Chocolate Goodness

Do you have a favorite candy holiday?? Growing up, Easter candy was by far (and still is!) my favorite. Of course I had to pick up this chocolate bunny because I always wanted to get a big chocolate bunny in my Easter basket. This chocolate bunny looks good enough to eat sitting upon a fresh bed of green and pinks. A polka dot scarf dresses him up just right. Delicious!

And who can resist a chocolate egg painted with pink and green. First made in a size that looks smashing on your armoire or staircase banister. Layered green, cream and brown with classic toile and stripes makes it a keeper.

Like a shorter look? Me too. This pom-pom style features pink and green fringe on top of a custom made tan pom-pom base. Tie it together with chocolate fringe and a satin ribbon making it tailored and sophisticated yet unique.

Either way you like it, you better choose soon because these chocolate goodies are selling out fast.
$20 each

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Sharmyn said...

That chocolate Easter Bunny is too cool!

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