Five Months

Baby love is nearly five months old in these pictures.  It's amazing how fast she is growing up!!

 A few highlights about baby love...

  • She prefers to suck her thumb but will still take a binky. 
  • She is stingy with her giggles but Mama can work them out of her.
  • She still gives wet kisses to anyone. 

  • She loves her siblings.  Biggest brother can always get her to smile and talk to him.
  • She looks so much like her blue-eyed bigger brother.
  • She acts surprised to see her Daddy.  Her look says "Hey!  I know you!  You are still here!".
  • She loves the activity center that she can stand up in.

  • She also loves sitting in her Bumbo watching us go about our day.
  • She is so content in our family.  
  • She is constantly held by someone.  It will probably take her a long time to learn to walk! 
  • She sleeps through the night and has for quite a while.
She is such a good baby.  So calm and content.  I'm sure the sassy will start soon, but for now, we just love her to bits! 


Sharmyn said...

She is precious. I can't believe how beautiful she is and you can tell from the photos that she is mellow and sweet. Mmm love her and you!

Krista thehappyhousie said...

What a sweet girl!! We have two boys and I still toss around the idea of another... would be lovely to have another girl in the house. So cute to see her interact with her brother:) Thanks for your comments at The Happy Housie earlier, you totally gave me some great ideas and things to think about! Awesome:)
Krista @thehappyhousie

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