Mini Letters Monday

It's been a while since I did some mini letters.  I think it's time. 

Dear Raelene (my exercise teacher & friend),
You are a fierce trainer.  Your class is tough and I love it!   You still have me in awe over your perfect form on everything.  Will I ever get there?  Maybe.  I'm sad that we only have three more weeks of your course.  I want more! 

Dear Cricut,
Thanks for working overtime for me this week.  It's always good!

Dear Summer,
I'm glad to see that you have finally arrived.  I love that my kids are happily playing outside in the water not freezing to death.  I don't, however, love all those weeds in my yard. 

Dear Motiviation,
It's hard for me to find motiviation when I am not a competitive person.  You see, I feel off the band wagon this weekend and I've just hopped back on.  I like it better on the wagon instead of off, but how to keep myself there?  That is my question. 

Dear 4th of July,
Really?  Is it time for you already?  Wow.  Time is sure flying fast. And speaking of the 4th, I must apologize to Erin for not getting her tassel to her.  I saw Teryn THREE times last week and never thought of it.  So sorry.

Dear Crafting Self,
I'm feeling a project coming on and I'm excited to do it.  Now, if the house work would just get out of the way! 

Dear Me,
You know that you have to get weeding in your yard sometime soon.  I know you are still patting yourself on the back for the little bit of work you did last week, but you still have the whole side yard to do.  You know, the worst of the yard.  Don't forget, it's only three weeks until you host a bridal shower in that side yard.  THREE WEEKS !


Sharmyn said...

Who is having a bridal shower in your yard????

Kem said...

I am great at weeding! Thanks for being my workout buddie

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