School's In - Project List Just Got Longer

Today was the first day of school for my two oldest kids. I apparently think that I have all the time in the world now because I went shopping and bought myself supplies for five new projects. I bought:

  • Thrifted frames to make a chalkboard (or two)
  • Fabric for a twirly skirt for Mia
  • Fabric for a Halloween pendant banner
  • Makings for a Halloween decoration
  • A bouquet of sweet little silk flowers to use for hair adorning. I couldn't resist for only 50 cents.

These are new projects on top of the "old" new projects. You know, some big, some little, some unrealistic. Some of these include:

  • Halloween tasseling. I've got the itch to work on them bad!
  • Finish painting my kitchen walls. It's only been nearly two years since I started. Obviously, I am not in any big hurry.
  • Add fabric to shower curtain to lengthen.
  • Add length to front room curtains now that they are not covered up by furniture. I do not like floating curtains.
  • Scrapbooking. I been itching to work on this too, but never enough time.
  • Finally get a kitchen floor. Husband gave me the okay but I can't decide commit.
  • Clean, clean, clean and clean some more and then one more time on top of that just so I can start over and do it again tomorrow.
  • Paint front room dresser.
  • Be a mommy.
  • Conquer the universe.
Am I the only one that is all over the place?? At least I have one of my many projects nearly completed already. Yeah me! What about you? Any projects to share?


Sharmyn said...

Wow! But you forgot "visit my favorite sister ever." And, "show her my halloween pennant." p.s. your favorite sister is me.

the mama monster said...

that is quite the list! i have lots of lists. mostly they are carry overs from things that i didn't do the day before, they are long long list! guess we need to get the crafty group going so you can cross some things off right?

Erin said...

OH, my lists are huge as well. My daughter starts tomorrow! Of course you already know which project on your list I want you to start (hee,hee) :)

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