Easter Gift Special

Just like my Valentine's special, I have a little gift special for Easter. Let's meet the little guy...
Hi, wee li'l bunny! Oh, aren't you so sweet and velvety? You looks so cute hanging from my knob.
Ooooo! I really do love you on my shelf! You pop against the dark background and fresh green and crisp white. Oh! Just as cute sitting on a candlestick holder. Or sitting by it as a little Easter/Spring touch with your daily decorations.

Isn't he cute?? I adore his pop of apple green. He measures from top of bunny to bottom 4 inches and 3 inches wide.

Limited edition gift special only available on my blog for the bargain price of $8. Get some for gifts and of course get one for you.


1 comment:

Sharmyn said...

Oh ya he's a cutie for sure!!

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