A while back, I decided to organize all of those snag 'em stamps that I seem to like to collect in a new to me system. It's so simple and enjoyable you'll want one for you.

Supplies needed:

  • Pretty binder
  • Baseball card holdin' plastic sleeves
  • Some 5x7 photo sleeves
  • Piles of stamps
The incredibly simple, self-explanatory instructions that I am about to type out for you:
  1. Find all of your stamps. If you are like me, you will still have a nice little stash still in the sack from the store you bought them at. I originally had them on binder rings but quickly outgrew that bulky system.

  2. Take them all out of their packaging.

  3. Sort by season, holidays, birthday, baby, kids, etc.

  4. Simply insert them into the sleeves of the baseball card holders. Bigger stamps work nicely with the 5x7 photo sleeves. (Check out your local scrapbook supply place and check out all of the 8 1/2 x 11 storage sleeves available. They work pretty spiffy for this kind of stuff.)

  5. Install in binder. (I'm not called Captain Obvious for no reason.) Since the sleeves are clear and the stamps are clear, punch sheets of paper and install one after each sleeve of stamps.

  6. I am planning on adding pretty punched file tabs at the beginning of each section for easy identifying. You could customize this to your hearts content. The binder itself could be decorated all fancy like. Use colored papers in between. It's all up to you!

If you happen to do this little project, let me know. I am interested to see how you like it. Happy Stamp Organizing!!


Sharmyn said...

Clever! Love this idea. Can I borrow your stamps??

Even Better Than the Real Thing said...

You are SOOOOOO SMART I can't believe I know you. I am doing this now, I mean next week.
Thanks for the FAB idea.

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