Vintage Elf on the Shelf

Out of all of my grandparents, I only knew my Grandma Reta. I remember going to visit her at the farm house and loving to play in her daughters old room and look through the pretty dresses kept in the closet.  Or the photo albums that were in the old front porch converted to a sitting room.  She kept the best brownies with frosting in the freezer that we got if we were lucky.  That or Keebler cookies.  Yum, yum, yum!   Oh the things that a child remembers about her Gram. 

She passed away when I was 12.  We got to choose a few things of hers to keep.  I picked out a Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus salt and pepper shaker and her elves on the shelf.  These things are precious to me and I love seeing them come out of the box at Christmas time.  I've always displayed the elves on a little Christmas tree but this year when one of the elf's came out of the box, my daughter was explaining to her little brother about how the elf is in a different place every day so he can watch what they do during the day.  Then the elf was placed carefully on the armoire.   I decided it wasn't too late to play the elf on the shelf game with them. 

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This guy is kind of mischievous.  He was found hanging from the ceiling this morning.  My kids had a good laugh about it.  I wonder what he'll do tomorrow? 

What about you?  Do you have an mischievious elf hanging around your house?


Sharmyn said...

Oh boy you better make sure you take lots of pics. of that crazy fella!

Iris said...

Check deze geweldige Stoel eleven

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