Kitchen Conversions from Sweetwater

I was so excited to learn that I won this cute print from Sweetwater.

c/o Sweetwater

Isn't it fun?  I just got it in the mail today and now I'm playing with it.  It's a nice weight of canvas instead of just a print.  I need a frame.  Ornate, rustic, simple, thin gold frame?  So many fun choices for such a versatile piece.

This has been a nice little pick me up when I've been feeling so frustrated about my home.  I wish I wasn't such a visual person.  I want to see pretty!  I want to fresh!  I want, I want, I want!  I don't want to see cluttered and messy.  I don't want to see old and worn out. I don't want to see the five different shades of brown in my front room.  I'm thankful for nice little distractions like this.  What a blessing for sure.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Sweetwater!

Have a lovely weekend!


Kem said...

So fun!!! love it and knowing you, you'll find an amazing frame for it.

boars brush said...
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