Somerset Holidays & Celebrations Volume 5

Hey ya'll!!  I've been out for longer then I intended.  Last week, I had what was supposed to be a simple out-patient surgery that I didn't recover so well from.  Apparently, I'm good at causing a little drama.  :)  I'm in the midst of a million tests but I'm starting to feel much, much better and am working on getting on top of things again.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my friends and family and especially to my wonderful husband, for all your love and support.  Ooo and the treats you've showered us with.  Mmmm, love me some confectionery goodness!

Moving along, I'm very excited to finally tell you that my Spring wood letters have been featured in Somerset Holidays & Celebrations Volume 5

Somerset Holidays & Celebrations Vol 5
 I am flattered and floored to be a part of such a great publication!  This magazine can be found at Barnes & Nobles, magazine stands or ordered online. 

Lookie!  I'm in chapter 4!

A limited number of "Spring" wood letters are available in my Etsy shop if you are interested.   These will be the letters only.  The paint, paper and embellishments are not available at this time. 

There are so many great projects in this magazine!  I can't wait to devour it's contents.  It's been fabulous to be involved in the project.  Thank you so much!

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the mama monster said...

yay meg! you are so talented, you totally deserve it too!

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