Bijou Red

Still love my bright red front door. 
Still get compliments on my bright front door. 
Still love how cheery it is and how it goes just great with the red brick. 
This cute gal just painted her front door Bijou Red too.
I'm in love with her pretty, new front door.
Me thinks it would look smashing on my house too.
Me also thinks that it's about time I figure out how to add some thick white moulding around the door.
And to touch up the paint.
But still, it's a happy place to enter.


Hello Luscious Summer

 I wanted "Summer" letters for my shelf since I enjoyed my Spring letters so much.  I tried to figure it out for a class since there were so many requests for it but sometimes, things just don't work out like that.  So I simplified the process.  I bought some simple paper mache letters and got out my most favorite, vintagey flowered papers and made myself the letters exactly how I wanted them.

Vintagey.  Flowery.  Girly.

And it's just exactly what I wanted.  

Hello luscious summer.


4th of July Class

I've got two kits left for my vintage inspired 4th of July blocks class coming up this Friday.  If anyone is interested, please let me know.  I would love to have you in my class, however, the kit has instructions on how to assemble and can be done at your convenience.  Shipping is available if wanted. 


Home Town Entertainment

We've been having too much fun with home town entertainment.  Come on over and visit me at Ribbon's Scissors and see what we've been up to.

Have a great weekend!


Good Friends!

I'm thankful for the wonderful friends in my life.  For me, it's the little things that perk me up.  A little while back, we were suprised with yummy cupcakes from our friend Jodi.  Complete with personalized little cards from their little friends. 

Don't you love her little handwriting and hand cut card? 

Later, the doorbell rung again and I was presented with a beautiful bouqet!  A big bouqet of sponge brushes!  My cute neighbor Kem had found them on sale and bought me a bunch for my classes.

Thank you friends for your love!  I'm lucky to have you in my life.  We really think you are top notch!

**FYI!** Michael's currently has these foam paint brushes on sale for 14/$1.  Stock up for your summer projects!  If you are like me, you'll have a bunch and it's a real conversation starter with the folks in line.  :)


Simple Shadow Box Art

My sister had sent my daughter these beautiful, beaded shoes while she lived in India.  Unfortunately for us, little sweetness feet were too deliciously chubby for them.  I tucked these beauties away to keep them safe.  See how pretty the beading is?

Little sweetness is now big sweetness and her room is being reworked.  Together, we put together this simple shadow box.  She picked out the background paper and got to squeeze the hot glue on the back of the shoes.  She was so excited making it and told me how she wanted to be a crafter just like me when she grows up.  She was thrilled when I informed her that she already was.  You should see the constant stream of art and projects that she churns out!

A simple, but rewarding and meaningful project.  We love the way that it turned out.


Mini Albums and the new paper line Country Drive

My daughter got baptized this past weekend. I was so proud of her cute little self! To remember the event, , I bought one of my talented friend Tiffani's mini-albums that she designed. It turned out so sweet and got many, many compliments! I especially enjoyed how easy her kit was and really enjoyed myself not having to come up with a mini album myself!
Simple crafting = happy me!



Of course, the beautiful pictures that my talented photographer friend Stephanie took of her did make the book I think!  I'm so blessed by wonderful people in my life! 

And, on another note, I'm super excited to tell you that Tiff just released her new paper line Country Drive through Echo Park.  I got to see her working on this line and I've always been impressed how easily her artistic abilities come to her.  I'm enjoying the bright and fresh colors and Tiff's signature clean lines.  I can't wait to get some of this paper for myself! 


Painting a dresser....

I've been searching on and off for the past few months for a bigger dresser for my daughter's room.  She's been growing way too fast and her tall, skinny dresser just wasn't big enough for her skinny jeans obsession.  Happily, I scored this sa-weet vintage dresser for just $30!  It even covered all my requirements.  Solid wood, dove tail joints, clean lines and vintage style.  I can't tell you how many ugly, flimsy dressers that I looked at for nearly triple the price of this little gem.

Then, it sat in our car port for nearly a month waiting for me to paint it. The rainy weather would not co-operate,  Finally, I drug that heavy dresser in myself and went to work on it in her room.  It was a pretty color wood before, just in less then pristine condition.

imagine it with drawers :)
Now satin black prettiness. I was originally going to change out the hardware, but the worn brass was just right for this room.

I love the little brass detail on the legs.

Of course, one project leads to another and as you can see, I immediately went to work painting her walls lavender like she had requested.  (I've had the paint ready to go for um, something like 2 months?) I like the purple walls. She likes the purple walls. Win-win!

Oh, and just to prove that I'm not in charge at all when it comes to decorating, here is her dresser just minutes after I styled it.

And that's just fine by me.


Um, yes thank you very much! DIY Doily Lamp

No time to chat, but must show you this

Adding doilies to my growing list of project supplies.
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