Five Months

Baby love is nearly five months old in these pictures.  It's amazing how fast she is growing up!!

 A few highlights about baby love...

  • She prefers to suck her thumb but will still take a binky. 
  • She is stingy with her giggles but Mama can work them out of her.
  • She still gives wet kisses to anyone. 

  • She loves her siblings.  Biggest brother can always get her to smile and talk to him.
  • She looks so much like her blue-eyed bigger brother.
  • She acts surprised to see her Daddy.  Her look says "Hey!  I know you!  You are still here!".
  • She loves the activity center that she can stand up in.

  • She also loves sitting in her Bumbo watching us go about our day.
  • She is so content in our family.  
  • She is constantly held by someone.  It will probably take her a long time to learn to walk! 
  • She sleeps through the night and has for quite a while.
She is such a good baby.  So calm and content.  I'm sure the sassy will start soon, but for now, we just love her to bits! 


Happy Easter!

I present to you, a smattering of Easter festivity pictures.

Sunday's best.  I couldn't resist matching  the girls dresses.

The majority of the pictures taken have a lot of , uh, personality.  

Super pumped over the Easter baskets. 

Typical  behavior of this moppy headed kid.

He's cool and he knows it 

She kept saying that her sunglasses are just like Mama's! 

Baby love got some baby food that she is still not very interested in. 

The special golden eggs hidden in their rooms.
It was a great day!  Church was fantastic and Jake gave a talk on the Atonement in Sacrament meeting.  He did well even though he wasn't feeling well.  We came home to a table filled with Easter goodies from our Easter bunny.  Everyone got new sunglasses and had a grand time finding all the hidden eggs.  Each child got a special golden egg filled with a little bit of money.  Money is always a hit with these three!  That evening, we spent it with grandparents and another Easter egg hunt.
I love Easter!  Church always feels especially spiritual and seeing everyone in their Easter best is great.  And of course, Easter candy is the BEST candy of the year!
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