My favorite part of newly re-decorated bath.

I'm planning on hanging big hooks underneath the bath sign to hang fluffy towels. Or in my case, towels that will be fluffy until the first child walks into the bathroom and wipes their chocolate covered hands on them then leaving it on the floor. But until then, it's going to look fab!


Sew Cute Shop Amy Butler Birdie Sling GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

I've been on a sewing kick lately. Really want to make myself a bag for church. The one that I have been using I have had for at least five years. It's roomy and good for church, but has seen better days. Would love to win this giveaway:
Sew Cute Shop Amy Butler Birdie Sling GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Grosgrain has several giveaways going all the time. Stop by and check them out! http://grosgrainfabulous.blogspot.com/

Sweetie Pie Bakery Felt Cake GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

And I am obsessed with felt food. Have I actually made any? No. But my daughter, the chef of family, would love these but maybe not as much as I would.
Sweetie Pie Bakery Felt Cake GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!


School's In - Project List Just Got Longer

Today was the first day of school for my two oldest kids. I apparently think that I have all the time in the world now because I went shopping and bought myself supplies for five new projects. I bought:

  • Thrifted frames to make a chalkboard (or two)
  • Fabric for a twirly skirt for Mia
  • Fabric for a Halloween pendant banner
  • Makings for a Halloween decoration
  • A bouquet of sweet little silk flowers to use for hair adorning. I couldn't resist for only 50 cents.

These are new projects on top of the "old" new projects. You know, some big, some little, some unrealistic. Some of these include:

  • Halloween tasseling. I've got the itch to work on them bad!
  • Finish painting my kitchen walls. It's only been nearly two years since I started. Obviously, I am not in any big hurry.
  • Add fabric to shower curtain to lengthen.
  • Add length to front room curtains now that they are not covered up by furniture. I do not like floating curtains.
  • Scrapbooking. I been itching to work on this too, but never enough time.
  • Finally get a kitchen floor. Husband gave me the okay but I can't decide commit.
  • Clean, clean, clean and clean some more and then one more time on top of that just so I can start over and do it again tomorrow.
  • Paint front room dresser.
  • Be a mommy.
  • Conquer the universe.
Am I the only one that is all over the place?? At least I have one of my many projects nearly completed already. Yeah me! What about you? Any projects to share?



I'm loving my newly finished hardwood floors. However, now my front room is too brown. For example, my dresser (which I had originally planned on painting but chickend out) now matches the floor exactly. I was thinking a glazed blue-gray or maybe something like glazed apple green. Or do I just gloss the old finish. What do you think? Any new ideas? Just for the fun of it, I'm putting a poll up for my two readers to take. Go vote and help me make the decision.


Grandma's Basement

Recently, my Mother-in-law retired from teaching and has been cleaning out her basement full of treasures. Being that I am the only one in the family that has children, I have been getting most of the treasures. Ooo-da-lolly!

While rummaging through our latest box, we found a whole stack of records. We were especially excited about the Disney Picture discs. Cinderella, Mary Poppins and that kind of sort.

There was a sewing set that is so cute. The box says "Let Me Sew Too" in several different languages from 1974.

My favorite is the gnome phonics word builder set. It's complete and perfect for Mia. She loves it and although I adore the cute little gnomes, I am more excited that she likes doing the worksheets. I thought it was clever that the worksheets slide into a plastic cover which you wrote your answers on (with the plastic crayons that were still in the box) and then flipped the worksheet over to correct your answers.
The box has seen better days but I hope to find a replacement box that I can decorate with the original packaging.
We also got a vintage Star Wars t-shirt and Star Trex t-shirt, vintage patterns and trim and lots of other little worksheets and goodies.
This has been so much fun and can't wait to see what other goodies come our way!


Wish List

I adore this dress. I love the gray and the subtle pinstripe with or without the mustard colored scarf. Easy, breezy and comfortable. Sounds perfect to me. Unfortunately for me, my Target budget can't afford this.


What's your stylescope?

I just took this quiz to find out what my style is:

Bohemian Eclectic

"You have wide-ranging interests and influences and so appreciate a mix of styles, cultures, periods, and objects. You would never use a matching suite of furniture or want a home that seemed cookie-cutter. You have an artist's eye that enables you to mix the old or the unusual with the new and modern. When traveling, you seek out unique objects that reflect what you love, and you use them in a sophisticated way. Your home is visually intriguing and comfortable, with a delightful mix of cozy chairs, ethnic fabrics, elegant pieces, hand-made items, even a little touch of quirk or humor, all of which gives your place a laid-back, Bohemian feel.

You value comfort. Your home is a warm and open friendly place, and you feel happiest when everyone is cared for and relaxed in your space. Elements like pillows, throws, overstuffed furniture, and good lighting set the mood. You may also enjoy layering different fabrics or mixing patterns to create a cozy effect."

Wow! Who knew I have that in me? My home is not like that. I wish it were, but it's more, um, shall we say, screams children live here.

And my design goal?? ORGANIZE
Which I find hilarious. Why do I find that hilarious?? 1. I have been driving myself bonkers trying to get our humble abode organized and 2. Aren't I bohemian? Doesn't that mean free-spirited, not bound to the rules and not organized?
What's your style?? Are you bohemian like me?? Casual traditional? Does the quiz hit your style right on?


Custom Invites

One of the perks of working at a scrapbook store is being able to do some side jobs for customers. People want custom invites but don't have the time or energy to create them. Most claim that they aren't creative, but I beg to disagree. I think that everyone is creative but some just don't allow themselves to be.

I recently made baby invitations for a darling girl hosting a shower for a baby boy. All she requested was that the invites would be playful and simple. Having free reign is my favorite kind of job.
With that, I made these simple invites in my favorite little boy colors - green, orange, blue and brown. Super cute and simple. Perfect for mass production. I think that a little baby charm hanging from the ribbon would of been the icing on the cake, but the budget would not allow it. (Card is also super cute with orange ribbon if you prefer.)






Now the hard part, waiting two more days until we can put furniture back in the house. Let's just say, nothing is classier than your sofa on your front porch.
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