Rustic Star Custom Order

I usually make tassels for all the holidays, but the 4th of July has left me stumped. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find much to work with in the stores. After I sent cute Erin her new tassel, she back a rustic star that she wanted done into a tassel for the 4th.

I am happy with how it turned out. The star was tricky to incorporate because I couldn't hang anything off the bottom. I thought about having it be dangle below like this Valentine one but it seemed too big. The only thing left to try was hanging it. I thought it looked great!
Done up with brick red, cream and goldy/tan bullion, it's makes an untraditional 4th of July decoration that has year-round appeal.


Bathroom Plans

I like to live with a room for a while before I decide how I want it done. It helps me narrow down my thought process and look for inspirations but for my bathroom, it seemed that a whole gut was imminent. Emerald green faux marble countertops and blacksplash, vintage green tub with huge shower surround attached, walls in poor condition from a bad wallpaper striping and paint job and white carpet. Who puts carpet in their bathroom?? It just felt that this bathroom had no choice but to go.

After a few months we tore out the carpet, a few months after that, I stripped off the wallpaper border, a few months after that I took down the shower doors. Considered beadboard to cover up sad looking walls but nothing ever happened.

After reading the last issue of Do It Yourself magazine (my favorite!) I became inspired by their spread of tiny bathroom fix ups. Love the bright color and the crisp white. The fun shower curtain and the big white mirror.
Inspired, I put up a darling shower curtain that I had bought from the thrift store a while back because I liked the fabric for Mia's room. Turns out, it's the superstar that pulls together the vintage tub and flooring. There was no denying it, this tiny bath was going to get a fresh new look.

  1. Paint walls with leftover paint from family room.
  2. Cover the walls with tub-height bead board painted bright white.
  3. Paint vanity dark brown.
  4. Paint and seal counter tops a sandy color.
  5. Extend length of bargain curtain.
  6. Install new light fixture handed down from dear Sister.
  7. Find new mirror or medicine cabinet.
  8. Budget $100.

To be continued....



Quick! Head on over to Glidden and get your free quart of eggshell finish paint.


I got Antique Silver to try for the boys room. I wanted a grayish/bluish color. It might work and now I get to try it for FREE! You can too! What color will you choose??


Etsy Shop

New goodies listed in my Etsy shop!
More to come as I get pictures taken, uploaded and listed.


Sophisticated blue and crystal

Finally, after such a long and patient wait, Erin's new tassel is finally on it's way to it's new home!

I am loving this crystal topper. It's proving to be quite versatile and I sure wish that I had more than two to work with. My first version was super girly in soft satin pink, layers of sheer white ribbon and pink feather boa. The classic definition of little girly-girls. This grown up version shows off it's sophisticated side with rich, deep blue, sparkly crystal and sheer ruffled white.

The peek-a-boo layers of crystals are one of my favorite details.

I do hope you love this tassel as much as I do Erin! It was fun to put it together and I couldn't believe that amount of ribbon that it demanded I put in. Nearly six yards! I can't wait to see it in place. Be sure to send a picture for us all to see.
Looking to for that perfect something for your house?? Custom orders are always welcomed! Email me for details at megitys (at) juno (dot) com.


The Bathroom - Before

I know I took a whole bunch of "before" photos but somehow, in the mess of things, but, I think I deleted them before I downloaded them.

This is how our bathroom looked when we first moved in. It's a beauty, isn't it?!?! Tiny room with cream carpet, vintage green tub with gigantic-in-the-way sliding glass shower doors, plastic curtain, badly painted white walls with a wallpaper border that featured magnolias on a forest green background. Light alder cabinet with a fancy-dancy emerald green faux marble top and backsplash with a teeny, tiny oak medicine cabinet mirror with matching oak and brass light fixture. Sooo pretty!!

It's in desperate need of a little TLC and since we have no money for a major bathroom renovation, I thought long and hard about the saying that goes a little something like this:
"Wear it out, fix it up, make it work or do without."
Or at least something like that. So, armed with $100 bucks, determination, repurposing and lots of elbow grease, the face-lift has started.
To be continued...

My "just me and myself only" cup is feeling full again.

Apparently, I think that I can do it all. In the midst of giving my upstairs bathroom a little lipstick (well - make that a face lift) redo, I got a call from the New American Philharmonic needing a substitute flute player. Even though I knew that I would have to get a babysitter for most of the rehearsals and performances, I could not say no. The bathroom got put on hold and I danced off to play with the symphony.

Symphony + me = true love
Ahhh...pure bliss for me.
If just playing with the symphony wasn't enough, I also got to play a fantastic piccolo part (Thank you to Lorinda for letting me borrow her handmade Haynes picc! It was lovely!), I got to reunite with three of my best college friends Erin, Justin and Holly. It's amazing how different our lives are now. Imagine Peace Corp, living in New York, performing with Ballet West/Utah Symphony/Salt Lake Symphony etc., Master degrees and such compared to my child rearing days.
I find myself at the end of a whirlwind the last two weeks were feeling my "just me and myself only" cup refilled. A bonus for taking some time to be challenged and rising to the opportunity, I learned a few things.
  1. I love being a mother to my three children. I love being a wife to my sweet husband. I am grateful for my life and my experiences these past ten years.
  2. I realized that I really do have a real talent and it is one of the things that define who I am now not as something that I used to do.
  3. It's just like riding a bike, you never forget. It's been ten years since I played with a symphony and ten years since I played a piccolo. While sight reading the first night, I turned the page and discovered my piccolo part. I turned to the principal flute Lorinda needing a piccolo. She tossed me hers and I dove right in right there with no warning. This was invigorating! Even though I have continued to play with the flute choir and teach flute lessons, I haven't had to challenge myself for quite a while.
  4. I figured out how to practice efficiently. I was able to learn five symphonies in just a few short days with limited practice time.
  5. I do better when I enjoy myself. The Principle flautist for Ballet West shared with Holly her philosophy for performing. She tells herself that she won't make mistakes. (You must know that Jane is a machine. She is amazing!) Holly laughed and said "Good for you, but for the rest of us humans...". Over the years, I've learned that people aren't listening for mistakes and they usually don't hear them. When I didn't worry about myself and just enjoyed the audience enjoying the ballet, I played my best.
  6. I am hungry for more!

Now I am back to the daily grind, trying to force myself to get the bathroom finished (don't worry, I will share the afters) apologizing for the delay on several custom orders (Don't worry girls! You will have your new tassels this week.), and neglecting the blog and the shop. You see, even though I think that I can do it all, I can't. Especially all at the same time! :)


Study In Red

Little girls freshly painted red fingernails.

Red flowers freshly planted in my pots.

My favorite red lipstick.

and finally...

Red toes peeping out of red jellies next to freshly planted red flowers in front of my red brick house.


Winner winner chicken dinner!!

I just won this lamp from a giveaway at Imparting Grace!!

Cute, right?

Richella is a new blogger but she already has a few cute projects posted. Go check them out.

So excited to play with this. Thank you so much Richella!

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