Mums the Word

Word Problem:  
What takes three small mums, 
an ice bucket, 
and a silver thrifted platter?

My Autumn chair decoration of course! 

This project was as simple as could be. Inexpensive too coming in a just under $6.  Not bad for something that makes me happy.  Proof that it's the little details that make me happy.


**Come join me over at Ribbon Scissor's today!  I'm showing off my new Autumn decor including my Autumn letters that I like so much!  Witches Brew class is next week!  Space still available so come and join us!**

Have a lovely weekend! 


Fall Fabric Bunting

Remember said crafty friend that is more crazy then I am?  After seeing my 4th of July banner festivifying my humble abode, she promptly decided that she needed a new banner each month festivifying her abode.  Then I laughed and said "Each month?  Why so crazy?".  She swayed me over to the dark side and we've been making them every month, ever since.

Since I didn't really go traditional with my Fall wreath, I had some editing to do to my banner to make it work.  Fortunately, I found the perfect fabric that tied everything together.  I love this orange floral!  Found at Hancock by M'Liss I believe.

I had my banner up for about 3.2 seconds before I remembered that I had some vintage chenille pom-poms in my stash.  70's perfect orange!

September 29th and my September decor for the front porch is finally done!  I'm already excited to put it out next year.

Now onto Halloween  projects! I am very excited about them!

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Autumn Wreath

Thankfully, I've found a friend that is as crazy as I am and loves to craft.   The two of us feed off of each others ideas and voila!  Craftin' together 'til 2am.  Yes, the husbands find us insane.  Actually, she's probably crazier then me since she's the best at taking it up a notch or two!  For example; I like to decorate for the seasons. Crafty friend likes to decorate for each month. She's rubbing off on me.

Septembers' makings have taken most of September to make, but, they've been worth it.  We got together and made ourselves some insanely cheap wreaths to adorn our front doors.   Cheap as in hers was less the $5 and mine was FREE since I had all the supplies on hand.  We were both surprised at how relaxing the flower making was and how much we enjoyed it.  Completely satisfying project.

We got a kick out of how different they ended up even though we used the same felt.  Each was so different, but I love both of them! 

 Her wreath is warm and autumnal with pretty rich colors and faux acorns.  

I really love the clusters of flowers.  She was a master of that type of flower.

Mine, of course, didn't have a plan.  I just picked a color I liked,  made it a flower, then placed it on the wreath filling in as a went.  I'd say that mine is more Indian Summer rich colored inspired.

I loved the big loopy teal and rolled mustard flower.  I was master of making them big.  Fun fact; the orange felt was the back of a 70's calendar.

Best part was the beautiful lace scraps from the making of her wedding gown.  (We aren't crazy enough to cut that up!)  Totally made it.

These wreaths have been up for a week or more and was exactly the happy project that I was searching for.   Thank you crazy girl for a (very late) night of fun!

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Just a Girl



This is my crazy daughter.  She was feeling rather proud of how easy her spelling words were at the beginning of the year.  It cracks me up that she can't say "apostrophe".  We tried to teach her, but she just can't get it. 

After this, she was getting increasingly hyper.  When I got to the word "won" she jumped from her seat, spreading her arms out wide and yelled "One-n-e!".   I don't know what was better, the way she spelled it or the fact that it took her  a minute to catch on why we were rolling on the floor laughing.


i hope i grow up just like you

Whilst searching Etsy for some cute Halloween art, I found this print that pulls my heartstrings.  I love it and it makes me sad at the same time.
via dudadaze
You see, my daughter is eight years old and right now, she thinks that I am the bees knees.  I'm top notch!  I'm numeral uno on the totem poll of awesomeness!  I love that she thinks that about me.  Who wouldn't?  But in my heart, I know that I'm not going to be number one forever.  And, I'm afraid it's coming soon.  So for the time being, I'm going to relish in her affection.  And it is wonderful.


My Review :: The Every Girl's Guide to Life

I recently checked out this book from the library.  It was such a fun and easy read.  It reminded me of those teenage girl guide books that I always wanted to read.  But let me say, the main reason why I read it was for the organization ideas.  This girl is organized.  Really, really organized!  I was also impressed with her "work hard and make it do" attitude. 

Check it out or buy it, I think that you would enjoy it too!


Third Baby

Sometimes, I think my littlest guy gets the short end of the stick.  He's not the loudest or the biggest (which coincidentally is the oldest boy), not the only girl, not the whiniest, not the sassiest (um without question my only daughter) and it takes a lot for him to cry.  He's the one that is content to play a big battle with his army men or watch an episode of Curious George.  He's just as happy to run after the big kids, to play with my friends babies or to snuggle up with me and play the iphone.  Because he's not demanding, I feel he gets lost in the shuffle of the big kids demands.

Sadly, I had to miss taking him to his first day of preschool.  And his second day.  So, even though it was his third day of preschool, let's just pretend it was the first day since it was my first day with him, mmmkay?

He was especially excited that day because he had the treat bucket.  Awesomeness!  I love his bag.  His teacher had them make them at the preschool open house.  She had stamps and paint out for them to stamp their bags.  He chose to paint the entire thing and I think that he did a grand job of mixing the colors.  It drove my husband crazy to see him not stamp like he was supposed to.  I thought it was artistic creativity.   I see a future for him as a painter.  And since he's such a quiet kid, he'll be considered a mysterious and moody painter.  Haha!

When he comes home from his day, he'll quietly throw out little comments here and there.

"My teacher is a really good teacher!"  
"I was the water boy and I only spilled one cup." 
"I was a really good singer today."  

I'm so happy that he is so happy in his little preschool.  Happy 3rd day of preschool my little one!  I hope there is many, many more happy mornings of school for you.



Simply Handmade Sewing - September 2011

At the same time that I was contacted about being in Somerset Holidays & Celebrations, I also got another opportunity to be in this month issue of Simply Handmade with my Halloween banner that I made.  It was such a fun project to do!  I think it's a lot of fun to find little decorations to add to banners that make them that much more festive!  
Please excuse the quality, but I took a picture with my phone just because it was so exciting to me to see my work with my name on it in a magazine for sale in a real store!  For some reason, it's not as exciting to see it in your house.

It was such a fun project to do!  I think it's a lot of fun to find little decorations to add to banners that make them that much more festive!

Thank you for including me in your magazine!  It's one of my favorites so I'm extra excited about it!  This was such a fun issue.  I think that you would really like it too!


Just want to remember this entrance...

Art as Pop traditional entry
traditional entry design by los angeles showroom Blue Tangerine Art

I just wanted to remember this room because it was found on Houzz and I can't pin it.  I love the way the art pops, wainscotting (sp?),  the dark floors and that fantastic mercury glass pendant! 


New Class - Vintage Inspired "Witches Brew"

I'm hanging out over at Ribbon Scissors today announcing my newest class, "Witches Brew". 

Go and check 'er out!  I would love to see you in my class but if you can't make it, these kits can be picked up or mailed.  Any questions?  Feel free to ask!

Have a great weekend!
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