Rustic Metal Heart

My sister found these amazing rustic metal hearts for me. I loved their rustic shape and size. They screamed that they needed an organic, textural base of cream and brown and while they looked great completely neutral, I couldn't resist adding an unexpected, nontraditional, completely fun pop of satin pink and a sassy stripe.

Now, although I am digging the pop of pink, these could be customized to your hearts content. Go with the neutral base and add in red and/or sage green, or even a smokey blue. Pretty! This could be used year round when neutral.

The cream and brown trim can be fluffed up full or smoothed down. Looks great either way.

Measures 8 inches not including hanging ribbon and about 5 inches wide not fluffed up to my hearts content.

1 comment:

Sharmyn said...

Love the versatility on this. Who doesn't love brown and pink?

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