If I could only have both.

I picked up a sample of this fabric today for my bedroom wall.  I like the greeny-gold of the background and the large floral blooms.  I think it will look lovely with crisp white, charcoal and yellows. 

Heather Bailey - Nicey Jane Hello Roses in Gold

Just working to commit to the fabric because it isn't cheap considering that I'm going to need 10 yards of it.  I was going to do the Dolce Marilyn in Grey but they don't have enough of it in stock online for the price that I want to pay. 

What's it going to be?  It's always a surprise with me!


the mama monster said...

oh i say the first one all the way!

gilvearbebes said...

how does the fabric go on your wall? i am confused. is it like wall paper?

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Yes gilvearbebes, you can put fabric on your walls with starch like here: http://www.rentaldecorating.com/quick_fix_fabric_on_walls.htm
or use double sided velcro at the top and the bottom. I'm super anxious to get working on it! If I only had a million hours in the day, then I would be done.

Kem said...

I can't wait Megan, and I'm with our mama monster all the way here. So when are we doing this????? might be just the project to start some labor for me.. Yes I think it is I'll be right over.

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