Making Progress

There is progress being made in the boys room!  I'm so excited and hope it works out well.  So far we have:
  • Scored a set of bunk beds off of the KSL ads for the boys.  They are in perfect condition, very sturdy, well made, solid wood beds including the bunky boards for a fantastic price!
  • Found orange comforters that the boys agree on.  They were only $11 a piece to boot!  We'll see if we use them or the comforters that are coming with the bunk bed.
  • Agreed on a wall color with my oldest.  He first wanted black with white pin dots to look like the space sky in Star Wars.  Then he wanted bright red, then bright orange and finally bright yellow.  Can't say that he isn't colorful!   He finally chose a nice looking gray that I was considering for our kitchen.  Oh happy day! 
  • I bought the best art work for their room.  L-O-V-E it!  And so do the boys.  It's an ad but the graphics, colors and everything about it is great.  I also considered this one and this one, but in the end Sasquatch won the hearts of my boys. 
I can't wait to see it start to come together.  Got the paint today (while it's on sale!) and will be painting on Wednesday.  My little guy is getting his long awaited Grandma day.  He has been telling me that it is his lucky day because he is going to be watching "The Three Amigos" with her.   Don't you love Grandmas? 


The Falkers said...

You are awesome! Can't wait to see pictures!!!

the mama monster said...

what? how do i keep missing post from you? i am a follower and none of these have shown up... where have i been? you are so busy. and i am so lazy, my head hurts so i can only do the bare minimum...and i am super jealous of all your accomlishments. i loooooooooooooove the posters. i want them all too. i like jakes idea of pin stripes!

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