Tassel Giveaway

Today, I'm on Simply Utah sponsering a giveaway.  Simply Utah is a fairly new website that that is a one stop directory for all things unique and creative.  For this giveaway, I've made this springy/summery tassel.  In Utah, the weather is not cooperating and does not feel like spring at all, at least you can decorate like it is!  This would look great on your armoire, a lamp or even on a window like this one

To enter the giveaway, go HERE

G o o d L u c k !


Erin said...

Oh dear - I really love this one...I probably won't win, so maybe you could duplicate it for me. Hee hee!!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Erin, you know I would! Anything for you cutie!

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