LOVE this kitchen!

I've been keeping my eye on this kitchen evolution and love how it turned out!  Oh how I would love to have the space, the light-filled brightness just makes me happy.  Of course, my favorite color combination of blue, gray, plenty of white and pops of yellow has a little something to do with my adoration. 

via pure & lovely

via pure & lovely
via pure & lovely
I've been itching to lighten up our dark galley kitchen since the day we moved in.  So much work, but so pretty!


Childrens Art Work

Have you read Houzz?  I like it.  This week, I'm loving this article on ways to display children's art work.  It's something that I really want to incorporate more in our house. 
our home
our home
via Simple Thoughts

We have a large collection of kid-art adorning our fridge, the big magnet board and the doors in the hallway.  I would, however, love to make a display more prominent and important.  Great inspiration! 

I've got some canvases that I bought years ago for the kids to paint and never did.  I think it's time to get them out and let them have at it.


purple-ish-pinky what color?

I went to three fabric stores in search for the perfect colored fabric for my daughters room.  I've got big plans and just need a little fabric to acheive it.  Now that we've taken a turn into the purple side, per daughters request,  I'm embracing it with all my little ol' non-purple lovin' heart and making it a firm, yep-that's-a-purple-room awesomeness. 

I spent an hour perusing the three little fabric stores by my house for the perfect purpleish-pinky color.  Granted, the stores are small, but this color is hard to find!  Finally I found the right color at Ben Franklin's which fabric selection is on the smaller side.  Here's a little sample I brought home to check the color because I forgot to bring a sham with me:

Even though I wanted a solid color, the pattern in this is subtle.  Annnnd, I finally figured out what to call this purple-ish-pinky color after all that perusin'...

Yep, magenta.  Der.  Here's the official Wikipedia definition: 
Magenta is a color in between pink and purple. Sometimes it is confused with pink or purple. In terms of the HSV color wheel, it is the color halfway between red and blue and is composed equally of red and blue (50% red and 50% blue). Another name for magenta is fuchsia, named after the fuchsia flower.
Leave it up to me to not really do purple after all. 

I also found some lovely purple-ish-pinky magenta on the clearance rack at Walmart.  Who knew that size 4x womens $3 turtleneck would be such an inspiration!


More Paint

I bumped into a flute friendy, Becky, that was out with her decorator shopping.  She asked me what I was up to and of course, out flooded my dilemma of little Missy's desire for purple paint.  (Seriously over thinking this.)  Becky said that  she painted her bathroom Feather Gray by Behr.  Of course, I had to check it out because if the decorator approves, well, 'nuff said. 
Guess what, it's pretty. 
Feather Gray

 So is the next color on the card, Vintage Taupe:

vintage tuape
  Both comparable with Restoration's Hardware Lilac

(What the heck?  The color swatch is now gone?)
Guess who is going to get more samples tomorrow?  At this rate, I'm going to be able to paint her walls in a patchwork of purples.


Supergirl Party

Oh my goodness!  Did you see this party?  Is this not the cutest thing? 

via tortoise and the hare
Me thinks I want one for myself, errr, my daughter.  


Ah yes, the quilt!

I've been searching a long time for a new bedspread for my daughters room.  She had worn out the last one and was snuggling herself into a pile of random blankets at night.  I'm sure that's comfy and all but let's simplify it a little bit mmm-kay.

After months of casually looking, I popped into TJMaxx the other week and found several contenders.  Pretty pink Moroccan print,  yellow and blue ruffle quilt, pink and white floral quilt, even a little Amy Butler to tease.  But, the stars aligned as I walked around the corner and found this happy, little bit preppy, Tommy Hilfiger quilt and sham.  Aren't the flowers pretty?

It's Tommy Hilfiger's Rooftop Terrace.  I can't find the exact same one on the Internet.  This one has a blue and white ticking stripe on the back and trim unlike the Internet photo.  I found it funny that I would of never bought it based on this picture:  Tommy Hilfiger Rooftop Terrace Mini Duvet Set


PS:  Here's a little picture (for you sis) of the paint colors on the wall.  Yep, they sure look the same, but I assure you, they are different!
top left MS Cotton Candy; top right MS Phlox; bottom RS Lilac


Spring Flowers Pretty, Pretty Please

It's dark and dreary again today.  I'm sooooooo ready for Spring.  Join me over at Ribbon Scissors today for a quick and easy tutorial for pretty coffee filter Spring flowers

picture via katydid & kid
We're going to force Spring over here!


Purple paint

I've been tinkering around in my daughters room the last few weeks.  I finally found a furniture arrangement that works with the furniture that we have.  I've scratched the daybed look all together even though I think that it would work.  I even found the right sized shelves (for a great price!) and everything to make the fuax built-in look that I wanted.

After causally searching for several months, I found the cutest quilt that we both love.  Pretty flowers with the colors of raspberry, aqua and yellow on a preppy green background.  It's so fun to have a girly girl to play with. 

Now that we have the new quilt and the furniture arranged, it's time to paint.  The little missy has loved pink since the day she was born.  She still loves pink but wants purple for her walls.  Good thing is that purple goes with green.  The bad thing (for me), I don't like purple walls.  Dear oh dear!  Off to my trusty paint chips to find a pretty color that would be purple for her but livable for me.  Blah, blah, blah...let's have a looksie mmm-kay.

First, I immediately thought of Restoration Hardware's Lilac.  It's a very pretty, grayed down, sophisticated purple.  Purple without screaming purple.  It is, however, discontinued.  I don't know about you, but RS paint colors just don't seem to color match just right.

Next, we really like Cotton Candy by Martha Stewart.  It's a pinkier-purple, still soft but not nursery pastel.  (At least I hope it's not.)  It's much more purple then the Restoration Hardware color.  Happier, younger maybe?  Sidenote:  I wonder why Ms. Martha doesn't offer a better paint.  It took four coats to put a sample up over the existing pink walls.  It's quite a runny paint.

And finally, another Martha Stewart option just above the Cotton Candy, Martha Stewart's Phlox.  It's a little grayer and cooler then Cotton Candy but still reads as a pretty purple. 

And just to clarify, yes, I'm making anyone and everyone vote on the color that they like.  Yes, I can't stop talking about.  Yes, my friends are tired of me.  Buuuuut - purple is unknown territory for me.  And, I'm mixing it with green, aqua, raspberry and yellow.  Eek!  I worry that I might end up with something like this if I'm not careful.  (Sorry if this is your house and/or taste.)   


Tonight, I showed my oldest son the paint samples tonight and asked him his opinion.  I loved it!  He really does have a good eye and loves to feel important.  He narrowed down the paint that he liked and gave me reasons why.  Example:  the RS paint was too boring for her.  I love that kid!  So far, we've got unanimous vote for one of the paint colors.  I'd love to hear what you think!


New Kits Announced Today!

Today, I revealed on  Ribbon Scissors Studio my new kits!  I'm super excited about each and everyone of them because they are so Springy!  Welcome Spring! I'm sooooo ready for you.

Here's a few sneak peaks...

Go to Ribbon Scissors to see the rest!  Have a great weekend!


Mod Podge Tutorial and a sneak peak!

Join me at Ribbon Scissors Studio today for some easy Mod Podging tips that ban the bubbles from your favorite projects.  Bonus, a sneak peak of my new Easter class! 

Have a great weekend!


Love this butterfly chandelier version!

A cute client of mine sent me a picture of her completed butterfly chandelier that she ordered from me.  She went with an all cream chandelier with the addition of pink and chocolate brown ribbons for the ring.  She added the beads to the chandelier by looping them on the monofiliament strands as she added the butterflies.  I think that it looks fantastic!  Thanks for sharing Summer!


Maybe not so cheap....

I've been wanting to add narrow bookshelves to either side of my daughters' window to make a built in daybed look.   I really think that it would maximize the small room and give her some added storage. 

Here's the inspiration: 

blogged here
Here, I explored the IKEA options.  There is actually only 15 1/2 inches on either side of the bed instead of 16".  That ruled out the Billy bookcases being that they are (a titch) too wide.  The Lack bookcase was too small.  But the Akurum cabinets were just right (ala Goldilocks).  So, I snuck a quick visit to IKEA before my last class.  I ran to the cabinet department!  I found the cabinet itself and loved it!  I found the door style that I wanted!  So perfect!  It was going to work!  So, I found myself a worker and we started to figure out the price.  For two cabinets with doors and only shelves inside plus two siding panels (the side are unfinished melamine) plus two sets of legs and one strip of moulding equals $768 + tax.  Ugh.  Never mind.

Turns out that I have great ideas, just not the money to back them.  This is frustrating.  Back to square one...


After having it up for a while, I decided to take off Disqus.  It's not for me.  I lost all my comments on the posts that I put up with it on but that is okay.  I think that Disqus could be fun but nothing that I want to do right now.  


St. Patrick's Projects

St. Patty's Day is a funny holiday to me.  We aren't drinkers but the kids are really good pinchers and they love any excuse to pink someone.  Try not wearing green in their presence this March 17th and see how fast they'll pounce on you.  So, we celebrate!  We must decorate for Lucky the Leprechaun because we don't want him to not come to our house.  He always leaves clues to find a hidden pot of chocolate gold coins for us. 

Join me over at Ribbon Scissors today while I share some cute DIY projects to make your home feel a little more festive. 

PS:  Happy Birthday to my darling sister Teryn!!  We love you!
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