Missed Fall

Ya'll.  I feel like I missed Fall.  (Hey, that rhymes!)  It's been interesting finding our new normal around these parts.  It's been a while since we've had a baby around so she's been very entertaining to us.  She's a good little babe and she's getting very spoiled!  There is always at someone who wants to hold her.  It's nice for when she's fussy but not so nice when she's been sleeping nicely. 

My neices husband took some pictures of baby for us when she was two weeks.  Love little squishy baby bits.  Thank you Jason McGrew Photography!

I've been slowly working on some Thanksgiving blocks.  Yesterday, I realized that Thanksgiving is this week.  Oooooooohh.  (Didn't the kids just go back to school?  I'm pretty sure someone is playing a trick on me.)  My goal is to finish these blocks today.  It's always fun to craft, but I've been surprised at how little time I have for it right now.  I forgot that everything takes longer with a baby! 

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"Behold Him" kits orders are all caught up!  If you have ordered a paper kit between Nov. 1st - Nov. 17th, they are in the mail.  Woot, woot!  Paper kits are now ready to ship and will be shipping daily.  Wood kits will be ordered on Nov. 21st and will ship 7-14 days after depending when I get my order back.  This may be my last order before Christmas.  Remember, you must pre-pay to be guaranteed a kit and it is first come, first served.  Thank you for your business and patience!  I've been so thrilled and blessed with the response to the kits.  I'm so honestly happy to provide you with the kits.

I'm looking forward to a good Thanksgiving this week!  I hope you are too.  And, I admit, I'm kind of excited to do some Christmas decorating too.  I even have a few Christmas presents to put under the tree!  Hope you have a great Thanksgiving too!

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Sharmyn said...

Gulp you are posting! Hooray! Did you finish the blocks? They look great!

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