It's scientific!

I found this article pretty awesome today!  A scientific explanation for my perpetually messy house. 
Ever notice how when you do a project, something has to give?  For example, a few years ago, I painted my front room.  Seems like an easy enough task right?  Well, look what happened....

Let's play Where's Waldo.  Can you find the baby?
There he is!
  My favorite quote of the article:
Go ahead: clean and scrub, sort and organize, produce spectacular order in one area of your home; just understand and accept the fact that there will certainly be order decreasing, every bit as spectacularly, somewhere else in your home — especially if you have children or pets, or maybe even a husband (bless his heart).
Any house project, craft project, anything really seems to destroy the house! It's so frustrating! But thanks to this article, maybe I can relax a little about it?  Probably not but the theory still made me laugh today.



Limited Number of Wood Behold Kits Ready to Ship

I have a limited number of wood kits available and ready to ship!  Sold out!  Thank you! 

These are the last wood kits that I will have available before Christmas.  First come, first served!   Kits can be purchased through my Etsy shop or with the Paypal button located on the left side of my blog.  Paper kits are still available and ready to ship as well. 

Thank you for all of your support! 
Big squeezy hugs!


Vintage Elf on the Shelf

Out of all of my grandparents, I only knew my Grandma Reta. I remember going to visit her at the farm house and loving to play in her daughters old room and look through the pretty dresses kept in the closet.  Or the photo albums that were in the old front porch converted to a sitting room.  She kept the best brownies with frosting in the freezer that we got if we were lucky.  That or Keebler cookies.  Yum, yum, yum!   Oh the things that a child remembers about her Gram. 

She passed away when I was 12.  We got to choose a few things of hers to keep.  I picked out a Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus salt and pepper shaker and her elves on the shelf.  These things are precious to me and I love seeing them come out of the box at Christmas time.  I've always displayed the elves on a little Christmas tree but this year when one of the elf's came out of the box, my daughter was explaining to her little brother about how the elf is in a different place every day so he can watch what they do during the day.  Then the elf was placed carefully on the armoire.   I decided it wasn't too late to play the elf on the shelf game with them. 

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This guy is kind of mischievous.  He was found hanging from the ceiling this morning.  My kids had a good laugh about it.  I wonder what he'll do tomorrow? 

What about you?  Do you have an mischievious elf hanging around your house?


Missed Fall

Ya'll.  I feel like I missed Fall.  (Hey, that rhymes!)  It's been interesting finding our new normal around these parts.  It's been a while since we've had a baby around so she's been very entertaining to us.  She's a good little babe and she's getting very spoiled!  There is always at someone who wants to hold her.  It's nice for when she's fussy but not so nice when she's been sleeping nicely. 

My neices husband took some pictures of baby for us when she was two weeks.  Love little squishy baby bits.  Thank you Jason McGrew Photography!

I've been slowly working on some Thanksgiving blocks.  Yesterday, I realized that Thanksgiving is this week.  Oooooooohh.  (Didn't the kids just go back to school?  I'm pretty sure someone is playing a trick on me.)  My goal is to finish these blocks today.  It's always fun to craft, but I've been surprised at how little time I have for it right now.  I forgot that everything takes longer with a baby! 

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"Behold Him" kits orders are all caught up!  If you have ordered a paper kit between Nov. 1st - Nov. 17th, they are in the mail.  Woot, woot!  Paper kits are now ready to ship and will be shipping daily.  Wood kits will be ordered on Nov. 21st and will ship 7-14 days after depending when I get my order back.  This may be my last order before Christmas.  Remember, you must pre-pay to be guaranteed a kit and it is first come, first served.  Thank you for your business and patience!  I've been so thrilled and blessed with the response to the kits.  I'm so honestly happy to provide you with the kits.

I'm looking forward to a good Thanksgiving this week!  I hope you are too.  And, I admit, I'm kind of excited to do some Christmas decorating too.  I even have a few Christmas presents to put under the tree!  Hope you have a great Thanksgiving too!


Hallows' Eve

"Behold Him" kits available for pre-order.  Paypal button located on the left side of blog <--------- Please note that kits will start shipping Nov. 1st as I am on maternity leave.  Update Nov. 2nd - orders are being processed now.  If you order between Oct.1st - Nov. 1st your orders have been shipped. 

While I was waiting for little sweetness to be born, I decided to make some new Halloween blocks. I needed a distraction as the days ticked past her "due" date.  Plus, I'm embarrasingly fickle and seem to change my decor every year. 

I really like the fresh and graphic look this one has. There were some really great papers out this year.  A friend and I sat in the middle of the scrapbook isle deciding on papers.  It was quite a site with my huge 9 month pregnant belly!  I'm not quite sold on that ribbon over there.  I think I'll do some tweaking today. 

This spider is kindof creepy.  And glittery. 

And I had a lot of fun adding jewels to everything.  See the black jewels on the buttons and the little jewels on the shoes?  I tried to give the kitty a little something too, but she wasn't liking it. 

See last years blocks here


Paypal Link For "Behold Him" Kits

**Limited number of the original paper kits are available as of August 2013.  More info on this post here or use the Paypal link located  on the left side of blog to order your kit.**  

Hello folks!  Response to the "Behold Him" kits have been wonderful!  I'm so flattered and happy to get you a kit so you can have this in your home. Your words have been so kind to me!  After taking the Paypal button off of my website to go on maternity leave, I've since realized that it would be best to leave it up.   Kits are off the site right now.  Email me if you would like more info at megitys@gmail.com.  I'm so flattered and happy to get you a kit so you can have this in your home.  Your words have been so kind to me! 

You will find the Paypal buttons on the left side of my blog.  <-------------------------- 

There is a Paypal link for the paper only kits and the full wood kits.  Please note that I will not be ordering wood or shipping kits until November 1st.  Next wood order date Nov. 21st.  Pre-ordering now will guarantee your a kit of your choice.  I'm always happy to combine shipping costs whenever possible!  Email me at megitys@gmail.com for a customized invoice or send me a note on your order and I will adjust it for you. 

Here is a refresher of what is available in your kits: 

Option 1: A Complete Kit
This kit comes with wood, pre-cut paper, letters and embellishments. All you need to finish the kit is craft paint, Mod Podge, sponge brushes, dry adhesive (Glue Dots and/or hot glue works great!) and brown distress ink. Kits must be pre-payed and are $28 + $10.95 shipping through USPS flat rate shipping. If more then one kit is needed, shipping will be consolidated for the best price I can find for you.
Option 2: A Paper Kit

Have the ability to cut your own wood? I contract my wood out so I'll be happy to pass along the savings to you. This kit will include pre-cut papers, letters and embellishments. The wood block dimensions will be included with your order. What you need to finish the kit is craft paint, Mod Podge, sponge brushes, dry adhesive (Glue Dots and/or hot glue works great!) and brown distress ink. Kits must be pre-payed and are $15 plus shipping and handling of $3.50. If more then one kit is needed, I will be happy to combine shipping charges to find the best rate for you.

Payment options:
Kits available for purchase with the Paypal button located on the left hand side of blog. Need more than one kit, I'm always happy to combine shipping. Either contact me or leave me a message with your purchase and I will adjust the difference.
Other details:
  • The set measures roughly 17 1/2 W x 8 3/4 H.
  • Due to the handmade nature of the product, please note that some substitutions may apply. 
  • Ribbon rings are sold out. Not able to find anymore but a simple knot of the ribbons will give you a similar look.
  • Pine cone embellishment shown with picture has been sold out. Substitute jingle bell embellishment will be included in your kit.  Pinecones were sold at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas craft section.  They came in either gold or snow flocked and were $3.99. 

poinsettia with jingle bell embellishment

Again, thank you for all of your support! It's been such a blessing in our lives. 



Welcome Baby!

We welcomed our daughter into our family Sunday, October 7th at 1:05am shocking us all with her speedy entrance into the world!  7 pounds 13 ounces, 20 1/2 inches long with blond hair, fat cheeks and a set of lungs that let you know of her disapproval.  We are all in love! 

I've received many emails regarding "Behold Him" kits.  Please understand I'm learning all about babys' needs and working on several events for October.  I will be offering the kits again after November 1st.  Thank you for all your support and understanding!


Self Binding Minky Baby Blanket

*UPDATE:  Limited number of Behold Him full wood kits available in my Etsy shop.  Going on maternity leave soon.  Sold out!  That was fast.  Thank you for your support!

I can officially check off making a blanket for the baby!  I actually added this project. I was going to make a carseat canopy but found the perfect corally pink minky that was begging to be a soft blanket. I thought I'd try my hand at self binding. It took me a while, but I do like how it turned out.

instagram photo

I learned that this is a pretty fun technique for a cute result. It's not very hard to put together but I think that this technique would be much easier on flannel.

A few things that I learned along the way....

  • I did customize the size since I wanted it to last longer. I made a rectangle, but feel it would be better both visually and when sewing, as a square.
  • I found this tutorial helpful for measurements, watched this video  that was the best for me and this video to get an idea on how to sew it with minky.
  • Since I didn't have the ruler to measure the angle of the corners, I folded them over to make the angle using these instructions. But be sure to check that it's the right way before you cut! I folded two right and two wrong. Nothing a little un-picking will fix if you haven't cut off the extra fabric.
  • You can never pin enough with Minky.  I placed pins no more than an inch apart.  Pin, pin, pin away! 
  • I bought too much minky.  Minky is usually 56"-60" wide.  I bought 1 1/4 yards to fit my 1 yard of fabric.    I easily fit the yard onto the blanket with the extra ten inches needed for the self binding leaving 1/2 yard of minky left over looking to be another project.  Minky is expensive!  I bought it on the spur of the moment because I fell in love with it.  My cost was roughly $14ish using a coupon. 
  • And finally, don't start your project just before dinner.  If you're like me, you will become obsessed with finishing it making your family wait for a quick dinner of boxed mac n' cheese a couple of hours after dinnertime.  Good thing they are forgiving! 

My Baby Bucket List is looking better already.  Good thing, since I'm now 39 weeks! 
 Baby Bucket List
Home Organization: 
  • find an arrangement for the girls room/nursery to accommodate the crib and extra baby things Done!
  • decorate the girls room on a budget of "making what I have work for us"- making good progress!
  • wash, sort and figure out storage for baby clothing   Done!
  • paint girls closet
  • organize girls closet - Done but would like to eventually add a closet organizer to closet
  • re-arrange our bedroom to accommodate co-sleeper  Sort of done.  It's good enough for now.
  • pack hospital bag
  • clean house from head to toe (never endingly tricky to do)
  • purge like I've never purged before!  I have been doing this like crazy.   It will never stop so I'm checking it off the list for now and keeping up the purging habit.
  • sew a car seat canopy (where did I put that fabric?)
  • sew a baby blanket
  • sew burp cloths
  • nursing necessities - Done!
  • postpartum necessities - Done!
  • fresh, white onsies - Done!
  • baby wash cloths - Done!
  • stock up on diapers and wipes
  • stock the freezer and pantry
  • a coming home outfit for baby
To Primp:
  • haircuts for the boys - Done!
  • get a haircut myself
  • treat myself to a pedicure - Done!
  • wash all my comfy clothes to wear postpartum - Done!  It was easy since I've been wearing them all pregnancy anyway.  :)
To Do:
  • send thank you notes
  • finish kits for October - Done!
  • list kits on Etsy - Done! Limited number of kits now available on Etsy!


Baby Bucket List

Yikes!  Where has September gone?  What used to feel like an eternity is quickly coming up!  I've officially have 10 DAYS until my "due" date and of course, I feel like I have a list that is 17 miles long.  It might be a good thing that my babies tend to come a bit after the "due" date.  (Can you tell that I don't like the term "due" date?  It's hard to wait when baby comes after the self imposed deadline.)

Of course, my husband thinks that I'm crazy and that there is really nothing more that I need to have done before our baby girl gets here.  "Diapers, car seat, clothing, done!" he says.   Silly boy.  I've been mentally keeping a list of things that I want to do, but finally sat down and let it all dump out on paper.  When finished, I laughed at my crazy self and edited that list to the things that are really the most important to me to come up with my Baby Bucket list.  Here is what I have left to do: 

Baby Bucket List

Home Organization:  
  • find an arrangement for the girls room/nursery to accommodate the crib and extra baby things
  • decorate the girls room on a budget of "making what I have work for us"
  • wash, sort and figure out storage for baby clothing
  • paint girls closet
  • organize girls closet
  • re-arrange our bedroom to accommodate co-sleeper
  • pack hospital bag
  • clean house from head to toe (never endingly tricky to do)
  • purge like I've never purged before!
  • sew a car seat canopy
  • sew a baby blanket
  • sew burp cloths
  • nursing necessities
  • postpartum necessities
  • fresh, white onsies
  • baby wash cloths
  • stock up on diapers and wipes
  • stock the freezer and pantry
  • purchase a coming home outfit for baby
To Primp:
  • haircuts for the boys
  • get a haircut myself
  • treat myself to a pedicure
  • wash all my comfy clothes to wear postpartum
To Do:
  • send thank you notes
  • finish kits for October - Done!
  • list kits on Etsy - Done! Limited number of kits now available on Etsy!
I'm sure that I'm forgetting something majorly important!  Hopefully, this list being done will help me concentrate on the most important tasks after birth - nursing, recovering, sleeping, and family!   Do you have any tips and tricks for me?  Having been so long since I've had a baby, I feel a little bit like a first time mom all over again! 


First Day of School

The first day of school came late this year.  I thought it would be great to have the extra summertime, but unfortunately, my internal school clock kicked in right when school should of started so the last ten days of Summer seems to drag a bit.  The kids felt it too!  They were very excited to go and meet their new teachers, see old friends, make new friends and enjoy themselves.   And it was a success!  They all LOVE their new teachers and classes.  Such a wonderful relief of the anticipation that is felt leading up to it. 

First out the door was this guy.  He's getting too old for my likings!  Can't believe he's already in 7th grade.  He was so excited to start Jr. High that he left before I could snap a picture.  We got him back, but not for long.

Soon, it was time for the elementary kids to head out.  This cutie is headed to 4th grade.

And this excited little friend is heading to Kindergarten!

They were so excited to meet their teachers!  My daughter was so excited to take her brother to Kindergarten this year.  She's pretty good to him.  I loved listening to her tell him all about his Kindergarten teacher and how she is the best Kindergarten teacher there is. 

We had some extra time since everyone jumped out of bed so early so I got to indulge her with some poses that she had in mind.  Her outfits crack me up.  She's such a fashionista!  We had a great time picking out her school clothes and came out with some great pieces that she loves to mix and match. 

All in all, it was a success!  Kids LOVED everything about school and are still going strong with the excitement!  I'm thankful that I have a wonderful husband who gave a great lesson and father's blessing to each child the night before.  You could feel the warmth and spirit in our home which I always appreciate.  I always loved going back to school so I'm glad that the kids are following in my footsteps.


A Shipping Update for "Behold Him" kits

Limited Number of paper kits available from original design as of August 2013.  Please go to this post here or use the Paypal link located on the left side of blog to order your kit.   

Thank you to all of you that have order "Behold Him" kits from me.  The wood order is here and we have been working and getting all the orders shipped out.  All orders will be shipped by today.  If you ordered a paper only kit before August 21st, those kits have all been mailed and should be to you shortly if not already. 
These are available for Super Saturdays.  If you've been thinking about it, feel free to email me about it to get on the list.  Spots are filling fast.

Two spare full kits have been placed in my Etsy shop.  These kits are ready to ship
Thank you again!


A good saying...

I've got major nesting issuse going on here right now.  However, it's giving me overwhelming anxiety at the same time because I feel that I'm drowning over here in stuff.  Stuff everywhere I turn.  Stuff that I haven't made a decision so I put it in the dungeon because it's easy to ignore.  Do I have a yard sale?  Do I donate it all and get out of here right now?  Spinning my wheels folks.  Spin. Spin. Spin.

via Pinterest pin

Loved this saying I found on Pinterest (ya know, while ignoring the massive nesting list I made).  I know I need to work in babysteps.  It just gets extrememly frustrating you know.  So today, I'm starting (again) where I am and working in babysteps doing what I can.  Hopefully, I'll get to the "use what you have" part soon.


DIY Blogger House

This past week, I got to go out with my sister and darling niece to the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes.  Of course, one of the homes that I was excited to see was the DIY Blogger House in Daybreak.  I haven't been able to get it out of mind ever since.  I hope that they are able to share a lot more details about the whole house as there are some pretty fantastic rooms in there that are not featured. 
via Tatertots & Jello
First off, the outside of the home is fantastic.  I love the combination of the finishes and colors.  Who wouldn't want to come home to a happy yellow door?  Loved the bench and planters on the front porch.  I've been pondering a bench for our front "porch" ever since.  Especially something with some great character as this.

quick iphone photo
Coming in, the layout of the home is fantastic.  Every angle that you see is pleasing to the eye.  I like a pleasing view.  The view down the hall was a favorite.  The trimmed out wall and barn door added so much character without adding clutter. 
via Tatertots & Jello
Turn to your left and there was a great sitting room.  Really liked the decor, especially the pillows on the sofa and the family tree.  The ceiling was looking pretty spiffy too.  I'm secretly wanting to trim out our ceiling in our front room.  Think I can talk the muscles into it?  Lighting was all great in the house.

via Tatertots & Jello
 To the right was the study that Tatertots & Jello did.  It was even better in person!  Really liked her curtains and that lovely desk.  Must make the chandelier! 

 via Tatertots & Jello
The mudroom really utilized the space nicely.  As a mother of (almost! 8 weeks left!) 4 kids, I could really love this space. 

via the idea room
Of course the kitchen had me at hello.  I LOVED the kitchen.  I've pinned a billion and a half white kitchens on Pinterest and have been getting the courage up to paint my cabinets for a while now.  The gray subway and pretty granite was a nice touch.  I didn't snap any pictures of the kitchen (duh!) and had to really search for a picture.  The dining room was darling.  The chandelier was killer and House of Smith's did a nice staging job in the hutch and pantry.

via Pinterest
Really liked the textured Flor tiles and velvet sofa in the family room off the kitchen.  The sofa table reminded me of something my mom would of brought home from her years living in Iran before I was born.

lamo iphone picture but you get the gist
The BEST part of the whole house (for me) was the fantastic yard!  I desperately WANT an pergola with hanging daybed at my house.  No words can express how much I would love this patio setup. 

I loved the vintage door arbor.  I loved the water saving landscaping.  I have a black thumb in gardening.  I've successfully killed many hardy plants these past few years including box woods, blue salvia and shasta daisies.  Those are hardy plants folks!  That takes talent.  But back to the house not dead yard.  The landscaper included tutorials for the daybed and arbor so we can all dream of having enough funds to make this lovely spot at our own homes.
Upstairs, the bedrooms were cute.  My niece died over the babies room artwork and immediately made plans to make it for her own nursery.  I'm still wanting a Jenny Lind crib for this baby but having a hard time justifying it since I already own a solid crib.
via Crap I've Made
The laundry room was so perfection.  I LOVED the wallpaper and this cute yellow wood art looked like something fun to make. 
via the idea room
They don't show enough of the master bedroom and none of the master bath online.  It's fantastic people!  I don't think that I would ever come out of the bathroom.  It was a spa retreat and even though not all of the finishes were my taste, it was pretty darn close to perfection.  This was the chandelier above the tub and check out the wall trim.

quick iphone pic
So, walking away (with a tear in my eye) from this house, I decided to figure out how to incorporate some of it's charm to my home.  While the style of my house and it is vastly different, I can still learn something from it right? 
  1. Trim is everything.  Trim out the doors, walls, ceilings and windows.  It's amazing what a little bit a lot of MDF will do.
  2. Pretty lighting makes a big impact.
  3. Cohesive color palette makes a nice visual flow through the main living areas.
  4. Must paint my kitchen white.  I can't stop loving it!
  5. Smart choices in landscaping (and watering!) really bring some personality to the home. Save, save and save some more to add that daybed and pergola to our yard.
  6. via House of Smiths
I hope you enjoyed this recap of this pretty fun house.  It was one of the highlights of the tour for me!  I wish that I would of brought my camera instead of all of the iphone photos, but it helps me remember what I liked.  I've made it's own board on Pinterest for more information.   I hope that the DIY blogger team will provide many more details once the tour is over.  We must know more about it!



It's been a long standing tradition at our house to have many lemonade stands during the Summer.  The kids love going out there to sell.  This year, this little guy really got into it.  He was determined to set up stand daily and would spend hours out there shaking his handmade sign. 

Being his Mama, of course I love, love, LOVE his handmade sign.

He did it so much, he sold out of lemonade.  Made himself enough money to buy some special darts for his dart gun and a treat. 

Thank you generous neighbors for all your support with his little lemonade empire!


Handmade Birthday Presents

This year, we had a good time making a little something for Dad's birthday.  Our daughter decided to paint him a picture.  She thought it would be hilarious if she painted a Diet Coke with lime bottle.  She knows that he likes to enjoy them at Sunday dinner at Grandma's house.  Dad, of course, thought it was hilarious too. 

The boys made him handmade cards.  They included all of his favorite things.

I finally stitched him up a little something.  He's always found this saying pretty funny as a cross stitch.  We were so excited to give him our gifts and he geniunely enjoyed them! 

"ya'll gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here" by DMX

He said he was disappointed that he didn't have an office to hang them in so we're working on finding the right spot for them in our house.  It's fun making something handmade for one you love.


Menu Plan Monday - Getting the kids help and trying to keep it cool

With the combination of being pregnant and having record heat, the desire to cook anything is well, um, non-existent.  In addition to that, I'm a less than stellar menu planner and grocery shopper.    I've been known to blow the grocery funds on snacky foods and then scramble to make up dinners. 

That doesn't mean that I can't change right?  Honestly, it's silly how difficult I make it but this week, we are getting our meal plan on.  Plus, my kids are 12, 9 and 5 so I'm getting them involved and they now have their nights that they are in charge of making what every they would like for dinner.  I'm tellin' ya, it's awesomesauce excitement going on over here.  They are so excited to actually eat something!  Last night, they asked for dinner and I replied that I had hoped that they wouldn't notice that it was dinnertime.  I'm. A. Winner. 

We are starting out with a simple schedule and a simple menu.  We can get fancy later if we feel so inclined.
  • Monday:  DD's day - Angel hair pasta with Alfredo sauce, broccoli and green smoothies
  • Tuesday:  DS's day - chicken, mashed potatoes but no gravy and bananas cut in half
  • Wednesday:  Crock pot day - Ultimate Beef Stroganoff with rice and peas via Mel's Kitchen Cafe.
  • Thursday:  DS's day:  hot wings, mac n cheese, corn, lemonade and milk
  • Friday:  Breakfast for dinner
  • Saturday: Catch day
  Just one baby step at a time and all of these meals won't add too much extra heat to my overheated pregnant self.  Wish us luck!


"Behold Him" New Embellishment

**Limited number of original paper kits available as of August 2013.  Please go to this post here for more information or use the Paypal link located on the left side of blog to order your kit.  Thanks! **

New Poinsettia Embellishment

I've sold out of the pinecone embellishments in the "Behold Him" kits.  Kits will now include a single jingle bell embellishment for your poinsettia.  Also looks great without an embellishment!

**Kits available now! Please click here for details about kits. Paypal links are located on my left sidebar.**


"Behold Him" Kits Update

UPDATE AUGUST 3RD, 2012 - Paypal button is located on the side bar for immediate payment. Paper only orders are available to ship within a week. Full wood orders must be prepayed before wood can be ordered. Next order date will be 8/21/2012. Thank you for your support! Any questions? Email me at megitys@gmail.com. Thanks!

Thank you to all who ordered a kit from me!  I've placed my wood order and will be sending out kits in the next week.   Kits mailed as of August 1st. 

There is one full kit left in my Etsy shop and can be found here.  Kit sold - thank you!

Paper kits are still available at anytime and are great cost saving option for those who can cut their own wood or have someone who can do it for them.  Please email me at megitys@gmail.com if you would like to be added to the list for more full kits or to order a paper kit.


Summer Pick Me Up

A few weeks ago, I saw a flash sale on Very Jane for some cute DIY cabochon earring sets.  I immediately ordered two sets to put together with my favorite little girls (daughter and friend).  They were super simple to do since it was just gluing together.  We've had fun choosing out cute colors to wear with our outfits.  It's definitely a fun summer pick me up!

via allthedestash
Even though this set is not on Very Jane's special anymore, it's still a great deal in her Etsy shop.  Go snag yourself a set to enjoy!


A Pinterest Favorite

Raise your hand if you love Pinterest?  Right, who doesn't love Pinterest?  If  you haven't tried it, you should!  I must admit, I have a pinning problem.  If I like it, I pin it.  It does have it's benefits and we have tried many new things found on that treasure trove of awesomeness.  I thought it would be fun for me to share here so I can be encouraged to keep trying out the tips, tricks and recipes I keep pinning. 

I really enjoy Mel's Kitchen Cafe.  She has so many great recipes!  This particular recipe has become a stand by in our house.  It's quick, easy and everyone loves it!  That's not an easy task for this household of five! 
Kicked Up Ramen - Kung Pao Style - picture via mel's kitchen cafe
It's not super spicy and yummy as is.  Also, depending on what you've got in your fridge, it's even yummy with a lot of veggies.  We've even had it without the nuts and it still is a fav.  We recommend!

Follow me on Pinterest!  You can follow by Food Adventures board on Pinterest here and I recently started a "I've Done This!" board here to record my opinions. 
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