Lemonade Stand and a Banner

Today, my little cutie and her friend decided to have a lemonade stand.  I absolutely delight in the differences of my kids stands.  Boys, they get 'er done with a quick sign and pitcher of lemonade that hopefully tastes good.  But the girls, oh the girls.  They decorate.  Oh the details that delight me. 

The proud creators- they feed off of each others creativity.  Isn't that the best?
The driveway featured big bubble letters.  The table was set up purposely under our big window because of the banner.  Their was a table cloth, a jar of straws, a bowl of treats, the tip jar and a pretty pink money box. 

But the icing on the cake for me was the glass of lemonade displayed proudly on a pretty pedestal plate with a straw and a sign declaring "NO backwashing!".  I guess they planned on only using one cup? 

It was considered a great success with each making $1.75. Oh and yes, my daughters' friend is wearing boots and yes, it was 97 degrees today.   Fashion over comfort my friend.  They learn early!

*Like the banner?  Banners for sale in my Etsy shop!  See me also over at Ribbon Scissor's Studio today!


Mental Note...

Because I can't stop myself from adding yet another project to the mess. 

tutorial here
And I'm diggin' the tutorials over here.  For example, this one among the many.


Fresh Lemonade

My newest class is coming up quickly!  How Summer flies! 

Vintage Inspired
"Fresh Lemonade" Blocks

These blocks are sunny and vintagey featuring the prettiest lemon paper and a vintage lemonade ad.

Class is tommorrow, July 22nd,  at the So. Jordan Robert's (10551 S Redwood Road) July from 6pm-8pm.  There are still a few spots open for the class or kit.

Next week, July 29th, class will be at the Layton Hobby Lobby (1080 North Main Street) 5:30pm-7:30pm. 

As always, if you can't make it to the class, kits with instructions are available. 
This is a limited edition kit!  More details can be found on my class page here.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at megitys@juno.com
I look forward to seeing you in class!


Thinking about my black and white striped rug...

I recently bought this rug after debating it for years....
I found it practically brand new in the local classifieds.  When I buy something that I can't return, I have to think of at least two places I could use it.  For this rug, I wanted it for the front room but also think that it could work in the boys room, my daughters room or the spare room and even our master (if I ever think that it could be cute in there.).  How 'bout them beans?  

Now that it is here, how to decorate with it? I've got a whole lot of solid, neutral colors going on in the front room.  Brown, gray, cream....

Remedy -  lots of color and patterns.  
Problem - no cashola.  
Solution -  good ol' fashioned re-purposing and DIY projects.  (eek! mooore projects!)

So, which way am I gonna go?  
Answer:  Um, hopefully good! 

I do like this room very much which really looks very neutral with a pop of green.

And this room:  
from TradHome via Danielle Oakey Interiors
And the chevron pillows and rustic tables in this mood board:  
via danielle oakey
and this house tour caught my eye because of the rug :  

Oh!  And of course this in the works design plan.  I love just about everything in her home.
via Making It Lovely
So I know that I love the rug, now to hopefully make it work.  Aah!  Ideas welcomed. 


Celebratin' and Playin'

Summer is fun!!  After a week of playin', travelin', swimmin' and celebratin' (and computer fixin') we've come to halt and are just enjoying doing nothing. 

For the 4th, I had fun decorating the outside of my house.  I made a quick banner and a fun star door hanging.  Join me at Ribbon Scissor's Studio today to see how to make one for yourself.
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