Bathroom Plans

I like to live with a room for a while before I decide how I want it done. It helps me narrow down my thought process and look for inspirations but for my bathroom, it seemed that a whole gut was imminent. Emerald green faux marble countertops and blacksplash, vintage green tub with huge shower surround attached, walls in poor condition from a bad wallpaper striping and paint job and white carpet. Who puts carpet in their bathroom?? It just felt that this bathroom had no choice but to go.

After a few months we tore out the carpet, a few months after that, I stripped off the wallpaper border, a few months after that I took down the shower doors. Considered beadboard to cover up sad looking walls but nothing ever happened.

After reading the last issue of Do It Yourself magazine (my favorite!) I became inspired by their spread of tiny bathroom fix ups. Love the bright color and the crisp white. The fun shower curtain and the big white mirror.
Inspired, I put up a darling shower curtain that I had bought from the thrift store a while back because I liked the fabric for Mia's room. Turns out, it's the superstar that pulls together the vintage tub and flooring. There was no denying it, this tiny bath was going to get a fresh new look.

  1. Paint walls with leftover paint from family room.
  2. Cover the walls with tub-height bead board painted bright white.
  3. Paint vanity dark brown.
  4. Paint and seal counter tops a sandy color.
  5. Extend length of bargain curtain.
  6. Install new light fixture handed down from dear Sister.
  7. Find new mirror or medicine cabinet.
  8. Budget $100.

To be continued....


Sharmyn said...

Um I want to take up residence in this bathroom. Gooooooo Meg!

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