An apron makeover

My work is doing a little contest.  We were all given an inexpensive apron to embellish to wear at work.   Of course, I called Jackie, master of all things fabric and as usual, she helped me out.  She's great!  Our conversation went something like this. 
Me:  "Jackie dearest, I have to embellish an apron to wear for work.  I was thinking black and white houndstooth.  What do you think, oh master fabric fanicifier?"
Jackie-dearest:  "Yes, love houndstooth!  And you should get this great bright green and pink floral fabric from Hobby Lobby.  And I will serge you ruffles and cut waistbands and make you extra long ties."
The fabric was fantastic, because she is so very clever.  And she very generously serged ruffles and made ties with no effort at all. 

I have no before pictures of the apron of course.  Just imagine a very cheaply made, oddly narrow on top and too long full apron made of polyester goodness.  We cut the apron in half, sewed a waistband with extra long ties that can tie in front or back, added the houndstooth and pink ruffle.  Today I made a pocket and sewed it together.  I think it's cute!    

I had a mini photoshoot with my favorite 10 year old photographer because that's what us dorkey bloggers do.  He kept telling me "Work it! Work it! Yess! That's great! Show off that apron!  Woo-ooo!!" (He says, YOUR WELCOME MOM!)   Here I show off the back tie option and how to akwardly use a pocket.

And the front tie version.  (Maybe I should of changed out my favorite baggy lounge pants?  Nah, too comfy!)

Yes, that pocket really needs something.  A blingy button?  Ruffles?  Flowers?  Any ideas? 

All in all,  this little cheap apron is 100% better!!  Thank you Jackie!  Do you think it could win?  I hope so!


Jake's a Rockin' Bloggin' said...

oh haha very funny :b

Sherry said...

I love the finished project! That is no ordinary apron and it will be fun to wear. It is great that you have such a creative friend and willing photographer.

Stef said...

Very fun! I want a job that sends me home with an apron to embellish. And I want a friend to play crafts with, too. I think you've got it made, Megan. And I kind of like the pocket just the way it is!

Alison said...

This turned out so stinkin' cute!!

the mama monster said...

um love it! the pocket turned out super cute. you will win for sure! if not then oh well cause you are workin the super cutest work apron ever.

Jean @ Quilted Cupcake said...

That's adorable! I love aprons, and yours is so cute -- nice embellishments.

the mama monster said...

did you win?

Crystelle said...

I love ten-year old photographers...! They're my favorite kind!!!

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