Oh Target.  Why do you do this to me??  First you had no Global Bazaar this year.  Did you not know the big plans I had for you this year?  The high expectations?  Instead, you brought in your "Save Big Event".  Bah.  Who wants to buy bulk toilet paper and sweatshirts.  I can do that at Costco anytime. 

Then again you struck me today.  Just minutes after I purchased my fabric for my bedroom, your shelves were stocked with this coverlet.  It's even better in person.

Yellow, white and gray.  Why yes!  I do love you!  But wait.  I can't have you because I just went a different direction with yards and yards of non-returnable fabric.  Bah.

Nor did you have this pillow in stock

The pillow that I have been stalking ever since I saw you on the cover of Country Living. Maybe I should just give up and make it. Bah.

Nor this pillow that Caitlin pointed out for the cute chevron back. 

Oh Target, what am I to do with you?? 


Craftify It! said...

Bummer! That happens to me a lot! Where I go in one direction...and wish I went in another. BUT...I have NO DOUBT your bedspread will turn out BEAUTIFUL with the fabric you purchased! Can't wait to see it!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

That's too bad. I so agree with you on Target selling stuff in bulk. I don't even look at it! That's not why I'm there. {Okay...I have a "Target Thing" for sure.}

I wanted to let you know that you won a gift certificate to my shop. I'll send it over to you soon! :)


the mama monster said...

megan- the bedspread is super cute but.... yours will be cuter i promise. and that pillow is calling our names. lets make it together shall we? and yeah you won something?!

Philip, Melissa, & Summer said...

Sort of related. I just bough about 16 yards of fabric to make a nice quilt for my sister-in-law who was going to get married in April. Now she canceled and I have loads of fabric.

Lucky enough I love this fabric.

That is such a cute bedroom. I love it too.

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