Shops you must check out!

Just giving a little shout-out to my friends new Etsy shops that I think are worth visiting.

First off, Jodi, who I have featured here, has been selling her wooden goods like hotcakes at the local boutique. Jodi can do it all. She cuts, sands, stains and paints up a storm and is always making something new. She just opened her own little Etsy shop, My Three Little Ladies, and filled it up with her new original Spring designs. I heart that funky chick and the Bunny letters. Even though I already have dibs on them, she has plenty more to share with you.

So quick! Hurry on over and check out her goods and the killer prices she sells them for!


Next up is the Mama Monster. She's got a retro-chic vibe about her and blogs about what she makes and likes on Made By the Mama Monster . I think that she needs to invite me to dinner because mmm!, that Mediterranean meal looks delicious! Anything with avocado and feta cheese in it doesn't fly at my house and I just can't justify it just for myself.

Mama Monster recently had some great inspiration that she took to heart, busily working while mothering her three little boys. Just opening her brand new shop, Maybe Someday, she features her vintagey-hippy headbands that are unique and sassy. I personally love the earwarmer size and the adjustable flower.


Last, but certainly not least, is my cute friend Nicole of the popular blog Our Cozy Nest. She's got more sewing talent in her pinkie finger than I do in my whole body. Her blog, Our Cozy Nest, features her latest projects and home decorating. I love her kitchen redo! If I could ever be so brave as to paint my cabinets black, I would in a heartbeat!

Nicole's a busy girl being a mother of three, blogging guru, decorating diva and fellow flautist that has somehow found time to make a few new goodies for her shop, also named Our Cozy Nest. (If that's not enough to make you feel like a slacker, you should know that her house is always incredibly clean!) I especially am liking the pincushion. Much more chic than my stuffed tomato. And, if you hurry quick, you can get in on her giveaway for her cute Springy bag that she whipped up. Her quality and attention to detail is impeccable. I know you won't be disappointed!


So head on over to their shops - My Three Little Ladies, Maybe Someday and Our Cozy Nest - and have a look around. Find something you like and get it for yourself or your favorite someone.


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the mama monster said...

hey thanks for the feature! i am going to do a giveaway next week to try and make some sales. i've got disneyland money to make! i love jodi's cute things. i really want one of the chickens. so rita, myself and whoever wants are going to the aquarium tomorrow if you want to come at 11,be there or be square.

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