, I was super duper excited!Who knew that good ol' Value Village had all these goodies on their website. Who knew they had a website? Wise Craft created all the projects found there with finds that you could find there anytime. Check out the projects here at Value Village or as my sister calls it, "The V.V. Boutique". I have already printed out the little girl in the witches hat and am diggin' to make these softy pillows.

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*Photo courtesy of Wise Craft


Giveaway Time!!!!


This skeleton has already been incredibly popular here with the locals. Now you have a chance to win one just for free! It's simple! Here's how:

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Good luck!!


Fall Pumpkin


Inspired by my good friend
fabulous taste and
impeccable Fall decorating
I created this little brown Fall pumpkin
with my signature handmade pom-pom,
warm, multi-colored browns
rusty orange
a sprig of Fall.


I Put A Spell On You

"I put a spell on you,
and now you're mine."
Name that movie.
Tasty limes and
burnt warm orange,
blacks and creams
with a polka dot feather
this witches spell has brewed
my interpretation of a witches magic.




What's that I see through the trees
but a spooky black cat
and his pumpkin to tease
festive and fun with vintage pom-poms
and polka dots make everything fun
*Only 1 available*
(Although the oranges look different from each other in the picture,
they do co-ordinate.)

SOLD OUT! Thanks


Sold Out and a Giveaway

Thank you for such a great response. The ghosty and pumpkin man are now sold out and the skeleton is selling out fast. I have a few more available if you are still interested. However, if you want one for free, Our Cozy Nest is doing a giveaway for me this next week. Watch for more details soon!





Spooky ghost
with his pumpkin and spider
ready to decorate
to your hearts desire

*Limited Edition*
SOLD OUT! Thanks!


Witches Brew

Witches Brew
Layers of textural black and vintage like lace
with purple and green
and a skeleton hung from a noose.
For sale here.

The Pumpkin Man

pumpkin man

*Limited Edition*
SOLD OUT!  Thanks!
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