Making a Grand Entrance

The little chair that inspired me to get off my undecided hiney got a little makeover. It went from country blue to semi-gloss black.

And paint that safe but dull navy blue door........

changes to a stand out red.

I used Bijou Red from the Behr Paint + Primer and it rocked. Covered right over the navy in two coats. However, unfortunately for me, I put up three because just an hour after the second coat was applied, it started to pour rain right under the eaves onto the door. The dull silver light got a coat of Oil Rubbed Broze and made all the difference to me.
This was a quick and simple project that made a huge impact on my home. What once was dull is now bright and inviting. I looked up to see what "bijou" meant and this quote came up:
"A beautiful red bijou that symbolizes the firey blaze. In the East, people
believe that this bijou can help wishes come true."
Now, as my friend Kem put it, I have a wishing door. ♥ love ♥
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the mama monster said...

i love it megan!it really looks great. when you drive down the street yours is definatly the house to be noticed! so do tell more about the oil rubbed bronze...

Ms Mae said...

Love it! There's a house on our street that just painted their door green....between that and seeing yours I am really itching to paint our door! Wonder what the hubby would say if he came home to a painted door........:)

hi-d said...

I came by way of Shannon's Blog. I like what you did with the chair and the door. What a difference paint will make! :)

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

The door looks great! I can't believe it covered the navy in 2 coats. That's great!!!

Sorry you ended up having to do a third one.

Kaylie said...

Sometimes bright looks way better than safe. It looks fabulous, Megan!

Kem said...

Love the door and all of its splendoor.... I am so glad it worked out and I love the light in old bronze and your deal of a chair. Thanks for all your craftiness and your wishing door

pretty*pink*rat said...

I love the red, and that chair looks fabulous, what a steal!!

Found you by way of Blue Cricket, entered the giveaway!

I'm having a giveaway too, stop by if you get a chance and enter, I'd love to know what you think about my designs!

Small House said...

I have a red door to, and I LOVE IT! Along with loving the red door, the chair is wonderful to.
Have a great day.

Sharmyn said...

Way to go Megs! Looks awesome. I love that white punkin on your glossy back chair. We must be sisters I have a ladder back chair painted black by my fron door too. The cats like to sleep on it.

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

Beautiful! I love the red with the black! Did you ever find a camera at your Target?


Julia said...

I just found your blog through googling Behr Bijou Red because that's what I want to paint OUR front door!! I see you did this a couple years ago. Do you still love it? What a positive and spicy difference!

Chris Loves Julia

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