Simple Shadow Box Art

My sister had sent my daughter these beautiful, beaded shoes while she lived in India.  Unfortunately for us, little sweetness feet were too deliciously chubby for them.  I tucked these beauties away to keep them safe.  See how pretty the beading is?

Little sweetness is now big sweetness and her room is being reworked.  Together, we put together this simple shadow box.  She picked out the background paper and got to squeeze the hot glue on the back of the shoes.  She was so excited making it and told me how she wanted to be a crafter just like me when she grows up.  She was thrilled when I informed her that she already was.  You should see the constant stream of art and projects that she churns out!

A simple, but rewarding and meaningful project.  We love the way that it turned out.


Sharmyn said...

aaahh I love it!

Kem said...

so dang cute

Kaylin said...

So did you buy a shadow box then or did you make this out of a regular frame? It's super cute!

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