Painting a dresser....

I've been searching on and off for the past few months for a bigger dresser for my daughter's room.  She's been growing way too fast and her tall, skinny dresser just wasn't big enough for her skinny jeans obsession.  Happily, I scored this sa-weet vintage dresser for just $30!  It even covered all my requirements.  Solid wood, dove tail joints, clean lines and vintage style.  I can't tell you how many ugly, flimsy dressers that I looked at for nearly triple the price of this little gem.

Then, it sat in our car port for nearly a month waiting for me to paint it. The rainy weather would not co-operate,  Finally, I drug that heavy dresser in myself and went to work on it in her room.  It was a pretty color wood before, just in less then pristine condition.

imagine it with drawers :)
Now satin black prettiness. I was originally going to change out the hardware, but the worn brass was just right for this room.

I love the little brass detail on the legs.

Of course, one project leads to another and as you can see, I immediately went to work painting her walls lavender like she had requested.  (I've had the paint ready to go for um, something like 2 months?) I like the purple walls. She likes the purple walls. Win-win!

Oh, and just to prove that I'm not in charge at all when it comes to decorating, here is her dresser just minutes after I styled it.

And that's just fine by me.


Jason McGrew said...

I knew black would be awesome!!!!! It looks SO good!! I love that you kept the original brass handles too!!

Jason McGrew said...

Sorry, that was Kaylin not Jason.

Sharmyn said...

Whee that is AWESOME!! And I LOVE the purple color. It is perfect and muted and beeuteeful.

Aubrey said...

It turned out so cute. I love the wall color and it looks like a grown up's room. I really like that lamp.

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