Super Simple Paper Covered Star Tutorial

Want to make a cute star like mine?? My mom wanted me to make her a Halloween star so I took a few really quick and wobbly photos of the process. It's super simple and fun! Best of all, you can do it with any occasion you want. Here's what you need:

  • Metal star - any size but best to not go bigger than your paper.
  • Several different scrapbook papers. I had got six different papers and used five patterns. I just played with it until I liked the combinations. You could do as little as two different papers just alternating patterns. It's all part of the fun!
  • Ribbon to co-ordinate. Optional.
  • Regular Mod Podge and Glitter Mod Podge. Glitter Mod Podge is optional, but it's fun!
  • Foam brush.
  • Paint - spray or acrylic.
  • Ink to match your papers.
  • Plain paper and pen/pencil/marker/crayon to make pattern.
  • Paper cutter and/or scissors.
Here's how:
  1. If your star looks like mine, spray paint it quickly to make a solid background. I used matte spray paint to make a nice rough service to adhere the paper to.
  2. Make a pattern of one of the star arms. One side is enough, but both sides of the star arm work too. I made a pattern of one side of the arm and flipped it over to trace the pattern for the other side of the star arm.
  3. Trace pattern onto scrapbook paper. First one side, then flip your pattern over and trace the other side of the arm.  Cut out with your paper cutter or scissors. 
  4. Play with your pattern until you like it. I flipped some of the patterns and found that I liked a combination of six papers the best.
  5. Ink all the edges of the paper. You can distress it lightly or heavily. It's all up to you. This step really makes a difference because you are blending the white core of the paper in with the star.
  6. Add a light layer of mod podge to your star and start sticking them on. Make sure that you get all of the edges down smoothly. Continue until you have all the papers adhered to your star. (Disclaimer: I admit, I am a lazy crafter.  Mod Podge can be messy.  It's best to done on a table and not on your family room floor with nothing but an old record to protect the floor because your table was covered with ribbon and fabrics.)
  7. Smooth out any bubbles adding more mod podge to any areas that have unstuck. Then let dry and add another layer of mod podge on top. When that layer is dry, add a layer of glitter mod podge to make it fun.
  8. Add ribbon if you like, then hang up and enjoy! (Yes, I forgot to take a picture of her finished star. I was under a need-the-star-for-a-party-tonight deadline.)

Voila! Super simple and your options are limitless. You could make it girly, boyish, taylored, festive, fun, bright or subdued. If you make one, let me know! I would love to see it and post it on this blog.


Carole B. said...

Thanks for the tutorial - I have wanted to make one of these - now I just need to find a star!

Mod Podge Amy said...

I love your Halloween star!! Awesome use of Mod Podge.

linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous said...

I have 2 stars I've been meaning to do this with. If I do one, will def let you know. Thanks for the tutorial.

Denise Sabia said...

Love the star, it makes it so much different than everyone elses.

Heather said...

Two questions Meg....

1. Was it a royal pain to trace the pattern? I can just picture myself swearing before I even got to fun part of using the pretty papers....So I want to know if I'll be swearing for a few minutes. If I know, I might swear less and be less inclined to think I am possibly the least inclined crafter on this planet!(Which I might be. Waiting for my confirmation letter to arrive any day now!)

2. How did you attach the the ribbons? Did you just hot glue them to the top point? Or did you add a piece of hardware to the star? Speaking of hardware...


3. Do the stars come with a hanging loop on the back?

Other than that though, as always, very, very cute. I have seen this star project somewhere else a while back, but as usual yours is WAY betterer! You have a real eye for color compliment and contrast.

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

1. No. It wasn't a pain. Did you like me re-enactment photo?? I am the worlds laziest crafter. I am not willing to get up and walk five steps to find a pencil and paper. So, I grabbed a scrap piece of paper that was closest to me and a crayon. For the photo, I upgraded to the marker. Either works. I fold my paper into the creases and it's virtually done for you. Now, if you have a paper cutter, you are going to have to do some maneuvering to get it in your cutter, otherwise, use your sturdiest hand and go for it. Also, I should of mentioned that you will cut your paper slightly smaller than the arm of the star. Don't worry if it isn't perfect. Can you tell mine isn't perfect? Well, it's not. I estimate that this project is a zero to minimal amount of swearing job.

2. I used glue dots for the ribbon at first and then after we flung the star around a few time, I hot glued them on there.

Bonus question, bonus answer:

3. The back of my star had a loopy on it to hang. Yes, that's the technical term.

No go get 'er done and send me your photos!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

How about instead of your sturdiest hand, your steadiest hand. You choose. :)

Leanne said...

Thanks for visiting and for your comment. I love your star. I'm going to have to add that to my never ending list of projects. Thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

How did you know I had sturdy hands!

It's a curse I tell you....a curse!

And can I tell you how I laughed so hard at you not getting up to walk five steps to get paper and pencil? OMG. We are sisters, I just know it. Hoorah to the Lazies!!!!!

And just because you had to go and use the word upgrade in your post, I am no singing Beyonce in a sick loop instead of Britney.


I think.

Heather said...

And I am also following your lead in using the word No instead of Now.

You are a trend setter like no one else.

Jess said...

You trendy girl you! I LOVE the star! I really love it.. Christmas ones coming soon? I wish I were half as talented as you my dear. Christmas Banner, Christmas star, fall star for november, I'd take em all and then some!!

Sharmyn said...

Good girl! This is excellent. I love your lazy crafting. You come by it ever-so-naturally. That is if it is passed on big sister to little sister. Which, I'm afraid my dear, it is. What record was that?

the mama monster said...

super cute... now where does one get a star from? i think i win the worlds laziest crafter competition though.

hi-d said...

Oh, what a fun project! Thanks for sharing. I have a lot of left over scrap paper from a project I did...you're giving me some ideas, girl! Thanks!

amanda said...

I love Love LOVE this!
Now I just have to find a star. The ones I've seen all seem to have too much texture to cover with paper. Any ideas?
Thanks for the great tut!!!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Amanda - I picked my up at TaiPan Trading in Utah. They were on clearance from the Holidays but they have them year round. I have mostly seen them at craft stores and boutique type stores.

Brittany Evans said...

YAY, I am so glad that I found your tutorial!! I'd seen stars like this at a fun craft show and thought I could try making my own, but when I looked up tutorials online NONE of them were as cute as the ones I'd seen. Then I found yours! :) What the others were lacking was cutting the paper for each star arm a little bit smaller than the actual arm, leaving some of the metal visible, and also using the ink to distress. I am a beginner crafter so having this tutorial to follow is awesome! I have a plan (that probably won't be executed for months..lol) to make a star for each holiday and hang it in the same place in the house for each holiday. I'm all about traditions and I can just hear my kids in the future, "Mom, it's almost Thanksgiving, we've got to get the Thanksgiving star out to replace the Halloween star!" Or maybe I'll be the one saying that...:) THANKS AGAIN!

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