Thinking about my black and white striped rug...

I recently bought this rug after debating it for years....
I found it practically brand new in the local classifieds.  When I buy something that I can't return, I have to think of at least two places I could use it.  For this rug, I wanted it for the front room but also think that it could work in the boys room, my daughters room or the spare room and even our master (if I ever think that it could be cute in there.).  How 'bout them beans?  

Now that it is here, how to decorate with it? I've got a whole lot of solid, neutral colors going on in the front room.  Brown, gray, cream....

Remedy -  lots of color and patterns.  
Problem - no cashola.  
Solution -  good ol' fashioned re-purposing and DIY projects.  (eek! mooore projects!)

So, which way am I gonna go?  
Answer:  Um, hopefully good! 

I do like this room very much which really looks very neutral with a pop of green.

And this room:  
from TradHome via Danielle Oakey Interiors
And the chevron pillows and rustic tables in this mood board:  
via danielle oakey
and this house tour caught my eye because of the rug :  

Oh!  And of course this in the works design plan.  I love just about everything in her home.
via Making It Lovely
So I know that I love the rug, now to hopefully make it work.  Aah!  Ideas welcomed. 

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Sandy M. said...

There is a picture of a room with a Black and White rug on this page (see link below). They used neutrals and taupes. I agree with you, there does need to be a "pop" of color in the room.


(I copied the URL as my name above too so you can click on that to go to the page.)

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