Sewing Inspiriations

I'm having the strong urge to sew again.  Sew Mama Sew is having a Make It and Wear It thingy and I was looking through the photos loving what I saw. 

Like this sweet tunic.  Love it with jeans and would look cute with leggings.  I can't wear leggings, but I really want to.  I just get to be jealous of all the cuties who can. 
Love this tunic.  Clever, clever girls.

And this dress.  I love the chevron look to it.  How could I make it more modest on top?  I'm so tired of layering a tee under everything. 

And I think that this dress is beautiful and I want it.  Of course, I would need to layer.    However, the fabric is sold out of the color I want.   Only yellow left.  As much as I love yellow, it does not look good on me.  So sad for me!

Last night, I had to make a bright and fun 4th of July banner.  Of course, the fabric I had was not right so at  8:30pm, I packed the kids and I in the car and raced to JoAnn's.  They were closed due to a power outage.  Boo!  So I raced to Hancock Fabric.  They closed early.  Double Boo!  Only choice left, Wally World.  The fabric I got rocks my daughter's peace loving world.  Quickest banner that I have ever made.  Pictures to come soon!


Kaylie said...

Those are way cute. I've been thinking I need to sew me some more shirts or else keep up on the laundry...nah. I think I'll break out the patterns.

paisley and lace said...

What fun to be put on your blog. Thanks bunches! Happy sewing!

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