Ahhh....can you hear that?? It's the sound of nothing (pressing) to do. Isn't that wonderful?? After a weekend of a shows, Mother's Day and Mia's 6th birthday - this is heaven!!

The Piper & Chloe Spring Showcase was fantastic. I loved it all. They had so many wonderful things. I could of bought and bought and bought some more. I did get a few new things that I love.

Like this set of Matryoshka Girls magnets from Isabella's Umbrella.

And a pair of earrings from this gal at MD Sparks. Love them! Beautiful jewelry.

I wanted a cute skirt for Mia from Bugs 'n' Bees, but they were all out of her size in a color that I know that she would like. They had a mustard yellow bird print that I just adored but I know my girly girl wouldn't have much to do with it. Yay for me for leaving it instead of getting frustrated with her for not wearing it.

Now on to work on posting in my shop. It might take a while, I haven't even bothered to get ready for the day yet. Ahhhh.....so nice.

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Kem said...

Love the stuff that you made and also the stuff you bought. Also Loving the hole nothing to do. Oh wait I have plenty to do. Well you enjoy that nothingness without me.

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